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395. Sendung am 28.12.16  (Wdh. 01.01.17 und 02.01.17)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Mit Rock 'N' Roll ins neue Jahr   Die partytauglichen Rocktracks aus 2016



MY DEAR ADDICTION “All White“  /  MEGADEATH „“Post American World“  /  DARKER HALF “Stranger“  /  SUPERSUCKERS “High & Outside“  /  AMON AMARTH “Raise Your Horns“  /  CREMATORY “Everything“  /  DUST BOWL JOKIES “Borderland“  /  STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA “Into The Fire“  /  THE JELLY JAM “Mr. Man“  /  MOTÖRHEAD “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch“  /  WHITECHAPEL “Elitist Ones“  /  GOOD CHARLOTTE “Makeshift Love“  /  DISTURBED “The Light“  /  RUNNING WILD “Stick To Your Guns“  /  GARDEN OF DELIGHT “Get It Hot“  /  AIRBOUNE “Get Back Up“  /  SEEK IRONY “Devil In Me“  /  PILEDRIVER “Good Time“  /  IMPERIAL CROWNS “Wasn’t Love At First Night“  /  SIXX: A.M. “Wolf At Your Door“  /  AC ANGRY “The Balls Are Back In Town“  /  HOPSCOTCH “Gesungen und Gelacht“ / ENUFF Z’NUFF “Back In Time“



394. Sendung am 21.12.16  (Wdh. 25.12.16 und 26.12.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Besinnliches bei H’ART On Air   Die besten Rock/Metal-Balladen aus 2016


AXEL RUDI PELL “Lost In Love“  /  DEVILSKIN “Fade“  /  MAGNUM “Your Dreams Won’t Die“  /  MOB RULES “Part II. A Mirror Inside“  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY “The Rambler“  /  HAΪR DRŸER “Sleepless Nights“  /  TREMONTI “Dust“  /  HUMAN ZOO “A Day To Remember“  /  SONS OF SOUNDS “From Stone To Dime“  /  DANNY WÜNSCHEL “(A Fight With) A Bottle Whisky“  /  RIVAL SONS “All That I Want“  /  SILVER HORSES “Suddenly Lost“  /  DISTURBED “Sound Of Silence“  /  VICIUS RUMORS “Circle of Secrets“  /  THE QUIREBOYS “Midnight Collective“  /  CUNNING MANTRAP “Weary“  /  OPERATION: MINDCRIME “The Fight“  /  WOVENWAR “Compass“  /  ROCK WOLVES “Nothing’s Gonna Bring Me Down“  /  FAIR WARNING “Long Gone“  /  PRETTY MAIDS “Last Beauty On Earth“  /  INCROUND “Fly Away“  /  RIK EMMET & RESOLUTION 9 “Res 9“    



393. Sendung am 14.12.16  (Wdh. 18.12.16 und 19.12.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:     Ania Dziezewska       Mark Roland Fuchs     Volker Scheurer



PAINT ME PICOSSO “Shoot Yourself“  /  HALOROID “Imagine Me“   /  GO BY BROOKS “Blacksuit“ --- “Artificial Hearts“  /  LITTLE EYE “Contagius“  --- “Dreamers“  /  ANDY JONES “Forgot To Forget You“  /  WOLFBORNE “Let In Rain“  /  ENUFF Z’NUFF “Dog On A Bone“ --- “Back In Time“  /  HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD “Day Of The Dead“  /  IRONBITE “Moonshine Dynamite“ --- “When Blood Runs Cold“  /  FULL DEVIL JACKET “Velley Of Bones“  /  ATTILA “Bulletproof“ --- “Legend“  /  GLOOMBALL “Long Time gone“  /  ETERNAL IDOL “Another Night Comes“ --- “Is The Answer Far From God?“    


392. Sendung am 07.12.16  (Wdh. 11.12.16 und 12.12.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Das Heavy Xmas - Special


Am Telefon:  

Daniel / Vocals / Guitar von TENSIDE

Cozmo / Drums von HULK CITY

Tom / Drums von VINEGAR HILL

Sepp Stiegeler von Blackforest Events



SUICIDAL ANGELS “Division Of Blood“  /  TENSIDE “This Is What We Die For“ --- “Unbreakable“  /  HULK CITY “Become“ --- “Follow Me“  /  VINEGAR HILL “Firebirds“  --- “Risk To Fall“  /  ANNISOKAY “Thumbs Up“  /  BROACH “Last Dance“  /  DARIO MOLLO’S CROSSBONES “Red“ --- “Navigation“  /  AC ANGRY “The Balls Are Back In Town“  /  NIGHT RANGER “Touch Of Madness“ --- “Four In The Morning“  /  HOPSCOTCH “Gesungen und Gelacht“  /  HEVIDENCE “So Unkind“ --- “All I Ever Needed“  /  BROKEN KEY “Sick Soldiers“  /  ENVINYA “Nightweller



391. Sendung am 23.11.16  (Wdh. 27.11.16 und 28.11.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



SEDUCERS “Walk You Home“ --- “Clear The Decks“  /  BLOODSUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE “Der Kommissar“  /  HOPSCOTCH “Fremder Freund“ --- “Welt zerbricht“  /  FLIGHT BRIGADE “Children Of Ohio“  /  AEROSMITH “Get A Grip“  /  AC ANGRY “4TW“ --- “I Wanna Hurt Somebody“  /  FM “Other Side Of Midnight“ --- “American Girls“  /  THE ARKANAS “Stand Alone Inc.“  /  LIKE A STORM “Pure Evil“  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Remember Everything“  /  ARKAN “Kafir“ --- “Beyond the Wall“  /  WHITE CHAPEL “Elitis Ones“  /  7 WEEKS “The Gost Beside Me“ --- “Kamikazes“  /  AMON AMARTH “Raise Your Horns“  /  BROKEN KEY “All The Fucking Sluts“ --- “Face In The Dust“  /  KVELERTAK “Ondskappens Galakse“  /  SIXX:A.M. “Without You“



390. Sendung am 23.11.16  (Wdh. 27.11.16 und 28.11.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Sudio:   David / Vocals   und   Luca / Bass von HAΪRDRŸER



HAΪRDRŸER “Mrs. Whiskey“ --- “Grow Your Hair“ --- “Backstage Pass“ --- “Sleeping Nights“ --- “WYPD“ --- “Gone By Know“
WOVENWAR “Compass“  /  IHRE MOTIVE “Schöne Dinge“  /  BLOODSUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE “Gimme! Gimm! Gimme! (A Man…)“ --- “Sience Ficton / Double Feature“  /  SIXX:A.M. “Wolf At Your Door“ --- “The Devil‘s Coming“  /  WAKRAT “The Thing“  /  INCROUND “Fly Away“ --- “Down On Your Knees“  /  AMARATHE “Break Down And Cry“  /  DISTURBED “The Light“  /  MY DEAR ADDICTION “Our Fire Inside“  /  PIPPO POLLINA “A mani basse“


389. Sendung am 16.11.16  (Wdh. 20.11.16 und 21.11.16)   Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



PABST “Skinwalker“  /  SONIC SYNDICATE “I Like It Rough“ --- “Russian Roulette“  /  IHRE MOTIVE “Oben Bleiben“ --- “Erso“  /  KNIFFLER’S MUM “Django“ --- “Großes Ding“  /  THE STANFIELDS “Sunday Warships“ --- “Streets Of Gold“  /  DESTINY “Duke Of Darkness“ --- “Sabotage“  /  GLENN HUGHES “My Town“ --- “Flow“  /  NICK CAVE AND THE BLACK SEEDS “Death Is Not The End“  /  FREEDOM CALL “Master Of Light“  /  ILLUSORY “The Eyes Of Hades“  /  LEONARD COHEN “You Want It Darker“  /  PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS “Spiders“ --- “Take Aim“  /  ANNISOKAY “Smile“  /  I PREVAIL “Come And Get It“ --- “Already Dead“  /  HAΪDRŸER “Mrs. Whiskey“  /  WAKRAT “Generation Fucked“ --- “New Clear“



388. Sendung am 09.11.16  (Wdh. 13.11.16 und 14.11.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Sudio:   Fabienne / Vocals – Tobi / Drums – Manuel / Guitar / Backings von SILEXIS



SIDLING SISTERS “Vom Tuten und Blasen“  /  SILEXIS “A.H.A.M.“  -  “Before You Die“   /  SILEXIS “This Is The End“   /  SILEXIS “One Last Time“ (unplugged performed -live-)  --- “Word Up“  -  “One Last Time“(Studioversion)  /  FAIR WARNING “Long Gone“  /  AIRBOURNE “Revalry“  /  FREEDOM CALL “Metal Is For Everyone“ --- “Riders In The Sky“  /  ANNISOKAY “Blind Lane“ --- “Thumbs Up Thumbs Down“  /  WOVENWAR “Honor Is Dead“  /  PRETTY MAIDS “Kingmaker“ --- “Humanize Me“  /  RIK EMMET & RESolution9 “Stand Still“ --- “My Cathedral“


387. Sendung am 02.11.16  (Wdh. 06.11.16 und 07.11.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



RACHAEL SAGE “Heaven (Is A Grocery Clerk“ --- “Home (Where I Am Now)“  /  CORTES “Tower“  /  SIDLING SISTERS “Der Berg ruft“ --- “Kopfstand“  /  THE SHANKS “Sweet Forever Hereafter“ --- “Bolder“  /  HARDLINE “Human Nature“ --- “The World Is Falling Down“  /  DEAF HAVANA “Sing“  /  BLIND EGO “Blackened“  /  THEO “Get It On“  /  TRUCKER DIABLO “Where Angels Fly“  /  FAIR WARNING “When Love Fails“ --- “Pictures Of Love“  /  DOPE “Hold On“  /  WOVENWAR “Cencorship“ --- “Stones Thrown“  /  ROCK WOLVES “Nothing’s Gonna Bring Me Down“  /  CROWBAR “The Serpent Only Lies“  /  WHORES “I Have A Prepared Statement“  /  SILEXIS “A.H.A.M.“  /  BLACK BERRY SMOKE “What Comes Naturally“ --- “The Good Life“


386. Sendung am 26.10.16  (Wdh. 30.10.16 und 31.10.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Sudio:   Sandro, Chris, Tommy und Stef von SICKRET



THE WAKE WOODS „Get Outta My Way“  /  SICKRET “Doomsday“ --- “Hypocritical“ --- “Pomme de Terre“ --- “420“ --- “Break your Line“ --- “Tortured“  /  ROCK WOLVES “What About Love“ --- “Surrounded By Fools“  /  THE SIGOURNEY WEAVERS “Tribulation“ --- “Running Through The Street Lights“  /  IMPERIAL CROWNS “Third World War“  /  DOPE “Drug Music“ --- “A New Low“  /  WHORES “Participation Trophy“ --- “Of Course You do“  /  CROWBAR “Falling While Rising“ --- “Plasmic And Pure“  /  HAIL SPIRIT NOIR “How To Fly In Blackness“


385. Sendung am 19.10.16  (Wdh. 23.10.16 und 24.10.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Sudio:    Cerstin Thiemann, bildende Künstlerin, Lörrach



ØL “Heartache“ --- “Dancing, Dancing“  /  THEO “Heart Of Soul“ --- “I Want To Thank You“  /  AYNLEY LISTER “Right As Rain“  /  BRING ME THE HORIZON “Oh No“  /  QUEENSRŸCHE “Silent Lucidity“  /  IMPERIAL CROWNS “Wasn’t Love At First Night“ --- “Mis Aphrodite“  /  PILEDRIVER “Fat Fat Boogie“  /  PSYCHEWORK “Hand On Heart“ --- “Barricades Won’t Fall“  /  GARDEN OF DELIGHT “Darknight“  /  WYRUZ “Wither“ --- “Scars“  /  SKILTRON “Rise From Any Grave“ --- “Commited To The Fall"


384. Sendung am 12.10.16  (Wdh. 16.10.16 und 17.10.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon-1:    Angela Lenz, Galeristin, Feldberg-Falkauf

Am Telefon-2:    Roman und Wayne von SONS OF SOUNDS



THE THREE SUM “Friends”  /  AYNLEY LISTER “Il Grande Mafioso“  /  GARDEN OF DELIGHT “Get It Hot“ ---“Shoot Her Down“  /  SONS OF SOUNDS “The Change“ --- “Rock ‘N‘ Roll Monster“ --- “Children Of The Light“  /  RISING STORM “Dreamwalker”  /  SAXON “Dallas 1 pm“ --- “Wheels Of Steel“  /  TREMONTI “    Never Wrong”  /  BRING ME THE HORIZON “Happy Song“ --- “Blasphemy“  /  PILEDRIVER “Don’t Think It Matters“ --- “Good Times“  /  FINSTERFORST “Stirbt Zuletzt”


383. Sendung am 05.10.16  (Wdh. 09.10.16 und 10.10.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



JIMMY MARTIN “My Sharona“  /  POETS FO THE FALL “Shadow Play“  /  SPENCER “Way Back Home“  /  THE MARCUS KING BAND “The Man You Didn’t Know“ --- “Guitar In My Hand“  /  THE ARKANES “Command _Tur_Revolt“  /  VERSUS THE WORLD “Angry February“  /  SPITFIRE “To Young To Die“  /  THE BREW “Jonny Moore“ --- “Name On A Bullet“  /  SEEK IRONY “Peel Me Away“  /  SONS OF SOUNDS “Sirius & Mars“  /  BARONS BALL “Last Gas Station For 200 Miles“  /  AIRBOURNE “Breakin‘ Outta Hell“  /  WOVENWAR “Lines In The Sand“  /  RED SUN REVIVAL “Broken“  /  SAXON “Power And The Glory“ --- “Queen Of Hearts“  /  OPERATION MINDCRIME “Left For Dead“  /  SICKRET “Pomme de Terre“ --- “Break Your Line“  /  ALTAR OF OBLIVION “State Of Decay“ --- “Barren Grounds“


382. Sendung am 28.09.16  (Wdh. 02.10.16 und 03.10.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Phry -Vocals/Guitar- und Tobias -Bass- von CUNNING MANTRAP



CELTICA “Victoria’s Desire“  /  SEEK IRONY “Tech N‘ Roll“ --- “Devil In Me“
TIMO GROSS “The Dessert“  /  LUKE ELLIOT “Trouble“
CUNNING MANTRAP “Red“ --- “Weary“ --- “Play The Prophet“
(SOON) “Blessing In Disguise“  /   POP EVIL “Ways To Get High“
MASTODON “The Hunter“
RAVENEYE “Wanna Feel You“ --- “Come With Me“
AIRBOURNE “Get Back Up“ --- “Down On You“
OPERATION MINDCRIME “The Fight“ --- “Healing My Wounds“
TO THE RATS AND WOLVES “Starting All Over“ --- “Devil Without Horns“ (Bonus Track)
POETS OF THE FALL “Once Upon A Playgound Rainy“ --- “Children Of The Sun“



381. Sendung am 21.09.16  (Wdh. 25.09.16 und 26.09.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Michael Wachelhofer, Bass-Keyboard-Vocals von CORNERSTONE



CELTICA “Carmina Celtica“ --- “Deus Ex Machina“  /  TIMO GROSS “Get Up“ --- “Heavy Soul“  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK “One Lucky Day“  /  CORNERSTONE “Last Night“ --- “Whatever“ --- “Northern Light“  /  HEAVY TIGER “Devil My Care“  /  THE QUIREBOYS “Gracie B (Part II)“  /  3 DOORS DOWN “Inside Of Me“  /  SWEET PAIN “10.000 Devils“ --- “Thieves Of Rock“  /  MASSIVE WAGONS “Ratio“  /  NEW MODEL ARMY “Winter“  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “I Apologize“  /  PENNY KNOWS BEST “Another Broke“ --- “Push Me Away“  /  (SOON) “Against The Grain“ --- “Truth“  /  HELLYEAH “I Don‘t Care Anymore“  /  KATHARINA BUSCH “Try Try“


380. Sendung am 14.09.16  (Wdh. 18.09.16 und 19.09.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    MRS. NINA CHARTIER - Hip Hop aus Duisburg



KING’S TONIC “Bilder von Dir und Mir“  /  THE BLUE POETS “Sad, Sad, Sad“  /  BLACKBERRY SMOKE “Waiting For The Thunder“  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK “Many Ways In“ --- “Fate“  /  MRS. NINA CHARTIER “Wir bewegen nichts“ --- “Flaschenpost“ feat. Jacy --- “Rückenwind“    feat. Sarah Riani  /  NICKELBACK “Dirty Laundry“  /  GODSMACK “Something Different“ --- “Living In The Gray“  /  RAYGUN REBELS “Goodbye“  /  THE QUIREBOYS “Torn & Frayed“ --- “Shotgun Way“  /  MOTÖRHEAD “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch“  /  NEW MODEL ARMY “Burn The Castle“ --- “Eyes Get Used To The Darkness“  /  CUNNING MANTRAP “Play The Prophet“  /  JONATHAN DAVIS AND THE SFA “System“  /  FULL DEVIL JACKET “Time In The Flames“  /  LEOPOLD AND HIS FICTION "Cowboy"  /  MAGNUM “Your Dreams Won’t Die“

379. Sendung am 07.09.16  (Wdh. 11.09.16 und 12.09.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



KEE MARCELLO “Black Hole Star”  /  HARDLINE “Wehre Will We Go From Here“  /  PRETTY MAIDS “Face The World“  /  SARI SCHORR “Demolition Man“  /  JOON WOLFSBERG “Another Way“  /  KING’S TONIC “Waiting For Godot“ --- “Unbeschreiblich“  /  DIE VERSENKER “Dislike”  /  THE BLUE POETS “It‘ About Time“ --- “The Truth“  /  ERRORHEAD “Thieves & Poets“  /  THE JURY & THE SAINTS “City Lights“  /  SAINT ASONIA “Trying To Catch Up With The World“  /  MONSTER TRUCK “For The People“  /  WE HUNT BUFFALO “Comatose“  /  OUTLOUD “Isolation Game“  /  MEGADEATH “Post American World“  /  KVELERTAK “1985“  /  SODOM “Sacred Warpath“  /  WHITE CHAPPEL “Mark Oft he Blade“  /  SONS OF SOUNDS “My Star“  /  CUNNING MANTRAP “Red“ --- “Orange“


378. Sendung am 31.08.16  (Wdh. 04.09.16 und 05.09.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:  Ursula Jutzi vom Organisations Komitee der Laufenburger Kulturnacht



KORNELIUS FLOWERS “Buried As A Child“  /  KAISERS CHIEFS “Hole In My Soul“  /  THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA “End“ --- “Crossroads“  /  THE KYLE GASS BAND “Cakey“ --- “Bone“  /  SARI SCHORR “Ain’t Got No Money“ --- “Aunt Hazel“  /  HENRY PADOVANI “I Love Today“  /  MRS. NINA CHARTIER “Wir bewegen nichts“ --- “Trittschall“ feat. JOKA  /  QUEENSRÿCHE “If I Were King“  /  WHITFORD / ST. HOLMES “I Need Love“ --- “Whiskey Woman“  /  RUNNING WILD “By The Blood In Your Heart“ --- “Into The West“  /  GOOD CHARLOTTE “Cars Of People“  /  VICIOUS RUMORS “Last Of Our Kind“  /  SODOM “In Retribution“ --- “Strange Lost World“  /  STUCK IN TRAFFIC “Perfect Circle“

377. Sendung am 24.08.16  (Wdh. 28.08.16 und 29.08.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



STUCK IN TRAFFIC “Highway“ --- “Lost Summer“  /  SAITENFEUER “Keine Fackel“  /  PRIVATE BLEND “To All My Friends“   /  THE NOSE “Now“  /  THE APOCALYPSE BLUES REVUE “Evil Is As Evil Does“ --- “Blues Are Fallin‘ From The Sky“  /  MRS. NINA CHARTIER “Rückenwind“ feat. Sarah Riani  /  EMINEM “Survival“  /  THE DEAD DAISIES “Last Time I Saw The Sun“  /  GIRLSCHOOL “Staying Alive“  /  BITTERS “1975“  /  KORNELIUS FLOWERS “Evil Head“ --- “I Declare War“  /  IN FLAMES “Through Oblivion“  /  RUNNING WILD “Stick To Your Guns“  /  IN FLAMES “With Eyes Wide Open“  /  SLIPKNOT “The One That Kills The Last“  /  VICIOUS RUMORS “Victims Of A Digital World“ --- “Life For A Life“  /  AIRBOURNE “Breakin‘ Outta Hell“  /  WHITFORD / ST. HOLMES “Tender Is The Night“ --- “Hot For You“  /  HENRY PADOVANI “Lean Love“ --- “Skeleton Blues“  /  HONG FAUX “Message From Dystopia“


376. Sendung am 27.07.16  (Wdh. 31.07.16 und 01.08.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:  Sidekick - Marco Ahlers



PAINT ME PICASSO “Shoot Yourself“  /  THE DREAMS “Black Sheep“  /  PSYCHOPUNCH “Last Night“  /  THE NOSE “Lonsome Rider“ --- “Happy Zombie Army”  /  OUTLOUD “This Broken Heart“  /  SAITENFEUER “So bekommt ihr es zurück“ --- “Ihre Welt“  /  HELDMASCHINE “Wer einmal lügt“  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Wash It All Away“  /  MY DEAR ADDICTION „“Always Around You“  /  KINGDOM COME “Should I“  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Remember Everything“  /  GOOD CHARLOTTE “Life Changes“  /  THE DEAD DAISIES “Long Way To Go“ --- “Fortunate Son“  /  MEGADETH “Poisonous Shadows“  /  DROWNING POOL “Meet The Bullet“  /  POWERWOLF “Let There Be Night“  /  NIGHTWISH “Yours Is An Empty Hope“  /  AMON AMARTH “Wanderer“  /  STRAMM “Tickets“ --- “Her Eyes“


375. Sendung am 20.07.16  (Wdh. 24.07.16 und 25.07.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:  Stefan Winterle, Stencilartis und Kurator, Colab-Gallery, Weil am Rhein



PRIVATE BLEND “To All My Friends“  /  GARY HOEY “Dust & Bones“ --- “Coming Home“  /  GOVT’T MULE “The Tel-Star Sessions“  /  SEEK IRONY “Tech N‘ Roll“ --- “Running Towards The End Oft he World“  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY “The Rambler“  /  DISTURBED “You’re Mine“ --- “Who“  /  BETZEFER “The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land“  /  PRONG “Remove, Separate Self“  /  WHITECHAPEL “Decennium“  /  BROACH “Raining“  /  BLACK CROWN INITIATE “Selves We Cannot Forgive“  /  STATUES ON FIRE “My Shoes Are Tight“  /  GOOD CHARLOTTE “Makeshift Love“ --- “Stray Dogs“  /  SHE WANTS REVENGE “Not Just A Girl“


374. Sendung am 13.07.16  (Wdh. 17.07.16 und 18.07.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Sidekick:  Marco Ahlers



NERVLING “Baby Don’t Cry“ --- “Blue Moon“  /  MOCKEMALÖR “Nie mehr baden“  /  ERIC SARNINAS “Full Tilt Mama“  /  PSYCHOPUNCH “Forever And A Day“ feat. CLARE VON STITCH  /  CORRODED “I Am Your Saviour“  /  FREEDOM CALL “Hammer Of The Gods“  /  MOB RULES “Signs“  /  SHAMANS HARVEST “Hero“  /  Oldie der Woche JIMI HENDRIX “The Wind Cries Mary“  /  TESTAMENT “3 Days Of Dargness“  /  SELIG “Ist est wichtig“  /      DISTURBED “The Sound Of Silence“ --- “The Light“  /  DIEVERSITY “In Your Dreams“  /  LIKE A STORM “Never Surrender“  /  WHITECHAPEL “Elitist Ones“ --- “Tremors“  /  CORRODED “Beautiful Revolution“  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Hell To Pay“  /  ROB ZOMBIE “Sick Bubble Gum“  /  STATUES ON FIRE “You Shattered“ --- “Nothing To Prove“  /  DEMOB HAPPY “Strange Things“



373. Sendung am 06.07.16  (Wdh. 10.07.16 und 11.07.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller

Sidekick:  Marco Ahlers


Am Telefon-1:   Jürgen A. Messmer, Kunsthalle Messmer, Riegel

Am Telefon-2:   Angela Lenz, Galeristin, Feldberg-Falkau



KING’S TONIC “Tanz mit mir“  /  SAITENFEUER “Ihre Welt“  /  PAPA ROACH “Leader Oft The Broken Hearts“  /  RAZZ “Broken Gold“ --- “Postlude“  /  KAISER CHIEFS “Parachute“  /  IGNIS FATUU “Der Liebestaum des Doktors“ --- “Sternenfall“  /  DEVILSKIN “Start A Revolution“  /  THE JUNKTONES “Michael Jackson’s Dead“  /  STONESOUR “Sadist“  /  UNDERTOW “Slatesoul“  /  DEMOB HAPPY “Succubus“ --- “Young & Numb“  /  THE ARKANES „“Stand Alone Inc.“  /  DIEVERSITY “In Your Dream“  /  SORROW “Farewells“  /  WOLFBORNE “Out In The Streets“  /  PALACE OF THE KING “Let The Blood Run Free“ --- “The Bridge Of The Gods“  /  PETER PAN SPEED ROCK “Bad Thing“  /  LYNYRD SKYNYRD “Ready To Fly“



 372. Sendung am 29.06.16  (Wdh. 03.07.16 und 04.07.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:   Michael Vester, Fotograf - bildender Künstler, Lörrach



BUN E. CARLOS “Tell Me“  /  THOMAS GODOJ “Mensch sein“      /  LOREM IPSUM “Immer um die Stadt“  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY “Long Ride“  /  GODSMACK “1000 hp“  /  KINGDOM COME “Rough The Rally“  /  GLOOMBALL “All Beauty Dies“   /  THE ANSWER “Keep Believin‘“ --- “Always“  /  SAXON “To The End“  /  RRO PAIN “God Only Knows“  /  GURD “Terminate“  /  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE “Allways“  /  HUMMERCULT “Rise Of The Hammer“  /  TREIBSTOFF “Zurückentwicklung“   /  IN FLAMES “Monsters In The Ballroom“  /  CATWALK “Coming Out Of Nowhere“ --- “Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde“



371. Sendung am 22.06.16  (Wdh. 26.06.16 und 27.06.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:   V.O. Pulver vom Little Creek Studio, CH-Gelterkinden



NO SINNER “Mandy Lyn“  /  BUN E. CARLOS “It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry“ --- “Let The Mystery Be“  /  THE JELLY JAM “Stain On The Sun“  /  LOREM IPSUM “Nur noch einen Schritt gehen“ --- “Versucht & Gescheitert“  /  MOTÖRHEAD “Just ‘Cos You Got The Power“  /  GIRLSCHOLL “Guilty As Sin“  /  ANCIENT MYTH “Jakujo No Tsuki, Fukashigi No Yoki“ --- “Shade In The Dusk (Japanese Version“  /  JUDAS PRIEST „“Secrets Of The Dead“  /  STAIND “Something To Remind You“  /  THE ANSWER “Under The Sky“ --- “Preachin‘“      /  PRO PAIN “Down In The Dumps“ --- “Foul Taste Of Freedom“ --- “Rawhead“  /  SAINT ASONIA „“Fairy Tale“  /  HUMMERCULT “Ace Of Spades“ --- “Soldiers Of Hell“  /  TREIBSTOFF “Wer wir sind“ --- “Attackier mich“


370. Sendung am 15.06.16  (Wdh. 19.06.16 und 20.06.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Marco Ahlers



NO SINNER “All Woman“ --- “Get It Up“  /  HONG FAUX “From Now To Never More“  /  BLACK BULL “Ritual“  /  FOUR BY FATE “‘Follow Me“  /  RIVAL SONS “All That I Wand“  /  CY & ISAYA “Narben die prägen“  /  TXL “Es sind Momente die Dein Leben ändern“ --- “Rock ‘N‘ Roll Man“  /  PSYCHOPUNCH “Time Is On Our Side“  /  WOVENWAR “The Mason“  /  DEF CON ONE “Skinhead Shaped Dent“  /  REACH US ENDORPHINE „“Behind Illusions“  /  MOTÖRHEAD “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch“ --- “Orgasmatron“  /  TEMTRIS “Enter The Asylum“ --- “Darkness Falling“  /  ADX “Les Oubliés“ --- “L‘irlandaise“  /  PRO PAIN “Bad Blood“ --- “Put The Lights Out“  /  HARM “Bad Omen“  /  SILVER HORSES “Suddenly Lost“


369. Sendung am 08.06.16  (Wdh. 12.06.16 und 13.06.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Marco Ahlers


Am Telefon:    Anna-Katharina Rintelen, bildende Künstlerin, Freiburg



J.O.E.L “Let The Good Times Roll“  /  SILVER HORSES “Life And Soul“ --- “Secret Service“  /  BALFLARE “I’m Your Shadow“  /  CREMATORY “Nothing“  /  DEVILLE “Live In Decay“  /  RIVAL SONS “Holly Bones Pt. 1“ --- “Fade Out“   /   Oldie der Woche  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL “I Heard It Through The Grapevine“  /  DROWNING POOL “Hell To Pay“  /  ROXIN‘ PALACE “Gothic L.A.“  /  SKYCLAD “The Widdershines Jig“  /  GRAVE DIGGER “Yesterday“  /  RIFF RAFF “I’m Not The One“  /  SECTOR “Wrong Way“ --- Upon Request“  /  THE PRODIGY “Wall Of Death“  /   BITTER PIECE “End Of Day“  /  AMON AMARTH “On A Sea Of Blood“ --- IN MOURNING “Afterglow“


368. Sendung am 01.06.16  (Wdh. 05.06.16 und 06.06.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Marco Ahlers



DANNY WÜNSCHEL “Louisiana Sumernights“ /// THE THREE SUM “Revolt“  /  BALFLARE “Lost“ --- “In The End Of The Journey“  /  THE JELLY JAM “Mr. Man“ --- “Memphis“  /  JEFF ANGELL’S STATICLAND “Never Look Back“  /  SIR COLLAPSE “Down“ --- “Stalker Walker“  /  RUNING WILDE “Uaschitschun“  /  DARKER HALF “The Deal“  /  RAIN “Black Ford Rising“  /  DISTURBED „“The Sound Of Silence“  /  SKYCLAD “Emerald“ --- “The Wickedest Man In The World“   /  OMEN “Hammer Damage“ --- “Chaco Canyon (Sun Dagger)“  /  EVERYDAY I DIE “The Grat Temptation“  /  TREMONTI Dust“  /  GRAVE DIGGER “We Wanna Rock You“ --- “Get Ready For Power“  /  KVELERTAK “Ondskapens Galakse“  /  BRYMIR “Slayer Of Gods“


367. Sendung am 25.05.16  (Wdh. 29.05.16 und 30.05.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Marco Ahlers


Im Studio:   Christoph Geisel, Architekt und Künstler, Lörrach



THE THREE SUM “ --- “Lost And Gone“  /  TREMONTI “Never Wrong“  /  BUFFALO SUMMER “Pricilla“  /  STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA “Don’t Blame The Demon“  /  VIRGIN STEELE “Through The Ring Of Fire“  /  RAIN “Black Ford rising“ --- “Forever Bitch“  /  ASSASSIN “Undying Mortality“   /  EVERYDAY I DIE “Martyr“ --- “Isolation“  /  TANKARD “Alcohol“  /  JEFF ANGELL’S STATICLAND “High Score“ --- “If You Only Knew“  /  KVELERTAK “1985“ --- “Svartmesse“  /  DANNY WÜNSCHEL “You And Me And The Devil Makes Three“ --- “Laura Wood“



366. Sendung am 18.05.16  (Wdh. 22.05.16 und 23.05.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



SOULIMAGE “Never Enough“ --- “Generator“  /  SONS FO SOUNDS “Exousia“  /  KAMELOT “Expedition“  /  STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA “Into Fire“ --- “Welcome Home“  /  AGONIZER “Thorns Of Roses“  /   THE MATTER OF CHINA „“The Great Commonness“  /  VIGIN STEELE “Fire Of Ecstasy“ --- “The Voice As Weapon“  /  ELYSIAN GATES “Broken Inside“  /  RUNNING WILD “Prisoner Of Our Time“ --- “Raw Ride“  /  SINNER “The Shiver“  /  TANKARD “(Empty) Tankard“ --- “666 Packs“  /  TREMONTI “Tore My Heart Out“ --- “Rising Storm“  /  ASSASSIN “Back From The Dead“ --- “Cross The Line“  /  BUFFALO SUMMER “Neverend“ --- “Levitate“



365. Sendung am 11.05.16  (Wdh. 15.05.16 und 16.05.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Marco Ahlers


Am Telefon:   Medina (Guitar/Vocals) und Lofi (Drums/Vocals) von WHITE MILES



SALTATIO MORTIS “Wo sind die Clowns“  /  KINGDOM COME “Let The Silence Talk“  /  HELLOWEEN “Get Me Out Of Here“ --- “Why?“  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY “War“  /  WHITE MILES “Crazy Horse“ --- “In The Mirror“ --- “River Of Gold“  /  BILLY TALENT “Viking Death March“  /  CARVER “Teardrop“  /  EGOKILLS “Polarize“  /  KAMELOT “Call Of The Sea“ --- “Rise Again“  /  THE MATTER OF CHINA “Face Of Reality“ --- “Escape Fast Pace“  /  SINNER “Bad Girl“ --- “Hand Of Fate“  /  AGONIZER “Trail“ --- “Hazard“  /  SONS OF SOUNDS “Ikana (New Awareness“ --- “Sirius & Mars


364. Sendung am 04.05.16  (Wdh. 08.05.16 und 09.05.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Marco Ahlers



KAMIKAZE KINGS “Touchdown In The Dangerzone“ --- “Heavy On My Heart“  /  ONE MAN’S TRASH “She Shine’s“  /  BETH HART „Mama This One’s For You“  /  DROPKICK MURPHYS “Rose Tattoo“  /  OUTLOUD “Falling Rain“  /  HANS SØLO “/b/“ --- “Assise“  /  White Miles “In Mirror“  /  Oldie der Woche  SHERYL CROW “Leaving Las Vegas“  /  EGOKILLS “Reckoning“ --- “Spiral“  /  BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE “Bittersweet Memories“  /  SOULFLY “Off With Yout Heads“  /  KREATOR “Toxic Trace“ --- “Storming With Menace“  /  SOLEDOWN “See The Sun“  /  HELLOWEEN “Eagle Fly Free“ --- “I Want Out“  /  SCUMDOGZ "See You At Your Funerall"  /  BREED 77 “Insects“  /  FATEFUL FINALITY “Suck Me Dry“  /  STRATOVARIUS “Move The Mountain“


363. Sendung am 27.04.16  (Wdh. 01.05.16 und 02.05.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Marco Ahlers



DIE COVERLIERE "Griechischer Wein" Feat. Costa of Sondaschule  /  ÜBERFLÜSSIG "Wann wirds mal wieder richtig Sommer"  /  DOC HOLLIDAY "Jonny B. Good"  /  G.O.D. "Stop The Cavalry"  /  COLD SNAP "Bongo Bong"  /  BREED 77 "Zombie"  /  GODSMACK "Rocky Mountain Way"  /  DANNY & THE WONDERBRAS "Me And Bobby McGee"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "House Of The Rising Sun"  /  MOTÖRHEAD "Sympathy For The Devil"  /  GODSLAVE "Caroline"  /  HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES "School' Qut / Another Brick In the Wall part 2"  /  PRINCE "Purple Rain"20  /  DUST BOWL JOKIES "Bad Juju"  /  Kunsttheorie bei H'ART On Air  /  SCUMDOGZ "Scumdogz" --- "Sell My Soul"  /  ACE FREHLEY "Emerald"  /  MUNGO JERRY "Rythm Is A Healer"  /  Ausstellungsbesprechung: Willi Raiber  /    DEMOB HAPPY "Junk DNA" --- "Young & Numb"  /  WHITE MILES "Crazy Horse"   /  AMON AMARTH "The Way Of Vikings"



362. Sendung am 20.04.16  (Wdh. 24.04.16 und 25.04.16)             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Marco Ahlers



DANNY AND THE WONDERBRAS "You And Me And The Devil Makes Three"  /  MUNGO JERRY "Heavy Foot Stomp" --- "Motor Bikin'"  /  KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES "Drive"  /  DUST BOWL JOKIES "Mama Cocha" --- "Borderland"  /  NASHVILLE PUSSY "Before The Drugs Wear Of"  /  ACE FREHLEY "Wild Thing" --- "Parasite"  /  HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Disease" --- "Usual Suspects"  /  FROZENROOM "What If"  /  WHITE MILES "In The Mirror" --- "Heid"  /  FULL DEVIL JACKET "Killers"  /  CREMANTORY "Misunderstood" --- "Nothing"  /  THE MERCURY ARC "Arm The Hopeless"  /  DOMINANZ "Devoured By The Black Hole"  /  AMON AMARTH "Wanderer" --- "Raise Your Horns"  /  SIMO "Can't Say Her Name" --- "Long May You Sail"


361. Sendung am 13.04.16  (Wdh. 17.04.16 und 18.04.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller




VEGAS "Bad Story"  /  SHAMAN'S HARVEST "Here It Comes"  /  LACSON "Cold Ocean"  /  ROB ZOMBIE "Sick Bubble Gum"  /  THE NORTHERN LIES "Too Damn Quiet"  /  LITA FORD "Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight" --- "Rotten To The Core"  /  VON HERTZEN BROTHERS "Trouble" --- "Black Rain"  /  BILLY TALENT "Crooked Minds"  /  CORRODED "Forget About Me"  /  MAGNUM "Don't Fall Asleep"  /  SIXFORNINE "Wasted"  /  PALINDROME "Timelessness" --- "Random Accumulation"  /  DIE TOTEN HOSEN "1000 gute Gründe"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "Cheaper To Drink Alone"  /  TESTAMENT "Riding The Snake"  /  DOMINANZ "Dream Of Fire" --- "Devoured By The Black Hole"  /  WE HUNT BUFFALO "Comatose"  /  SIR DONKEY'S REVENGE "Robby5x"


360. Sendung am 06.04.16  (Wdh. 10.04.16 und 11.04.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon: Boris Matakovic, Saxophon von HUMAN ZOO



CASY BLACK "Nothin"  /  THE NORTHERN LIES "White Desert Blues" --- "Streets Downtown"  /  ASP "Zwischentöne: Höhepunkt" --- "Köder"  /  MOB RULES "Through The Eye Of The Storm"  /  HUMAN ZOO "One Direction" --- "A Day To Remember" --- "My Own Illusion"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Falling Star"  /  THE JOKERS "Dream"  /  DEAD LETTER CIRCUS "X"  /  SUNRUNNER "Corax" --- "The Plummet"  /  DENNIS HORMES "Here 4 A Reason"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "The Way Of the Future" --- "Long Ride"  /  SOLEDOWN "Bridges To Burn"  /  SOTO "Freakshow"  /  ONMENS "Whining Cross"  /  BULLET VOR MY VELENTINE "Your Betrayal"  /  CHINA "Gates Of Heaven"


359. Sendung am 30.03.16  (Wdh. 04.04.16 und 05.04.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



THE RECORD COMPANY "Give It Back To You"  /  VAN CANTO "Battleday's Dawn" --- "The Oracle"    /  ANVIL "It's Your Move"  /  DENNIS HORMES "Fading" --- "Do You Feel Alright"  /  MONSTER TRUCK "For The People"  /  BIRTH OF JOY "Carabiner"  /  3 DAYZ WHIZKY "The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea"  /  MONOLITH "Moonshine Medication"  /  MOB RULES "Tales From Beyond - Part III: Science Save Me"  /  DEBBIE HARRY "Heart Of Glass"  /  TRANS SIBERIEN ORCHESTRA "Forget About The Blame (Sun Version)"  /  DEAD LETTER CIRCUS "Show Me" --- "While You Wait"  /  SAINT ASONIA "Better Place"  /  LIKE A STORM "Gangster's Paradise"  /  BLACKRAIN "One Last Prayer"  /  HÄMATOM "Ist Das Kunst?" --- "Made In Germany"  /  SOTO "Forgotten" --- "Time"  /  JOE BONAMASSA "The Valley Run Low"  /  THE INSPECTOR CLUZO "Kiss Me"


358. Sendung am 23.03.16  (Wdh. 27.03.16 und 28.03.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



THE RECORD COMPANY "Of The Ground" --- "On The Move"  7  COLD COLD HEARTS "Dancefloor Doctrine"  7  BLACKRAIN "Back In Town" --- "Fade To Black"  7  ANVIL "Gun Control" --- "Ambushed"  /  THE INSPECTOR CLUZO "Alright Georges" --- "Romana"  /  3 DAYZ WHIZKY "Amen Rock And Roll" --- "Back To The Blues" --- "Mick Jagger"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Cold"  /  PRONG "Without Words"  /  HÄMATOM "Wir sind Gott" --- "All U Need Is Love"  /  MOB RULES "Signs" --- "On The Edge"   /  MONSTER TRUCK "Don't Tell Me How To Live" --- "She's A Witch"  /  BIRTH OF JOY "Meet Me At The Bottom" --- "Those You Are Awake"  /  THE TEMPLE "The Blessing"  --- "Mirror Of Souls"


357. Sendung am 24.02.16  (Wdh. 28.02.16 und 29.02.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:

Willy Kern, Galerist - Cherald Klingelbeutel und Dääde von Dreck, Künstlergruppe S'OFT,

Margareta Leuthardt und Anna-Katharina Rintelen



BITTERS "1975"  /  ROLLIN' RACKETEERS "One Legged Woman" --- "Like A Dog"  /  BENNI BILGERI "Ain't Got You"  /  ROYAL REPUBLIC "Baby"  /  SUDDENLY HUMAN "I've Seen The Lanterns Less Bright Than Before" --- "Marie And The Moths"  /  SUPERSUCKERS "All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down"  /  DEVILSKIN "Surrender"  /  HILLBILLY DELUXE "The Coward"  /  ORDEN ORGAN "The Ice Kings"  /  KOPEK "Love Is Dead"  /  COLD COLD HEARTS "Fido" --- "Efata"  /  SIR DONKEYS REVENGE "Wolf" --- "Beldam"  /  MAGNUM "Gypsy Queen"  /  MARIE DANIELLE "Soldier" feat. THE FELICE BROTHERS --- "One Of My Kind"


356. Sendung am 24.02.16  (Wdh. 28.02.16 und 29.02.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio: Jeannott & Christian von DIE KNASCHTBRÜEDER



JEANNOT & CHRISTIAN "Alemannisch" --- "Dreiländereck" --- "Isch de Hai dehai (m)?" --- "Bölle" --- "Isch immer mi no Heimet"    -live performed- --- "Zwei Buebe"
MAGNUM "Your Dreams Won't Die" --- "Quiet Rhapsody"   /  PRIMAL FEAR "Rulebreaker"  /   DEVILSKIN "Never See The Light" --- "Dirt"  /  BENNI BILGERI "Bad Day" --- "Doomsday"  /  LIKE A STORM "Become The Enemy"  /  ROYAL REPUBLIC "Follow The Sun" --- "Walk!"  /  MARIE DANIELLE "Hustler"


Sendung am 17.02.16 (Wiederholungen aus aktuellem Anlass)


21:00 Uhr - Jürgen A. Messmer, Kunsthalle Messmer, Reigel - (Erstausstrahlung 01.07.15)
22:00 Uhr - Willy Kern, Galerie Alpha 7, Weilsweil -  (Erstausstrahlung 22.07.15)



355. Sendung am 10.02.16  (Wdh. 14.02.16 und 15.02.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



THE NORTHERN LIES "Bring Me Back"  /  RONNIE WOOD "Thing About You"  /  PRISTINE "The Middleman"  /   KORN "Mass Hysteria"  /  IMMEDIATE "You'll Never Walk Alone" feat. REV THEORY ---  "Hymne Olympique Lyonais"  /  SUPERSUCKERS "Let's Bounce"  /  BEN CAPLAN "Birds With Broken Wings" --- "Belly Of The Worm"  /  MAD MAX "Night On Passion"  /  EVERGREY "Wrong"  /  AMORPHIS "Silver Bride"  /  MAGNUM "Les Morts Dansant"  /  DARKER HALF "Never Surrender"  /  STRIKER "The Iron Never Lies"  /  PRIMAL FEAR "The Sky Is Burning" --- "At War With the World"  /  AMON AMARTH "First Kill"  /  DROWNING POOL "Sympathy Depleted"   /  FULL DEVIL JACKET "Blood Of The Innocent"  /  NAMELESS DAY RITUAL "Birth" --- "Nevermind"  /  YNGVE & THE INNOCENT "Draw A Line"  /  KID ROCK "First Kiss"


354. Sendung am 03.02.16  (Wdh. 07.02.16 und 08.02.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



JEANNOT % CHRISTIAN "Isch de Hai dehei (m)?"  /  BALSAMO DEIGHTON "The Dream Song" --- "Foot Jesus"  /  PUTS MARIE "Hecho En Mexico"  /  SUPERSUCKERS "High & Outside --- "That's How It Gets Done"  /  DANNY & THE WONDERBRAS "Me And Bobby Mcgee"  /  INHUMANN "Photograph"  /  ETERNAL (OF SWEDEN) "Praying For A New Tomorrow"  /  PRISTINE "All Of My Love" --- "Bootie Call"  /  ITCHY POOPZKID "Dancin In The Sun"  /  BREED 77 "Zombie"   /  VERSUS THE WORLD "Angry February"  /  DARKER HALF "Stranger" --- "Lost In Space"  /  PRONG "Ultimate Authority"  /  PSYCHOPUNCH "Drinkig Alone"  /  PAINFUL "Engelmacher (The Abortionist)"  /  STRIKER "To Late" --- United"  /  MEGADETH "The Emperor"  /  DROWNING POOL "Hell To Pay" --- "Meet The Bullet"


353. Sendung am 27.01.16  (Wdh. 31.01.16 und 01.02.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:       Angela Lenz, Galeristin, Feldberg-Falkau



RAZZ "Black Feathers"  /  THE MOTIVES "Baby Dont Lose My Number"
ERIC SARDINAS "Road To Ruin"  /  IN EXTREMO "Du und Ich"
CY & ISAYA "Geboren um zu leben"  /  HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Gravity"
KORN "Narcissistic Cannibal" Feat. SKRILLEX and KILL THE NOISE
MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY "To A Blood Red Sky"   /  THE KORDZ "The Garden"
CIRCLE CREEK "Going Nowhere"  /  ETERNAL (OF SWEDEN) "Heavens Gate" --- "Angel"
DETH ENEMY "Open Your Heart"  /  PRONG "Ice Runs Trouh My Veins" --- "Without Words"  /  GLOOMBALL "All Beauty Dies"  /  MEGADETH "Post American World" --- "Poisonous Shadows"
SHAMAN'S HARVEST "Dragonfly" (Extende Unplugged Version)



352. Sendung am 20.01.16  (Wdh. 24.01.16 und 25.01.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:       Marius Metzler, Guitar-Vocals von BENDER



THE JOKERS "Her World Is Love"  /  17 HIPPIES "Jolie Filles"  /  CARROUSEL "Eva" --- "Faire face à l'horizon"  /  HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES "One/Jump Into The Fire"  /  BENDER "Inside, Outside" --- "Old Man" --- "Blackened Sky"  /  WOVENWAR "Profane"  /  SUPERSUCKERS "Pushin' Thru"  /  STONSOUR "Sadist"  /  POWERWOLF "We Are The Wild"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Fire"  /  C.O.P. UK "Helo" --- "Stranger Than Fiction"  /  ROB ZOMBIE "Werewolf, Baby!"  /  ZÜRIWEST "I Schänke Dir Mis Herz" Oldie der  Woche 1994  /  HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Day Of The Dead"  /  CORRODED "As I Am"  /  WE HUNT BUFFALO "Back To The River"  /  LOWFIELD "You"


351. Sendung am 13.01.16  (Wdh. 17.01.16 und 18.01.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



 WOLF MAHN "Montagssong"  /  ROYAL REPUBLIC "Baby"
17 HIPPIES "Son Mystère" --- "Wann war das?"
42 DECIBEL "Drop Of Booze"  /  BENDER "45 Years"
FRANZ WHITE "Will O' The Wisp"  /  KEE MARCELLO "Dead Give Away"
CLAUDSCAPE "Don't Close Your Eyes"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "We Disappear"
BETTER TOMORROW "Stargazer"   /  ACCEPT "Kill The Pain"
ELIZIUM "Beneath Me"   /  BARONESS "Try To Disappear"
WE HUNT BUFFALO "Comatose" --- "Prairie Oyster"
TESTAMENT "3 Days In Darkness"  /  THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA "Kansas"
AXEL RUDI PELL "Falling Star" --- "Game Of Sins"



350. Sendung am 06.01.16  (Wdh. 10.01.16 und 11.01.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:       Danny Schott, Guitar - Backround Vocals von ELKAAR



FRANZ WHITE "Words Cannot Tell" --- "Shout I Wait"  /  ME.MAN.MACHINE "Adore"  /  ELIZIUM "Dark Defined" --- "Lost"  /  FILTER "This Finger's For You"  /  ELKAAR "Waste Of Time" --- "Your Hell Is Our Sky" --- "Everything Turns To Ashes"  /  BLACK TRIP "Subvisual Sleep"  /  TUCSON ARIZONA KINGS "God News Coming"  /  ALPHA ACADEMY "Wake Up"  /  BARONESS "Morningstar" --- "Chlorine & Wine"  /  CROSSPLANE "The Battle In Me"  /  MY DEAR ADDICTION "A Promise" --- "Always Around You"  /  DETH ENEMY "Wicked World"  /  CLAUDSCAPE "All For Metal" --- "In Silence We Scream"


349. Sendung am 30.12.15  (Wdh. 03.01.16 und 04.01.16)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


"Mit Rock 'N' Roll ins neue Jahr" Die Partytauglichen Rock/Metal-Tracks aus dem Jahr 2015



MEGORA "Lost Children"  /  BONAFIDE "Hold Down The Fort"  /  EUROPE "Nothing To Ya"  /  THE PRODIGY "The Day Is My Enemy"  /  NERVLING "Damn Good Night"  /  ITCHY POOPSKID "And Now We Stopped"  /  PAPAROACH "Gravity"  /  HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Usual Suspects"  /  FULL DEVIL JACKET "Valley Of Bones"  /  NASHVILLE PUSSY "Before The Drugs Wear Off"  /  SHAMAN'S HARVEST "Dirty Diana"  /  FIGHTBALL "Voices"  /  THE OTHER "Furneral March"  /  LEICHTMATROSE "Damals im Leben (Was für ein Jahr"  /  HELDMASCHINE "Wer einmal lügt"  /  HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES "Jeepster"  /  GODSLAVE "Caroline"  /  MOTÖRHEAD "The Devil"      /  OUTLOUD "Falling Rain"  /  PUSSY SISTER "Arrogance"  /  RAZZ "Broken Gold"  /  MANFRED GROOVE "Alles gut"  /  OCTANIC "Addict"  /  PSYCHOPUNCH "Time Is On Our Side"  /  SALTATIO MORTIS "Willkommen in der Weihnachtszeit"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Remember Everything"


348. Sendung am 23.12.15  (Wdh. 27.12.15 und 28.12.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:       Jürgen A. Messmer, Kunsthalle und Galerie Messmer in Riegel

Besinnliches bei H'ART On Air - die besten Balladen aus dem Jahr 2015


METRUM "Damn You"  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK "Can You Hear My Heart Yearing"  /  STONE DIAMOND "Ashtray"  /  ANNISOKAY "Life Cycles"  /  GLOOMBALL "All Beauty Dies"  /  APOCALYPTICA "Hole In My Soul"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Hey Hey My My"  /  CRYPTEX "Release My Body"  /  MAGNUM "Les Morts Dasant"  /  SAINT ASONIA "Waste My Time"  /  MOTÖRHEAD "Till The End"  /  FREEDOM COLL "Turn Back Time"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Digging My Own Grave"  /  SALTATION MORTIS "Erinnerung"  /  CASEY BLACK "The Rope"  /  CHRIS CORNELL "Through The Window"  /  THE JOKERS "Dream"  /  THE SUMMIT "Only Human"  /  HONG FAUX "A Message From Dystopia"  /  THE CARBURETORES "(Tonight We Re Gonna) Die Like Heroes"  /  SAXON "Kingdom Of The Cross"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "My Nemesis"


347. Sendung am 16.12.15  (Wdh. 20.12.15 und 21.12.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Ania Dziezweska - Mark Roland Fuchs - KK - VolkerScheurer - bildende Künstler



VAIT "Ist das noch Kunst" --- "Kleiner Punk"  /  ME.MAN.MACHINE "Indestructible" --- "Sister"  /  BENDER "Old Man" --- "Break"  /  BROACH "Last Dance"  /  GIUDA "Roll The Balls" --- "Mama Got The Blues"  /  PLEASE MADAME "Always On Call"  /  INVIVO "Sulfur"  /  NOVELISTS "The Lichtenberg Figure"  /  BEYOND THE BLACK "When Angels Fall" --- "Numb"  /  DEVILLE  "Drive"  /  HELMHEIM "Odr


346. Sendung am 09.12.15  (Wdh. 13.12.15 und 14.12.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:       Sepp Stiegeler und Markus Thien vom HEAVY X MAS - FESTIVAL, Grafenhausen



Verschiedene Songs von TROLLFEST  /  CRIPPER  /  T.T.R.A.W.  /  UNLIGHT  /  STEREO DYNAMITE und BLACKSLASH,der Bands, die beim HEAVY X MAS - Festival auf der Bühne sind!  /  THE BOYSCOUT "Hallelujah" --- "Because The Night" feat. Linda Lulka  /  ELKAAR "Crushing Down"  /  DEVILLE  "Live in Decay" --- "Lever"  /  SATURDAY'S HEROES "Freedom"  /  THE DAHMERS "Out Of Here"  /  FOR TODAY "Bitter Roots"  /  THE LAST FIGHT "2K13" --- "Toy Boy"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "The King Of Fools"  /  GODSMACK "Nothing Else Matters"


345. Sendung am 02.12.15  (Wdh. 06.12.15 und 07.12.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:        PETER REIMTGUT und Niels, Guitar, Hip Hop Artists, Lörrach



PETER REIMTGUT "Engel" --- "Nur Worte" --- "Ich wünsch mir" --- "Unendlich" feat. Niels, Guitar -live performed- --- "Fliegen" --- "Jahreschronik"
SALTATIO MORTIS "Erinnerung"  /  SATURDAY'S HEROES "Damned Generation" --- "Hometown Serenade"  /  THE DAHMERS "Down On My Knees" --- "The Ripper, Hit 'N' Run, Howling"  /  FAMP "Giants"  /  ELKAAR "Untouchable Truth" --- "Of Life And Death"  /  FOR TODAY "Deserter" --- "Flooded Earth"  /  PLEASE MADAME "Rest" --- "Wait For Me"  /  TRAIN "Shake Up Christmas"


344. Sendung am 25.11.15  (Wdh. 29.11.15 und 30.11.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:        Dagmar Henneberger, bildende Künstlerrin, Inzlingen



LESLIE WEST "Left By Rhe Roadside To Die" --- "Here For The Party"  /  TRAIN "Christmas Must Be Tonight" --- "Christmas Island"  /  VANDERLINDE "In Your World" --- "Song For Everyone"  /  SALTATIO MORTIS "Augen zu" --- "Willkommen in der Weihnachtszeit"  /  TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA "Not Dead Yet"  /  ROYAL REPUBLIC "When I See You Dance With Another"  /  PSYCHOPUNCH "Time Is On Our Side"  /  NECONOMICON "Pathfinder...Between Heaven And Hell" --- "Inside The Fire"  /  THE CARBURATORS "(Tonight Were Gonna) Die Like Heroes"  /  MACHINE HEAD "Bulldozer"   /  TRIVIUM "'At The End Of This War"  /  UNDILUTED "The Final..."


343. Sendung am 18.11.15  (Wdh. 22.11.15 und 23.11.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:        Damir - Guitars   /   Stefan - Drums von GONOREAS



GONOREAS "Destructive Ways" --- "Viking" --- "Wizards" --- "When Nobody Asked" --- "Dark Triad" --- "Empire"  /  SAXON "Kingdom Of The Cross"  /  PSYCHOPUNCH "I've Been Around" --- "Forever And A Day" Feat. Clare Von Stitch  /  KOBRA AND THE LOTUS "Zombie"  /  TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA "The Night Concerves" --- "Forget About The Blame" Feat. Lizzy Hale  /  OCTANIC "Deadworld"  /  THE CARBURATORS "Days Of Metal" --- "Shot Full Of Noise"  /  LATE NIGHT VENTURE "The Moon On White Rock"


342. Sendung am 04.11.15  (Wdh. 08.11.15 und 09.11.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



MANFRED GROOVE "Alles Gut"  /  ITCHY POOPZKID "Kings & Queens"  /  RAZZ "Black Feathers" --- "Broken Gold"  /  KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES "Set Me Free"  /  AELEMENT "Remember Me"  /  BEGGARS STREET IN "Rip The Strip" --- "Desolated Angels"  /  MARCUS HOOK ROLL BAND "Watch Her Do It Now"  /  BILLY TALENT  "Cure For The Enemy"  /  MADMAX "Night Of Passion"  /  SKANNERS "Hard And Pur"  /  AL & THE BLACK CATS "Time Stand Still"  /  IN EXTREMO "Ich bin's"  /  HONG FAUX "Fire In The Hole"  /  GIRLSCHOOL "Guilty As Sin" --- "Staying Alive"  /  GONOREAS "Empire"  /  OCTANIC "Addict" --- "Solus"  /  SAINT ASONIA "Waste My Time"  /  SAXON "Battering Ram" --- " To The End"


Sendung am 04.11.15  (Wdh. 08.11.15 und 09.11.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:          Anna-Katharina Rintelen, bildende Künstlerin, Freiburg



CHINESE SILK AND VIDEOTAPE "Look And Rocks"  /  JOHN BLECK & THE RATS "Wicked Am I"  /  EVERLAST "Little Miss America"  /  MANFRED GROOVE "Goldstaub"  /  MIKE OLDFIELD "Chariots"  /  IN LEGEND "The Healer"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Glory Night"  /  PAPA ROACH "Gravity"  /  AELEMENT "Keinen Zweifel" --- "Unsere Stadt"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Wash IT All Away"  /  SAINT ASONIA "Better Place" --- "No Tomorrow"   /  DROPKICK MURPHYS "Out Of Our Heads"  /  THE OTHER "Dreaming Of The Devil"  /  GONOREAS "Destructive Ways" --- "Wizards"  /  HONG FAUX "Peter & Anne" --- "A Message From Dystopia"



Sendung am 28.10.15  (Wdh. 01.11.15 und 02.11.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Chris, Keys von DIEVERSITY



ELANDOR "Rising Fear" --- "Tales Of Hearts"  /  COCO ROSIE "Terrible Angels"  /  JOHN BLECK & THE RATS "Wandering Child" --- "Infirmary"  /  MANFRED GROOVE "Aus meinem Leben" --- "Vom Jägersitz aus" feat. T der BÄR  /  DIEVERSITY "To Blind To See" feat. Björn "Speed" Strid von SOILWORK --- "Stop War Inferno" --- "In Your Dreams"  /  GLOOMBALL "All Beauty Dies"  /  POWERWOLF "Armata Strigoi"  /  NIGHTWISH "Yours Is An Empty Hope"  /  ASP "Himmel und Hölle (Kreuzweg)"  /  HEMESATH "Vater"  /  IN FLAMES "Through Oblivien"  /  OUTLOUD "Isolation Game"  /  ANNISOKAY "Naked City"  /  ITCHY POOPZKID "And Now We Stopped"  /  FACELIFT "This Is Always" --- "To Be With You"  /  ACCEPT "Fall Of The Empire"


Sendung am 21.09.15  (Wdh. 25.09.15 und 26.09.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



NASHWILLE PUSSY "Come On Come On"  /  RAZZ "Youth And Enjoyment"  /  ASP "Astoria" --- "Dro(eh)nen aus dem rostigen Kellerherzen"  /  PAGAN'S MIND "Entrance Stargate"  /  LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM "End Of Time"  /  HEMESATH "Erlösung" --- "Lauf"  /  OUTLOUD "This Broken Heart" --- "Falling Rain"  /  CROSSPLANE "The Battle In Me"  /  BLOWSIGHT "Days Of Rain"  /  POWERWOLF "Blessed & Possesssed" --- "We Are The Wild"  /  PUSSY SISSTER "Legends Never Die"   /  ANNISOKAY "Wolves In The Wall" --- "Life Cycles"  /  DIEVERSITY "Too Blind To See"  /  NIGHTWISH "The Greatest Show On Earth"


Sendung am 16.09.15  (Wdh. 20.09.15 und 21.09.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



KUULT "Schrei" --- "Die Welt gehört uns"  /  SALTATIO MORTIS "Wo sind die Clowns" --- "Willkommen in der Weihnachtszeit"  /  STEPHAN EICHER "Guggisberglied"  /  SOUNDBAR "Nie Erwachsen" --- "Für Dich"  /  DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER "Wir reiten"  /  HELDMASCHINE "Wer einmal lügt"  /  MEGAHERZ "Heut Nacht"  /  EXTRABREIT "Für mich soll's Rote Rosen Regnen" feat. HILDEGARD KNEF  /  DIE COVERLIRE "Griechischer Wein" feat. COSTA SONDASCHULE  /  THE SEVEN SEALS "Pure Lust am Leben" feat. GEIER STURZFLUG"  /  IN LEGEND "At Her Side"   /  42 DECIBEL "Cant' Keep Control"  /  BLACK BULL "Ritual"  /  PUSSY SISSTER "Arrogance" --- "Monster"  /  ANNIHILATOR "My Revenge"  /  PAGAN'S MIND "Live Your Life Like A Dream" --- "Walk Away In Silence"  /  METRUM "Ditch" --- "Sound Of Thunder"  /   MARTINA EDOFF "World Has Gone Mad"  /  CHRIS CORNELL "Higher Truth


Sendung am 16.09.15  (Wdh. 20.09.15 und 21.09.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Volker Scheurer, bildender Künstler, Weil am Rhein



DROPKICK MURPHYS "Rose Tattoo"  /  COLD SNAP "Bongo Bong"  /  42 DECIBEL "Drop Of Booze" --- "Down The Hatch"  /  CHRIS CORNELL "Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart" --- "Through The Window"  /  RUNNING WILD "Shadowmaker"  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA "About Beasts & Lovers"  /  THE JURY & THE SAINTS "Freedom Fighter"  /  CULTUS FEROX "Nette Jungs"  /  KOPEK "Love Is Dead"  /  TRUCKER DIABLO "Where Angels Fly" /  SALTATIO MORTIS "Geradeaus"  /  THARSYS "The Price Of Empathy"  /  ANNIHILATOR "Snap" --- "Narcotic Avenue"  /  RAZZMATTAZZ "Stompin"  /  KLOGR "Hell Of Income"  /  STAIND "Something To Remind You"  /  BORN FOR BLISS "Underground" --- "Better Than Me"


Sendung am 30.09.15  (Wdh. 04.10.15 und 05.10.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



PILOMOTOR "I Was Afraid"  /  MUMY TROLL "Speed" --- "Golden Heart"  /  MANRAZE "Closer To Me"  /  SOULMATIC "Good & Bad" --- "Nagasaki Girl"  /  Oldie der Woche 1981  UDO LINDENBERG "Wozu sind Kriege da" feat. DIE KURZEN HOSEN  /  CULTUS FEROX "Aufwind" --- "Spielmann, Reise!"  /  DROPKICK MURPHYS "The Boys Are Back"  /  ROBBIE ROBERTSON "Straight Down The Line"  /  DANNY AND THE WONDERBRAS "The Race Is On"  /  ORDEN OGAN "The Ice Kings"  /  GODSLAVE "Down Down"  /  AMORPHIS "Silver Bride"  /  GODSMACK "Time Bomb"  /  TEMPLE OF BAAL "Hosana"  /  MAGNUM "Les Morts Dasant"  /  DETH ENEMY "Wicked World"  /  DIRTY AGE "Stay Hot"  /  CY & ISAYA "Geboren um zu leben"   /  EVERLAST "My House"  /  KAMELOT "Song For Jolee"


Sendung am 16.09.15  (Wdh. 20.09.15 und 21.09.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Cy, Vocals & Bass von STONE DIAMOND



GRAVE PLEASURES "Utopian Scream"  /  CHEMIA "The Luck" feat. BRENT FITZ  /  CYNTHIA NICKSCHAS "Positiv denken"  /  ZLANG ZLUT "Revolution Baby"      /  SATATION MORTIS "Früher war alle besser"  /  ALKBOTTLE "6 Bier"
STONE DIAMOND "Too Many Voices" --- "Dreams Need Loudspeakers" --- "She"  /  ROYAL REPUBLIC "Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "In My Blood"  /  HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES "School's Out / Another Brick In The Wall"  /  GODSLAVE "Caroline" --- "Oh Baby"  /  BLACK-BONE "Suicide (Ain't No Way Out)"  /  DETH ENEMY "C.O.D (Call Of The Devil)" --- "Open My Heart"  /  BULLET FOR MY VELENTINE "Your Betrayal"  /  THE JOKERS "Her World Is Love"   /  WUCAN "Looking In The Past" --- "Face In The Kraut"


Sendung am 16.09.15  (Wdh. 20.09.15 und 21.09.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon-1:    Chrsitian Diller, bildender Künstler, Berlin

Am Telefon-1:    Christoph Geisel, bildender Künstler, Lörrach



LEWIS AND THE STRANGE MAGICS "How To Be You"  /  CHEMIA "Dont' Kill The Winner" --- "We Toxic"  /  GRAVE PLEASURES "Girl In A Vortes" --- "Taste The Void"  /  CASEY BLACK "Born A Baby"  /  STONE DIAMOND "To Many Voices"  /  HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES "Whole Lotta Love" --- "Come And Get It"  /  HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Usual Suspects"  /  FISCH "High Wood"  /  THE JOKERS "Run 4 Cover" --- "Hurricane"  /  FULL DEVIL JACKET "Valley Of Bones"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "No Sudden Movement"  /  DISTURBED "Monster"  /  BLACK-BONE "Enemy"  -  "Wrong"  /  DIEVERSITY "In Your Dreams"  /  EAT THE GUN "Trouble Magnetic"  /  THE PRODIGY "The Day Is My Enemy"  /  SOEN "Savia"


Sendung am 09.09.15  (Wdh. 13.09.15 und 14.09.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Moira und Tom von NERVLING



DANNY AND THE WONDERBRAS "I'm On My Way"  /  THE DREAMS "Black Sheep"  /  SUPERSUCKERS "Pushin' Thru"  /  CASEY BLACK "Checkpoint Charlie" --- "Nothing"  /  THE SUMMIT "Circle The Sun"  /  CLAUDIUS "Going down"  /  RUNNING WILD "Piece Of The Action"  /  DIEVERSITY "Stop War Inferno" --- "Pardon!"  /  LIGHTNING "Save The Thruth"  /  MOTÖRHEAD "Sympathy For The Devil"  /  PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION "No Friendly Neighbour"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Northern Lights"  /  EAT THE GUN "How Does It Feel?" --- "Blood On Your Hands"  /  NERVLING "Read My Lips" --- "Baby Don't Cry" --- "Damn Good Night"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Hell To Pay" --- "Digging My Own Grave"


Sendung am 02.09.15  (Wdh. 06.09.15 und 07.09.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



LEONARD LAS VEGAS "Birth & Death, Stuff That Freak Us Out" --- "Give Me Darkness"  /  THE WAKE WOODS "Carolina"  /  PAPAROACH "Gravity"  /  DANNY AND THE WONDERBRAS "It's Time To Rock 'n' Roll" --- "Louisiana Sommernights"  /  SHIREGREEN "Schwerelose Zeit"  /  AUDREY HORNE "Waiting For The Night"  /  HELD MASCHINE "Collateral"  /  GODSMACK "Living In The Grey"  /  CLAUDIUS "Get Out Of Here" --- "Fine Time"  /  FIGHTBALL "Voices"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "Sometimes"  /  MAD MAX "Burning The Stage"  /  LIGHTNING "Far Away" --- "Stand Alone"  /  BLACK TRIP "The Storm"  /  THE SUMMIT "The Calling" --- "Not My Country"  /  HAMMERCULT "Ready To Roll"  /  MOTÖRHEAD "The Devil" --- "Till The End"  /  NERVLING "Baby Don't Cry"


Sendung am 26.08.15  (Wdh. 30.08.15 und 31.08.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



HELEN SCHNEIDER "Tell Me Way"  /  LEICHTMATROSE "Dalai Lama"  /  EAT THE GUN "How Does It Feel"  /  HELDMASCHINE "Wer einmal lügt" --- "Wir danken Euch"  /  AGENT FRESCO "Bemoan"  /  SHIREGREEN "Sanburgen bauen" --- "Wieder Nighthawks sehn..."  /  GARDEN OF DELIGHT "Red Back Sheep"  /  EXILIA "Emily"  /  SECOND RELATION "Motherlight"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Lived Our Lives Before"  /  THE WAKE WOODS "Get Outta My Way" --- "Oh La La"  /  BLACK TRIP "Berlin Model 32" --- "Subvisual Sleep"  /  HAMMERCULT "Black Some Hell" --- "Let It Roar"  /  MAD MAX "Rollin' Thunder" --- "Lonely Is The Hunter"  /  SUZEN'S GARDEN "Lovesong" --- "One More Fucking Time"    


Das Sommerprogramm:

05. August 21:00 Uhr - THE KERSTIN - (Erstausstrahlung 04.03.15)05.

08.August 22:00 Uhr - Thomas Kitzinger - (Erstausstrahlung 03.06.15)

12. August 21:00 Uhr - Jürgen A. Messmer - (Erstausstrahlung 01.07.15)

12. August 22:00 Uhr - Wolfgang Krell - (Erstausstrahlung 14.12.11)

19. August 21:00 Uhr - THE RAMBLING WHEELS - (Erstausstrahlung 25.06.15)

19. August 22.00 Uhr - Jochen Böhnert - (Erstausstrahlung 10.06.14)


Sendung am 29.07.15  (Wdh. 02.08.15 und 03.08.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



TOBEY LUCAS "You'll Be Waiting There"  /  SECOND RELATION "Frightening Silhouettes"  /  SALTATIO MORTIS "Wo sind die Clowns"  /  LEICHTMATROSE "Damals im Leben (Was für ein Jahr)" --- "Besser nicht"  /  INGRIMM "Ungeständig"  /  DANNY & THE WONDERBRAS "You Took My Sweet Sweet Girl" --- "Me and Bobby McGee"  /  K.I.Z. "Hurra die Welt geht unter" feat. Hennin May  /  QUEENSRŸCHE "If I Where King"  /  MARY FAY "Before We Lose It All"  /  TRIVIUM "Through Blood And Dirt And Bone"  /  METRUM "Damn You"  /  GARDEN OF DELIGHT "Don't Hide The Flag" --- "Butterflies in Wonderland"  /  SEX SLAVES "Get In Line"  /  MACHINE HEAD "Darnkes Within"  /  AGENT FRESCO "See Hell" --- "Mono Mo Aware"


Sendung am 22.07.15  (Wdh. 26.07.15 und 27.07.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Willy Kern, Galerist, Weisweil



ALVIN LEE "I'm A Lucky Man"  /  J.O.E.L. Let The Good Times Roll"  /  FILTER "Surprise"  /  APOCALYPTICA "Haus Of Chains"  /  MOTHER FINEST "Shut Up"  /  KING KING "Can't Keep From Trying"  /  POTHEAD "Smile In The Mind"  /  THE JOKERS "Silver City"  /  ÜBERFLÜSSIG "Wann wirds mal wieder richtig Sommer"  /  ALKBOTTLE "6 Bier"  /  GODSMACK "Something Different"  /  UNDERTOW "Inside One"  /  CORRODED "As I Am"  /  THE ANSWER "Burn You Down"  /  FULL DEVIL JACKET "Time In The Flames"  /  DIO "The Eyes"  /  IN MOURNING "Celestial Tear"


Sendung am 15.07.15  (Wdh. 19.07.15 und 20.07.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Hanna Sallinger, vom Orgateam von MARKHOF ROCKT



INHUMAN "Photograph"  /  RONNIE WOOD "Spoonful"  /  LOZ TINITOZ "Ein Stück vom Himmel" --- "Selfmade-Millionär"  /  DIE COVERLIERE "Griechischer Wein" feat. COSTA SONASCHULE  /  DEATH BY CHOCOLATE "Straying Through The Streets"  /  DREAM THEATER "Beneath The Surface"  /  KELTENHERZ "The Judgement"  /  KINGDOM COME "Rough Ride Rallye"  /  SKINDRED "We Live"  /  MAGNUM "Midnight Angel"  /  HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Gravity"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Matter Of Time"  /  DEF CON ONE "Skinhead Shaped Dent"  /  PRONG "Vision Thing"  /  IRON MAIDEN "Blood Brohters"  /RANGARÖEK "Irrenhaus" --- "Schach"  /  MORE THAN A THOUSAND "I Am The Anchor"  /  THE DEVIL WARS PRADA "Born To Lose"  /  THE PRETTY THINGS "Hell, Here And Nowhere"


Sendung am 01.07.15  (Wdh. 05.07.15 und 06.07.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:      Jens Zimmermann, Drums und BackingVocals von FIGHTBALL



COLD SNAP "Bongo Bong"  /  MELISSA ETHERIDGE "Chrome Plated Heart" --- "Ruins"  /  BILLY TALENT "Crooked Minds"  /  THE DEAD NOTES "Better When I'm Bad"  /  FIGHTBALL "Voices" --- "Still Here" --- "So What"  /  FULL DEVIL JACKET "The Moment"  /  ADRENALINE MOB "Angel Sky"  /  BREED 77 "Low"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Jekyll & Hyde"  /  AIRBOURNE "You Got The Skills (To Pay The Bills)"  /  Oldie der Woche BOB DYLAN "Rainy Day Woman Nr. 12  & 35"  /  MASTODON "High Road"  /  TEXAS IN JULY "Magnolia"  /  TENSIDE "Reborn"  /  BROACH "Last Dance"  /  FULL DEVIL JACKET "The Moment"  /  THE PRETTY THINGS "The Same Sun" --- "Dark Day"  /  SEX SLAVES "Rock & Roll Band"


Sendung am 01.07.15  (Wdh. 05.07.15 und 06.07.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Gespräch:      Jürgen M. Messmer, Kunstsammler von der Kunsthalle Messmer in Riegel



RED SUN REVIVAL "Premoniton"  /  NOX INTERNA "The Last Sip Of Hope"   /  DAVID BOWIE "Andy Warhol"  /  LOU REED "Walk On The Wild Side"  /  DON McLEAN "Vincent"  /  TODD WOLFE BAND "Black Queen"  /  BLONDIE "Heart Of Glass"  /  LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE "All For Nothing" --- "A Sigh"  /  PSYCHOPUNCH "Last Night"  /  THE OTHER "Screams In The Black House"  /  TRACER "Homeword Bound"  /  TRUCKER DIABLO "Where Angels Fly" --- "Sun Deprives The Day"  /  UNBOUND "Explosion"  /  GOJIRA "L'Enfant Sauvage"  8. Juli - CH-Pratteln im Z7  /  MELISSA ETHERIDGE "Take My Number" 17. Juli Stimmen Lörrach  /  GALACTIC "Into The Deep"


Sendung am 24.06.15  (Wdh. 28.06.15 und 29.06.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



 HALBSTARK "Rock & Roll" --- "Kapitän"  /  VON HERTZEN BROTHERS "Hold Me Up"  /  RED SUN REVIVAL "Mistakes"  /  CHRISES "Joan"  /  TODD WOLFE "Long Road Back" --- "Peace Unto You"  /  ZZ TOP "Gimme all Your Lovin"  /  THE PRODIGY "Wall Of Death"  /  NOX INTERNA "Rebel Yell" --- "An Eastern Song"  /  BREED 77 "Zombie"  /  BROACH "Raining"  /  THE OTHER "Doll Island" --- "Funeral March"  /  SLIPKNOT "Lech"  /  IN FLAMES "Monsters In The Ballroom"  /  UNBOUND "Still Weight Down With Sorrow" --- "God For A Day"  /  TRUCKER DIABLO "Take Me To The River" --- "Murder Ballad"  /  PRO PAIN "DNR (Do Not Resuscitate"  /  GODSMACK "Voodoo"


Sendung am 17.06.15  (Wdh. 21.06.15 und 22.06.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:      Mathias (Vocals/Guitar) - Daniel (Guitar) und Thomas (Bass) von DEATH BY CHOCOLATE



DEATH BY CHOCOLATE "The Sun" --- "Siren Calls" --- "Try Hard Enough" --- "Family" --- "Straying Through The Streets" --- "If You Ask Me"  /  ACCEPT "Kill The Pain"  /  BIRTH OF JOY "Teeny Hopping"  /  VON HERTZEN BROTHERS "New Day Rising" --- "Trouble"  /  AGENT FRESCO "See Hell"  /  PRO PAIN "Voice Of Rebellion" --- "No Fly Zone"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "Queen Of The Dead"  /  NERGARD "Lights And Shadows" --- "A Bit Closer To Heaven


Sendung am 10.06.15  (Wdh. 14.06.15 und 15.06.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon-1:      Volker Scheurer, Kunstraum Kieswerk, Weil am Rhein

Am Telefon-2:      Angela Lenz, Galeristin, Feldber-Falkau



THE BIRDWATCHERS "I'm Waiting For It" --- "Into The Wilderness"  /  MOTHER'S FINEST "Shut Up"  /  JIMMY BARNES "I'd Rather Be Blind" feat. JON STEVENS  /  PAPPAROACH "Gravity"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Wrong Side Of Heaven"  /  TEMPESTA "Roller Coaster"  /  NERVLING "Damn Good Night"  /  KID ROCK "First Kiss"  /  FILTER "This Finger Is For You"  /  AVENDGED SEVENFOLD "Chrimson Day"  /  BIRTH OF JOY "Cod Red" --- "Backstabbers"  /  ITCHY POOPZKID "Kings & Queens"  /  TESTAMENT "True Believer" --- "Legions Of The Dead"  /  WOVENWAR "The Mason"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "The Plaque And The Fire" --- "We Disappear"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "All Ends Well"


Sendung am 03.06.15  (Wdh. 07.06.15 und 08.06.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:      Thomas Kitzinger, bildender Künstler, Freiburg



KNEELESS MOOOSE "Waste Of Time"  /  KARL NEUKAUF "Deine Welt durch meine Augen"  /  JOE BONAMASSA "Different Shades Of Blue"  /  MOONBAND "Wayside (Back In Time" --- "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" --- "Shadow Of An Absent Friend"  /  BITTERS "Restless Hearts"  /  STONESAUR "Sadist"  /  PALACE OF THE KING "Another Thing Coming" --- "Get Back Up (Burn The Sky)"  /  BASILISK "Out Of The Dark"  /  KARLAHAN "Involution Part II"  /  SHAMAN´S HARVEST "Blood In The Water"  /  FIGHTBALL "Voices" --- "L.o.b.s.t.e.r"  /  MAXXWELL "On Your Face"  /  PRO PAIN "Emerge"  /  THE MERCURY ARC "Arm The Hopeles"  /  JONATHAN DAVIS AND THE SFA "System


Sendung am 27.05.15  (Wdh. 31.05.15 und 01.06.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:      ROBERT CARL BLANK - Popmusiker mit Akustik-Gitarre



DAVID CELIA "Welcom To The Show"  /  SONNY LANDRETH "Walkin' Blues" --- "Dust My Broom"  /  FLORIAN GREY "A Black Symphony" --- "In Control"  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK "Every Mother's Son" --"Everywhere The Sun Shines" --- "Staring At The Sun"  /  WELL BAD "Coffin For Two"   /  IN FLAMES "Through Oblivion"  /  BASILISK "Schattenreich" --- "Delirium"  /  FREEDOM CALL "Flame In The Night"  /  ALBANY DOWN "My Lucky Streak" --- "You Ain't Coming Home"  /  BETZEFER "The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land"  /  EMERALD SUN "Blood On Your Name"  /  KARLAHAN "Enhancement Througt Change" --- "In A Sea Of Mist


Sendung am 13.05.15  (Wdh. 17.05.15 und 18.05.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:       André Mertens - Guitar/Vocals von CRYPTEX



TEMPESTA "Heartache"  /  WELL BAD "Judgement Day" --- "One Kiss To Late"  /  THE MOONBAND "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" --- "The Road To Drumleman"  /  ARENA "Time Runs Out"  /  CRYPTEX "Orange Blossom City Girl" --- "Release My Body" --- "New York Foxy"  /  FREEDOM CALL "Turn Back Time" --- "Flying High"  EMERALD SUN "Screamers In The Storm" --- "Dust And Bones"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Into The Storm"  /  THE JURY & THE SAINTS "Freedom Fighter" --- "City Lights"  /  FULL DEVIL JACKET "The Moment"  /  NASHVILLE PUSSY "Til The Meat Falls Of The Bone"  /  MAGNUM "Les Morts Dansant"


Sendung am 13.05.15  (Wdh. 17.05.15 und 18.05.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:       ADLER A.F. "Trash-Queen / Performance-Artist / Berlin/München Bordeaux/New York



TUCSON ARIZONA KINGS "Boogie Royal"  /  ARENA "'The Demon Strikes" --- "Unexepted Dawn"  /  MAGNUM "Dance Of The Black Tatoo" --- "Unwritten Sacrifice"  /  SHAMAN'S HARVEST "Dirty Diana"  /  CRYPTEX "The Knowing Of Being"  /  NASHVILE PUSSY "Before The Drugs Wear Off" --- "Why Why Why"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Hey Hey My My" --- "Tush"  /  THE PRODIGY "Roadblox"  /  BIONIC GHOST KIDS "Kill The Pain" --- "Day Of Reckoning"  /  FATEFULL FINALITY "Suck Me Dry"  /  CROSSPLANE "The Battle In Me"  /  CELTACHOR "The Mighty Streng" --- "King Eochaid's Fall"  /  FULL DEVIL JACKET "Valley Of Bones" --- "Blood Of The Innocent"  /  PAPPAROACH "Devil


Sendung am 06.05.15  (Wdh. 10.05.15 und 11.05.15)            Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



NERVLING "Blue Moon"  /  TUCSON ARIZONA KINGS "Hearing Impaired Day" --- "Eyes Like A Bklack Cat"  /  DEATH BY CHOCLATE "Straying Through The Streets"  /  VON HERTZEN BROTHERS "Hold Me Up"  /  APOCALYPTICA "Shadowmaker"  /  VANDERLINDE "Katie Lee"  /  SHAMAN'S HARVEST "Here It Come" --- "Hero"  /  SIXFORNINE "649"  /  ITCHY POOPZKID "Dancing In The Sun"  /  BONFIRE "With A Little Help From My Friends" --- "American Nights"  /  HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Gravity"  /  THE PRODIGY "The Day Is My Enemy" --- "Wild Frontier"  /  GREY ATTACK "I Still Miss You" --- "Best Friend"  /  CROSSPLANE "Down" --- "Bumsucker"  /  ROXIN' PALACE "Wildest Pary"  /  PRONG "Cortez The Killer"



Sendung am 29.04.15  (Wdh. 03.05.15 und 04.05.15)            Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



NERVLING "Bady Don't Cry" --- "Damn Good Night"  /  THE HIRSCH EFFEKT "Athesie"  /  DEATH BY CHOCLATE "The Sun" --- "Try Hard Enought"  /  BLACKWELDER "Play Some More"  /  APOCALYPTICA "Hole In My Soul" --- "House Of Chains"  /  SOUL SECRET "K" --- "Turning The Back Page"  /  TONY MILLS "Semewhere In London"  /  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Always"  /  ITCHY POOPZKID "And Now We Stopped" --- "The Weight Of The Water"  /  RAVEN "It's Not What You Got"  /  SIXFORNINE "Hourglass" --- "Wasted"  /  LARCENY "Into Darkness" --- "Limbus"  /  DSG (David Shankle Group) "Fuel For The Fire" --- "Glimpse Of Tomorrow"  /  CRYPTEX "Anthem Of Gloy"  /  MATERIA "2 Finger"


Sendung am 22.04.15  (Wdh. 26.04.15 und 27.04.15)           Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:      Alexander Cornel, Vocals /Guitar von METRUM



THE LAST THINGS "Fake Alibis"  /  TURBOWOLF "Nine Lives"  /  TONY MILLS "Northern Star" --- "We Should Be On By Now"  /  STONE DIAMOND "Too Many Voices"  /  JOSEPH MEYERS (feat.) MARIE KATZER) "Footsteps"  /  METRUM "Red Carpet" --- "Egomaniacs" --- "Perfect Remedy"  /  KYLE GASS BAND "Bro Ho"  /  RAVEN "One More Day" --- "Thunder Down Under"  /  PAPA ROACH "Skeletons"  /  THE HIRSCH EFFEKT "Agnosie" --- "Emphysema"  /  MASTERS OF DISGUISE "The Scavager's Daughter"  /  BLACKWELDER "Freeway Of Life" --- "Inner Voice"  /  CRYPTEX "The Knowing Of Being" --- "Release My Body"



Sendung am 15.04.15  (Wdh. 19.04.15 und 20.04.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:       Ralf Hilbert von ANRA eso&eco Trash-Künstler, Berlin - München



THE SNAKE OIL WILLIE BAND "Don't Look Good Naked Anymore"  /  JARED JAMES NICHOLS "Haywire" --- "Can You Feel It?"   /  THE AMORETTES "Get What's Coming"  THE LAST THINGS "Come On" --- "The Most Convincing Fake"  /  STONE DIAMOND "Hallelujah I'm Clean" --- "Ashtray"  /  ZAM HELGA "An deiner dunklen Wand"  /  KYLE GASS BAND "Questionable" --- "Getting The Band Back Together"  /  PSYCHOPUNCH "Emelie"  /  CORRODED "Beautiful Revolustion"  /  PAPA ROACH "Never Have To Say Goodbye" --- "Gravity"  /  SPITFIRE "Take Me Home"  /  THERAPY? "Good News Is No News" --- "Helpless Still Lost"  /  VAN HALEN "Dance The Night Away"  /  MOS GENERATOR "Lonely One Kenobi" --- "This Is The Gift Of Nature"  /  BETH HART "Better Then Home" --- "St. Teresa"


Sendung am 08.04.15  (Wdh. 12.04.15 und 13.04.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



THE SHANES "The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill" --- "The Future"  /  SARAH SOPHIE "What`s Wrong"  /  TRIGGERFINGER "Splendor In The Grass"  /  PRONG "Give Me The Cure"  /  MOTHER'S FINEST "Tears Of Stone"  /  Oldie der Woche BOB DYLAN "It Ain't Me Babe"  /  WOVENWAR "All Rise"  /  METHODES OF MAYHEM "All I Wanna Do"  /  ZAM HELGA "Krieg und Frieden" --- "Die Hand"  /  ACCEPT "Bloodbath Mastermind"  /  WOLFBORNE "Let It Rain" (Unplugged)  /  HARDCORE SUPERSTAR "Touch The Sky"  /  VAN HALEN "Dance The Night Away" --- "Romeo Delight"  /  GLOOMBALL "Sirens (Die Alone)"  /  ANNISOKAY "Life Cycles"  /  SPITFIRE "Too Young To Die" --- "Desperado"  /  HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Diseas"  /  THE AMORETTES "Fire At Will" --- "Hot And Heavy"  /  JIMMY BARNES "Time Will Tell" featuring BABY ANIMALS


Sendung am 01.04.15  (Wdh. 05.04.15 und 06.04.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



RUDI  TUESDAY BAND "I Will Allways Do"  /  MOTHER'S FINEST "Shut Up" --- "My Badd"  /  MELISSA ETHERIDGE "Monster"  /  EUROPE "California 405"  /  LIKE A STORM "Gangster's Paradise"  /  SARAH SOPHIE "For My Lover" --- "With This Song"  /  BONAFIDE "The Killer"  /  PIG IRÖN "One Final Kiss"  /  SLIPKNOT "Goodbye"  /  FATEFUL FINALITY "Unchained"   /  THE FOG JOGGERS "Dykm"  /  PRONG "Vision Thing" --- "The Bars"  /  SATHANAS "Marked By The Beast"  /  ANNISOKAY "Snowblind" --- "Wolves In The Walls"  /  GLOOMBALL "Monster" --- "All Beauty Dies"  /  HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Usual Suspects" --- "Day Of The Dead"  /  PERFECT BLUE SKY "Phoenix Starlight"


Sendung am 25.03.15  (Wdh. 29.03.15 und 30.03.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:       Jörn Weber



RUDI  TUESDAY BAND "The Best Part Of The Show" --- "The Blues Is Blown Away" --- THE ARKANES "Stand Alone Inc." --- PIG IRÖN "The Devil In The Woodpile" --- "High As A Pine"  /  THE ANDREWS STISTERS "Rum And Coca Cola"  /  BONAFIDE "Hold Down The Fort" --- "Living The Rock 'N' Roll Lifestyle"  /  BOURBON BOY'S "Wolverine"  /  SCHLAPPEN "Tobias"  /  MAGNUM "Don't Fall Asleep"  /  EUROPE "War Of Kings" --- "Nothin' To Ya"  /  MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY "Lean Back, Relax & Watch The World Burn"  /  FATEFUL FINALITY "Possession" --- "Facades"  /  ROXIN' PALACE "Gothic L.A."  /  LIKE A STORM "Never Surrender"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "House Of The Rising Sun"



Sendung am 04.03.15  (Wdh. 08.03.15 und 09.03.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:       THE KERSTIN - Kerstin -Vocals/Guitar und Stefan -Cajon



THE BULBS "Alles Klar"  /  KLEINSTADTLICHTER "Die guten alten Lieder"  /  THE KERSTIN  "That Might"  -live performed- --- I'm The One"-live performed- --- Good Ones" -live performed- --- "Polaroids"    -live performed-
MY DYING BRIDE "Of Lilies Bent With Tears"  /  SEX SLAVES "Rock & Roll Band"  /  METRUM "Perfect Remedy"  /  THE MERCURY ARC "Arm The Hopeless"  /  Oldie der Woche - THE CLASH "London Calling"  /  LACSOND "Cold Ocean"  /  PAVLOV'S DOG "Angel's Twilight Jump"  /  GLOOMBALL "Long Time Gone"  /  THE OTHER "Skeletons In The Closet"  /  KYLEGASSBAND "Our Job To Rock"  /  JOHANNES WALLMARK AND THE WILDFLOWERS "Living On The Same Street"  /  QUEENRŸCHE "Silent Lucidity"



Sendung am 25.02.15  (Wdh. 01.03.15 und 02.03.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:       

Willy Kern, Galeri ALPHA 7 / Roswitha Vallendor und Luc Demissy, Baden ART Galerie
Nadja Deger, Kunst Werkerin



DAVID PFEFFER "Peace Of Mind"  /  DANNY & THE WONDERBRAS "You Took My Sweet Sweet Girl" --- "Me And Bobby McGee"  /  MARKUS HOOK ROLL BAND "Ride Baby Ride"  /  THE NEW ROSES "Devil's Toys"  /  KILLING JOKE "Pandemonium"  /  STICKY BOYS "Make Art"  /  KEE MARCELL "I'm Stoned"  /  TONY HUDSPETH "Living On Borrowed Time"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Remember Everything"  /  MANILLA ROAD "Reign Of Dreams"  /  METRUM "Red Carpet" --- "Torture Me Again"  /  UNDERTOW "Inside One"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Tower Of Lies"  /  NACHTSCHATTEN "Dunkle Sonne"  /  DAYS Of Loss "Wearing The Ashcrown"  /  GOJIRA "Born In Winter"  /  UFO "Sugar Cane"


Sendung am 19.02.15  (Wdh. 22.02.15 und 23.02.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



SAXON "Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy"  /  EMINEM "Detroit vs. Everybody"  /  CELLA 'DOOR " Kojo no Tsuki"  /  GODSMACK "Living In The Gray"  /  MANILLA ROAD "Truth In The Ash" --- "Falling"  /  GIBONNI "Hide The Mirror"  /  COMEDIAN HARMONISTS "Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus"  /  MEGADEATH "Forget To Remember"  /  MUTINY WITHIN "Forsaken"  /  AVENDGED SEVENFOLD "Shepherd Of Fire"  /  IN FLAMES "Through Oblivion" --- "Monsters In The Ballroom"  /  KRAKOW "Ten Silent Circles"  /  UFO "The Killing Kind" --- "The Real Deal"  /  THE MIGHTY STEFF "Saint Catherine"  /  NACHTSCHATTEN "Feuersturm" --- "Letzte Schlacht"  /  MOMENTUM "Between Two Worlds"  /  SYLVAN "Shine"


Sendung am 11.02.15  (Wdh. 15.02.15 und16.02.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



WAX "Rosana"  /  USS "Yin Yang"  /  KORN "Narcissistic Cannibal" feat. SKRILLEX and KILL THE NOISE  /  CELLA 'DOOR "Per Portem Cellae..."  /  WOLFBORNE "Out In The Streets"  /  BETTER TOMORROW "Sargazer"  /  PRO PAIN "Can't Stop The Pain"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "Farther Than The Sun"  /  FJØRT "D'Accord"  /  RAZZMATTAZZ "Down On My Knees"  /  SLIPKNOT "The One That Kills The Last"  /  MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY "To A Blood Red Sky"  /  STAIND "Something To Remind You"  /  DOWN "The Curse Is A Lie"  /  SAXON "Broken Heroes" --- "Northern Lady"  /  GRAVE DIGGER "Rebellion"  /  CHILDREN OF BODOM "Dead Man's Hand On You"  /  STONESOUR "Stalemate"  /  SYLVAN "In Between"


Sendung am 04.02.15  (Wdh. 08.02.15 und 9.02.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Chris - Vocals/Guitar- von FJØRT



MIKE OLDFIELD "Sailing"  /  LION TWIN "Day Of Anger" feat. UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER  /  KLEINSTADTLICHTER "Annekdötchen"  /  EVERLAST "My House"  /  PAIN "Dirty Woman"   /  FJØRT "Valhalla" --- "Von Welt" --- "passepartout"  /  TOS "Astray"  /  PETER PAN SPEED ROCK "Get You High"  /  SAXON "Wheels Of Steel"  /  HOLY MOSES "World Chaos"  /  Kunsttheorie bei H'ART On Air  /  PSYCHOPUNCH "Sitting By The Railroad"  /  RAZZMATTAZZ "Fuck You" --- "Devil's Crotch"  /  HEAVEN & HELL "Atom And Evil"  /  METHODS OF MAYHEM "Drunk Uncle Pete"  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK "Everywhere The Sun Shines"  /  BLOMA "Earthson" --- "Pounder"


Sendung am 28.01.15  (Wdh. 01.02.15 und 02.02.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



RAMRODS "Matter Of The Heart"  /  THE JOKERS "Night Driver"MEGORA "These Are The Things We Hate"  /  MONSTERS OF LIEDERMACHING "Laterne"  /  SAXON "Crusader" --- "Dallas 1 PM"  /  PSYCHO CHOKE "Fire In The Hole"  /  MOTÖRHEAD "Dust And Glass"  /  ERIC SARDINAS "Full Tilt Mama"  /  AMARANTHE "Mechanical Illusion"  /  EAT THE GUN "Bad Memories"  /  SHE WANTS REVENGE "Not Just A Girl"  /  BREED 77 "Insects" --- "Zombie"  /  ACCEPT "Wanna Be Free"  /  KYLER "Unloved"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "Hollywood in Kentucky"  /  ULI JON ROTH "Evening Wind" --- "Catch Your Train"  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK "Can You Hear My Heart Yearing?" --- "Seville"    


Sendung am 21.01.15  (Wdh. 25.01.15 und 26.01.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



KOPEK "Love Penetrator"  /  THE ANSWER "Burn You Down"  /  KID ROCK "First Kiss"  /  BETZEFER "The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land" --- "Cannibal"  /  ASTRALION "To Isolde" --- "The Oracle"  /  THE JUNKTONE "Michael Jackson's Dead"  /  FINSTERFORST "Mach Dich Frei"  /  FIREWÖLFE "The Devil's Music" --- "Who's Gonna Love You?"  /  REACHUS ENDORPHINE "Behind Illusions"  /  ULI JON ROTH "In Transe" --- "Sun In My Hand"  /  ALPHA TIGER "A Long Way Of Redemtion"  /  HOODED MENACE "A Decay Of Mind And Flesh" --- "Catacombs Of the Graceless"  /  GURD "Bong, Bong"  /  MEGORA "Lost Children" --- "Mirrored Eyes"


Sendung am 14.01.15  (Wdh. 18.01.15 und 19.01.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Christoph Gass, Autor und Musiker, CH-Basel



3 DAYZ WHIZKEY "Amen Rock And Roll"  /  KOPEK "Love Penetrator"  /  LYNYRD SKYNYRD "Reade To Fly"  /  GLOOMBALL "Overcome"  /  METRUM "Perfect Remedy"  /  THE DULL "Panther"  /  SALTATIO MORTIS "IX"  /  NICKELBACK "She Keeps Me Up"55   /  THE ARKANES "Command*Turn*Revolt"  /  PAPA ROACH "Leader Of The Broken Hearts"  /  KIDS IN GLAS HOUSES "Peace"  /  RISING STORM "Dreamwalker"  /  ALPHA TIGER "Lady Liberty" --- "Rovolution In Progress"  /  KEE MARCELL "Dead Give Away"  /  IRA TENAX "Shanghai Nights"  /  Oldie der Woche NIRVANA "Love Buzz"  /  IRON MAIDEN "Coming Home"  /  GURD "Fake" --- "Hagridden"  /  DEF CON ONE "Skinhead Shaped Dent"  /  PRIME CIRCLE "Breathing"


Sendung am 07.01.15  (Wdh. 11.01.15 und 12.01.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:      

Simone - Vocals, Dieter - Drums, Charly - Guitars, Jürgen - Guitars und Siggi -Guitars von DARK ZODIAK

Am Telefon:

Volker Scheurer, bildender Künstler, Weil am Rhein



G.O.D. "Stop The Cavalry"  /  DARK ZODIAK "See You In Hell" --- "Blowout" --- "Endless Pain" --- "Black Soul" --- "Holidayas"  /  NICKELBACK "Satellite" --- "Get 'Em Up"  /  FJØRT "D'Accord"  /  KOPEK "The Water Song" --- "Light Me Up"  /  FROZENROOM "What If"  /  SODOM "Sacred Warpath" --- "City Of God"  /  KNOXVILLE MORNING "Baseball Song"  /  3 DAYZ WHIZKEY "One Way Street" --- "Sunrise To Sunset"  /  THE RAVE AGE "Eye Among The Blind"



Sendung am 31.12.14  (Wdh. 04.01.15 und 05.01.15)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Mit Rock 'N' Roll ins neue Jahr - Die partytauglichen Rock/Melal-Tracks aus dem Jahr 2014 bei H'ART On Air



SKINDRED "We Live"  /  LACSON "Cold Ocean"  /  ALKBOTTLE "6 Bier"  /  FREEDOM CALL "Come On Home"  /  MIKE OLDFIELD "Chariots"  /  JULES "Everybody's Lil Song"  /  G.O.D. "Sharp Dressed Man"  /  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Holy Diver"  /  HELLS BROTHERS "Bull's Eye"  /  ERROR HEAD "Thieves & Poets"  /  POKE BOWL "My Last Escape"  /  SCREMING EAGLES "Down The River"  /  WOVENWAR "Moving Up"  /  JOON WOLFSBERG "Another Way"  /  GODSMACK "Something Different"  /  NICKELBACK "Edge Of A Revolution"  /  ONKEL TOM "Prolligkeit ist keine Schande"  /  KELTENHERZ "The Judgement"  /  NITROGODS "Nothing But Trouble"  /  SAPIENCY "Tomorrow" from A TRIBUTE TO SEA SHEPHERD  /  JADED HART "Never Free"  /  ACCEPT "The Curse"  /  HERMAN RAREBELL & FRIENDS "Is There Anybody There" (Alex Ligertwood)  /  SLIPKNOT "The One That Kills The Least"  /  VOODOMA "Sanctus Domine" feat. VERONIKA SEIDLOVÁ   


Sendung am 24.12.14  (Wdh. 28.12.14 und 29.12.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Besinnliches bei H'ART On Air - Die besten Rock/Metal-Balladen aus dem Jahr 2015



HUNDRED SEVENTIY SPLIT "The Devil To Pay"  /  MAGNUM "Midnight Angel"  /  SHEZOO "Remember Me"  /  KYPCK (Kursk) "The Children Of Birkenau"  /  JUDAS PRIEST "Beginning Of The End"  /  RABANSER "Josef und Maria"  /  3TRI STATE CORNER "Kapia Stigmi"  /  RABANSER "Josef und Maria"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "Sometimes"  /  RABANSER "Josef und Maria"  /  THE ARKANAS "Skeletons"  /  RABANSER "Jesus, Hirten und 3 Könige"  /  GREY MONDAY "Stormy River"  /  TONY HUDSPETH "Does Anyone Feel Like I Do"  /  SOLEDOWN "See The Sun"  /  TOS "Astray"  /  WOLFBORNE "Let It Rain"  /  IN FLAMES "Through Oblivion"  /  ACCEPT "Fall Of The Empire"  /  VANDERLIND "Southbound Train"  /  RED RAVEN "I Don't Care"  /  KHAØS "Exalted"  /  THE TEA PARTY "The Maker"  /  HEMNA "Soulmates"  /  TIME MACHINE "You"


Sendung am 10.12.14  (Wdh. 14.12.14 und 15.12.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:       Adelheid Hetzel-Mack vom Weihnachtszirkus CIRCOLO, Freiburg



LOST IN DESIRE "One Question"  /  THE CHERRY POPS "Ich würde lieber ein Mädchen küssen als einen Jungen wie Dich"  /  BATTLEAXE "License To Rock"  /  KAMELOT "Falling Like The Fahrenheit"  /  DANNY AND THE WONDERBRAS "Me And Boby McGee"  /  VEGAS "King Of The Road"  /  METRUM "Perfect Remedy"  /  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Allways"  /  DARK ZODIAK "See You In Hell" --- "Black Soul"  /  VOODOMA "The Saint"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Gold"  /  DIMELESS "White Lion" --- "Sun Sea Bar"  /  BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE "Bittersweet Memories"  /  OBSCURITY "Feld Der Ehre" --- "Vintar"  /  WOVENWAR "Father/Son"  /  DIMELESS "From Aesthetics To Ethics"  /  PETER REIMTGUT "Für immer und Dich"


Sendung am 03.12.14  (Wdh. 07.12.14 und 08.12.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:       PETER REIMTGUT - SprechgesangsArtis - Lörrach



SUGAR HILL GANG "Rapper`s Delight"  /  PETER REIMTGUT "Engel" --- "Was soll schon passieren" --- "Planet" --- "Weck uns nicht auf" --- "Für immer und Dich"  /  VOODOMA "Sanctus Domine" feat. VERONIKA SEIDLOVÁ" --- "To The End"  /  ODIUM "Die With Pride" feat. PAOL DI´ANNO --- "Pain"  /  ENTER METROPOLIS "Smile"  /  CRUACHAN "Blood For The Blood god" --- "The Marching Song Of Fiach Mac Hugh"  /  VEGAS "On My Way Home" --- "Fire"  /  BATTLEAXE "Chopper Attack" ---  "Make It In America"
GRAND MAGUS "Triumph And Power"   


Sendung am 03.12.14  (Wdh. 07.12.14 und 08.12.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:       Sepp; Peter und Christian von BLACK FOREST CULTURE, Grafenhausen



GRACE OF CHLOE "Sick Crime 69" --- "Scars & Stripes"  /  THE PRIVATEER "Störtebecker" --- "Track Down And Avenge"  /  GRAND MAGUS "On Hooves Of Gold" --- " Steel Versus Steel"  /  IN EXTREMO "Ich bin's"  /  ODIUM "The Standard Operation Procedure" --- "War"  /  SUBORNED "My Step"  /  RISINGSTORM "Revival"  /  AEONS OF ASHES "Punchfuck" --- "Into Oblivion"  /  NOCTIFERIA "Gaga People" --- "Su Maha Ghora"  /  ENTER METROPOLIS "What Counts" --- "My World Is Mine"


Sendung am 26.11.14  (Wdh. 30.12.14 und 01.12.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:       Beat Presser, Fotograf - Schweiz

Am Telefon:    Dagmar Henneberger, bildende Künstlerin, Inzlingen



TEMPESTA "Heartache"  /  GOTTHARD "The Train"  /  PILOMOTOR "I Was Afraid"  /  DAYS WE ARE EVEN "Invade/Exploit"  /  GREY MONDAY "Stormy River"  /  FROZENROOM "Your Pain"  /  THE TEA PARTY "The Maker"  /  HERMAN RAREBELL & FRIENDS - DOOGIE WHITE "Make It Real"  /  SNOTNOSEKIDS "Protect & Serve"  /  MELISSA ETHERIDGE "Take My Number"  /  WOVENWAR "The Mason" --- "Moving Up"  /  HEMINA "Soulmates"  /  SUBORNED "Hit It" --- "Bitch"  /  PUTS MARIE "Pornostar"  /  TOEHIDER "Whatever Makes You Feel Superior"


Sendung am 19.11.14  (Wdh. 23.11.14 und 24.11.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:      Angela Lenz von der Galerie Angela Lenz, Feldberg-Falkau




THE RAMBLING WHEELS "Marylou"  /  JOON WOLFSBERG "'Another Way"  /  WISHBONE ASH "Deep Blues"  /  ZZ TOPP "Sharp Dressed Man"  /  HERMAN RAREBELL & FRIENDS- Michael Voss "Loving You Sunday Morning"  /  HERMAN RAREBELL & FRIENDS- Alex Ligertwood "Is There Anybody There"  /  CORRODED "Beautiful Revolution"  /  VICTORIUS "Blood Alliance"  /  SNOTNOSEKIDS "Snot'N'Shout" --- "Final Day"  /  DIE TOTEN HOSEN "Hier kommt Alex"  /  DEF-CON-ONE "Damned Disgrace"  /  WITCHRIDER "Witch-Hunt"  /  TOEHIDER "The Thing With Me" --- "Spoilt For Choice"  /  PRONG "Remove, Separate Self"  /  HEMINA "Hope"    


Sendung am 12.11.14  (Wdh. 16.11.14 und 17.11.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:       Jörg Himmrich von Jörg Himmrich Entertainment zu MARTINA EDOFF



SPENCER "Way Back Home"  /  KEEGAN "Norman"  /  DEATHTINY "Fly" --- "Just A Screm"  /  ORDEN OGAN "The Ice King" /// BIRTH OF JOY "Mad Men" Single VÖ: 14.11.14  /  ERIC BIBB "Driftin Door To Door" /// SLIPKNOT "The One That Kills The Least"  /  MARTINA EDOFF "On The Top" --- "Moment"  -  "Before I Die"  /  TAKING DAWN ""Close Your Eyes"  /  VICTORIUS "Day Of Reckoning" --- "Dragonheart"  /  EQUILIBRIUM "Karawane"  /  SCORPIONS "The Temple Of The King" (Ronnie James Dio)  /  DEF-CON-ONE "Soul Possessed" --- "Skinhead Shaped Dent"   /  NEW BORN HATE "No Contradiction"  /  WITCHRIDER "I'm Outta Breath" --- "Black"


Sendung am 05.11.14  (Wdh. 09.11.14 und 10.11.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:       Nicole Aellig-Kurz, Kunsthistorikerin, Verein Haus Salmegg, Rheinfelden/Bd.



SPENCER "Shadows Through The Curtains" --- "Art Through Sound"  /  KEEGAN "Hey Sunny" --- "Ties"  /  ERIC BIBB "Chocolate Man" feat. GUY DAVIS --- "Drem Catchers" feat. HARRISON KENNEDY & RUTHIE FOSTER  /  IRON MAIDEN "Blood Brothers"  /  EQUILIBRIUM "Uns'rer Flöten Klang" --- "Apkalypse"  /  A TRIBUTE TO SEA SHEPHERD - AYSCOBE  "The Ocean"  /  9000 JOHN DOE "Country Zombie" feat. JONNY HEFTY  /  ALTER BRIDGE "All Ends Well"  /  NEW BORN HATE "Better Off Dead" --- "Left For Dead"  /  JONATHAN DAVIS "System"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "Sometimes"


Sendung am 29.10.14  (Wdh. 02.11.14 und 03.11.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:       Marcus Jürgens (Vocals) von TWENTY DARK SEVEN



ENTER METROPOLIS "Bright Lights"  /  KELTENHERZ "The Judgement"  /  MATERIEA "Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf)"  /  KHAØS "Crisis Factor"  /  ACCEPT "Fall Of The Empire"  /  20DARK SEVEN "Do You Like The Dark" --- "Come Undone" --- "Heart Of A Lion"   /  JUDAS PRIEST "Beginnig Of The End"  /  NITROGODS "Ramblin' Broke"  /  A TRIBUTE TO SEA SHEPHERD  SAPIENCY "Tomorrow"  /  DEBAUCHERY "Kings Of Carnage"  /  JIMMY BARNES "Time Will Tell" feat. BABY ANIMALS  /  9000 JOHN DOE "Did She Say That" --- "Black Heart"  /  STONESOUR "The Conflagration"  /  SLIPKNOT "AOV"  /  THE JURY AND THE SAINTS "Focus"  /  LEONORA "Heroes" --- "Ride Out The Night"


Sendung am 22.10.14  (Wdh. 26.10.14 und 27.10.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



ACOUSTICAL SOUTH "Escape To Victory"  /  KELTENHERZ "Die Liebenden" --- "Der Teufel"  /  DAYS WE ARE EVEN "Untouchable"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Burning Chains"  /  THE NORTHERN LIES "Bring Me Back" --- "Go Out With Me Tonight"  /  ANDREAS GROSS "Sleep Walk"  /  ACCEPT "The Curse"  /  JIMMY BARNES "No Second Prize" --- "I'd Rather Be Blind"  /   IN FLAMES "Through Oblivion"  /  NITROGODS "Rats And Rumours" --- "Nothing But Trouble"  /  FREE KEY BIT CHESS "Piece Of The Action"  /  KHAØS "Loaded Question" --- "Exalted"  /  MURDERDOLLS "Sommertime Suicide"  /  SLIPKNOT "Goodbye" --- "Nomadic"  /  VANDERLINDE "Katie Lee" --- "Miss Molly"


Sendung am 15.10.14  (Wdh. 19.10.14 und 20.10.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:       Gerald (Guitars) von SOLEDOWN



TEMPESTA "Roller Coaster"  /  MOB RULES "Meet You In Heaven" --- "My Kingdom Come"  /  RED RAVEN "To Late"  /  TENSIDE "Dead Or Alive"  /  MARCEESE "Barking Underdog"  /  SOLEDOWN "Nothing To Fear" --- "One Way" --- "Bridges To Burn"  /   STRATOVARIUS "Move The Mountain"  /  DAYS WE ARE EVEN "Invade/Exploit" --- "Mockery"  /  TRIVIUM "At The End Of This War"  /  ACCEPT "Wanna Be Free" --- "Bloodbath Mastermin"  /  DISTURBED "Monster"  /  FREE KEY BIT CHESS "Letters and Cyphers"
FREE KEY BIT CHESS "Emetic"  /  TRUCKFIGHTERS "Mind Control"  -  "Prophet"


Sendung am 08.10.14  (Wdh. 12.10.14 und 13.10.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon-1:         Daniel van Steenis, Zypresse-Verlag - Freiburg

Am Telefon-1:         Bettina Migge-Volkmer, Gallissas-Verlag - Berlin



BLACK CITY "The Day My Hero Died"  /  LACSON "Cold Ocean"  /  THE FAST FORWARDS "The End"  /  THE TEA PARTY "Black Roses"  /  STICKY BOYS "Love On The Line"  /  MAXXWELL "Nothing Changes My Mind"  /  MARCEESE "Give A Dog A Bad Name" --- "Poor Wretch Blues"  /  TEMPESTA "Heartache" --- "Drag You Down" feat. J.K. Bonustrack  /  SLIPKNOT "Snuff" --- "Psychosocial"  /  CHAOS BEYOND "Oneclickaway"  /  RED RAVEN "If Yout Don't Know" --- "I Don't Care"  /  HORN OF THE RHINO "Their Tombs"  /  IN FLAMES "Monsters In The Ballroom"  /  ORDO INFERUS "Lingua Silentium"  /  MASTODON "The Hunter"  /  SOLEDOWN "Nothing To Fear"  /  REYSSWOLF "Wunden"


Sendung am 01.10.14  (Wdh. 05.10.14 und 06.10.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon-1:         Patrik Pfister, Vocals/Guitar von GREY MONDAY

Am Telefon-1:         Daniel Kuhlemann, Vocals/Guitar von TENSIDE



STICKY BOYS "Make Art" --- "The Future In Your Hands"  /  JOON WOLFSBERG "Rock N Roll"  /  REYSSWOLF "Ich will Blut" --- "Der Vagant"  /  JUDAS PRIEST "Hell & Back"  /  GREY MONDAY "Stress" --- "Stormy River" --- "Feed It"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "Wonderful Life"  /  MAXXWELL "Man Of Steel" --- "On Your Face"  /  WOLFBORNE "Let It Rain"  Unplugged  /  TENSIDE "Reborn"  /  THE MILESONTES "Grateful" --- "Oh My Soul"  /  JADED HEART "Till Death Do Us Part"  /  EMERGENCY GATE "Revelation"  /  THE TEA PARTY "Water's On Fire" --- "The Maker"


Sendung am 24.09.14  (Wdh. 28.09.14 und 29.09.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:           Jochen (Guitar) und Andrew (Bass) von LAVATCH



SPIKE "Cold, Cold Nights"  /  JOON WOLFSBERG "Another Way"  -  "Feel This Way"  /  THE BERMONES / NO EXIT "Partysong"  /  JADED HEART "Control" Feat. Rick Altzi  -  "Never Free"  /  LAVATCH "The Tide Is Turning"  -  "Rise From The Dead"  -  "Emerald City"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Remember Everything"  /  WOLFBORNE "Jellyfish"  -  "Sex Sells"  /  ONKEL TOM "Zu wahr um schön zu sein"  /  EMERGENCY GATE "Drowning In Hate"  -  "Pathetic Me"  /  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Always"  /  FROM HELL "Psycho Killer"  /  GREY MONDAY "Dirty Thought"  /  RED SUN REVIVAL "Broken"


Sendung am 17.09.14  (Wdh. 21.09.14 und 22.09.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:           Alex (Vocals-Guitar); Thierry (Drums) und Nico (Guitar) von POKE BOWL



POKE BOWL "My Last Escape" --- "Absloutely Maybe" --- "Frozen Fly" --- "Anyway No Plans Today" --- "Aquarium" live performed --- "My Morphine"  /  LACRIMAS PROFUNDEE "All For Nothing"  /  THE BERMONES / NO EXIT "The Bermones" --- "Punk sei Dank!"  /  MIKE LEPOND "Masada" --- "Ragnarock"  /  ZOMBIEFICATION "Oppression"  /  ONKEL TOM "Der Onkel kommt zum Hausbesuch" --- "Der Duft von Lavendel"  /  IN FLAMES "With Eyes Wide Open"  /  SPIKE "Cheap Hotel"  /  LAVATCH "Emerald City"  /  TOS "Astray" 


Sendung am 10.09.14  (Wdh. 14.09.14 und 15.09.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:        Jochen Böhnert, bildender Künstler, Müllheim



FLYING COLORS "Mask Machine"  /  LYNYRD SKYNYRD "One Day In A Time"  /  TOS "Alley" --- "Here It Is"  /  NEAL BLACK "Hangman's Tree"  /  WISHBONE ASH "Deep Blues"  /  STONESOUR "Sadist"  /  CUNNING MANTRAP "There's A Desert In Central Europe" --- "Eyes On The Sky"  /  STONESOUR "The Uncanny Valley"  /  IN FLAMES "Everything's Gone" --- "Through Oblivion"  /  GODSMACK "Something Different"  /  FERIUM "Side Effects" --- "Business On Demand"  /  MASTODON "Asleep In The Deep"  /  POKEBOWL "Wireless"  /  ADRENALINE MOB "Angel Sky"


Sendung am 03.09.14  (Wdh. 07.09.14 und 08.09.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



ZEUS "Miss My Friends"  /  LICHTGESTALLT "Entfessle den Sturm"  /  NICKELBACK "Edge Of A Revolution"  /  IN EXTREMO "Ich bin's"  /  SCHLAPPEN "Tobias"  /  BREED77 "Zombie"   /  GODSMACK "Come Together"  /  ACE FREHLEY "The Joker"  /  JOSS STONE "Right To Be Wrong"
THE ARKANAS "Stand Alone Inc."  /  PAPA ROACH "Not That Beautiful"  /  BROACH "Falling"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "Sometimes"  /  BILLY TALENT "Crooked Minds"  /  UNDERROATH "In Completion"  /  GODSMACK "Generation Day" --- "Living In The Gray"  /  KNOXVILLE MORNING "Baseball Song"  /  WOVENWAR "The Mason"   /  LAYMENT "Beauty Beast"  /  SOLEDOWN "Bridges To Burn"   /  ADRENALINE MOB "All On The Line"  /  PETTER CARLSEN "From The Outside"


Sendung am 27.08.14  (Wdh. 31.08.14 und 01.09.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:   Alois Schmelzer vom Orga-Team der 10. Laufenburger Kulturnacht



FRANK WESEMANN "Die Sonne geht auf" --- "Mehr geht leider nicht"  /  STEPHAN EICHER "Guggisberglied"  /  POKE BOWL "My Morphine"  /  THE DURANGO RIOT "Paranoia's Rock"  /  THE PINEAPPLE THIEF "Simple As That"  /  EMINEM "Shake That" Feat. NATE DOGG  /  PAIN "Dirty Women"  /  SKID ROW "Sheer Heart Attack"  /  NORTH ATLANTIC OSCILLATION "August"  /  THE SCINTILLA PROJECT FEAT: BIFF BYFORD "Some Nightmare"  /  ABANDON HOPE "Turmoil"  /  HOLY MOSES "Into The Dark"  /  SOLEDOWN "Nothing To Fear" --- "See The Sun"  /  GOJIRA "L'Enfant Sauvage"  /  WOVENWAR "Father / Son" --- "All Rise"  /  ACE FREHLEY "Gimme A Feelin" --- "What Every Girl Wants"  /  ANATHEMA "Distant Satellites"


Sendung am 30.07.14  (Wdh. 03.08.14 und 04.08.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



LAKE "Ted Nugent And The Gunner's Blues"  /  POKE BOWL "Wireless" --- "My Last Escape"  /  KORN "Never"  /  ABANDON HOPE "Settle The Score" --- "Right Or Nor"  /  TENSIDE "Reborn"  /  INSIDEAD "The Cave Myth"  /  DANNY & THE WONDERBRAS "Me And Bobby Mcgee"  /  RONNIE JAMES DEO / KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Holy Diver"  /  MOTÖRHEAD "Over The Top"  /  PRIME CIRCLE "Breathing"  /  SKID ROW "Catch Your Fall" --- "Damnation Army"  /  MEAT LOAF "I'Do Anything For Love (But In Won't Do That"  /  SOULFLY "Chains"  /THE SCINTILLA PFOJECT FEAT: BIFF BYFORD "Scintilla (One Black Heart" --- "Beware The Chrildren"  /  JUDAS PRIEST "Beginning Of The End"


Sendung am 23.07.14  (Wdh. 27.07.14 und 28.07.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:          Claudius Beck, Kulturamtleiter der Stadt Rheinfelden/Bd.



LAKE "Stone Crazy" --- "Nineteen Sixties Man"  /  THE BLUE VAN "The Beat Goes On"  /  PILOMOTOR "I Was Afraid"  /  LOWFIELD "The World Is Running Through My Head"  /  EKAT BORK "Black Bird"  /  TREMONTI "The Things I've Seen"  /  MINISTRY "The Last Sucker"  /  Q-BOX "Sleeping God" --- "Black Orleans"  /  MASTODON  "Tread Lightly"  /  MOTÖRHEAD "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch" --- "Rock It"  /  MEGADETH "Forget To Remember"  /  JUDAS PRIEST "Hell & Back" --- "Secrets Of The Dead"


Sendung am 16.07.14  (Wdh. 20.07.14 und 21.07.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



EKAT BORK "Gyps" --- "World Is Dancing"  /  SCREAMING EAGLES "One Man Revolution"  /  BETZEFER "The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land"  /  BLACK TRIP "Thirst"  /  CHAOS BEYOND "Welcome To This World" --- "Socialies"  /  TONY HUDSPETH "Does Anyone Feel Like I Do"  /  TRIGGERFINGER "By Absence Of The Sun"  /  ION VEIN "The Will Of One"  /  MURDERDOLLS "Sommertime Suicide"  /  SLIPKNOT "Psychosocial"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "House Of  Rising Sun"  /  MASTODON  "High Road" --- "Asleep In The Deep"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "Bleed It Dry"  /  MINISTRY "LiesLiesLies" --- "Relapse"  /  JUDAS PRIEST "March Of The Damned" --- "Down In Flames"  /  THEY CALL IT PI "Beauty Myth" --- "Lithurgy"


Sendung am 09.07.14  (Wdh. 13.07.14 und 14.07.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:          Markus Pfeffer, Gitarre, Bass & Keyboards, von WINTERLAND



FAIR WARNING "Angels Of Heaven"  /  MR MOTO "Laughing Gas"  /  BLACK TRIP "Voodoo Queen" --- "The Bells"  /  SCREAMING EAGLES "All The Way" --- "Down The River"  /  WINTERLAND "Sehnsucht" --- "Domino" --- "Wer weiß wohin"  /  STAIND "Semesthing To Remind You"  /  IN FLAMES "Through Oblivion"  /  ION VEIN "Fools Parade" --- "This Is Me"  /  THE KORDZ "The Garden"  /  ABINCHOVA "Wandlung" --- "Sturmgeweiht"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "Sword Of The Gods"  /  ZAUM "Peasant Of Parthia"


Sendung am 02.07.14  (Wdh. 06.07.14 und 07.07.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:                        Chris -CleanVocals und Guitars von ANNISOKAY



TONY HUDSPETH "Busload Fulla Blues" --- "Living On Borrowed Time"  /  NICK PARKER "Never Been To Dublin"  /  LEGION OF BOKOR "Let's Bail"  /  FAIR WARNING "Dream" --- "Break Free"  /  ANNISOKAY "Sky" --- "Monstercrazy" --- "Day To Day Tragedy (Bonus Track"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "Do You Walkd Walk With God" --- "The Blood Of Vengeance" --- "Dominion Day"  /  EMPATIC "Ruined Landscape" --- "Fight"  /  PURPLE HILL WITCH "Astral Booze"  /  VOYAGER "The Domination Game"  /  THE SHANKS "Get Cut Tonight"  /  ACCEPT "Stampede"  /  ANUBIS "Tightening Of The Screws" --- "Crimson Stained Romance"


Sendung am 11.06.14  (Wdh. 15.06.14 und 16.06.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:  Dr. Wheels (guitar & vocals) und Fuzzy O'Bron (drums)   THE RAMBLING WEEHLS



THE RAMBLING WHEELS "Giving All The Gold" (von Dr. Wheels -live- performed) --- "Shadows We've Become" --- "How It Blows Your Mind" --- "Dead On Time" --- "Night And Day" --- "Marylou"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "House Of Dust"  /  PETER PAN SPEEDROCK "Wide-Eyed & Thirsty"  /  THE SHANKS "When We Come" --- "Miss Virginia"  /  CROWN OF GLORY "The Hunter"  /  SERPENT VENOM "Let Them Starve"  /  LEGION OF BOKOR "The Apocalypse" --- "Lies (S.T.F.U.)"  /  VOYAGER "Summer Always Comes Again" --- "Breaking Down"  /  NICK PARKER "Jerusalem" --- "Oceanographer"    


Sendung am 18.06.14  (Wdh. 22.06.14 und 23.06.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:       

Ania Dziezewska - Volker Scheurer - bildende Künstler  von ARTK 14  -  Kunstraum Kieswerk in Weil am Rhein



AT EAZE "Cold Surrender"  /  LULO REINHARDT - ANDRE KRENGEL QUARTETT "Arthur's Bolero" --- "Milwood Reeta"  /  ERRORHEAD "Tell Me"  /  HELS BROTHERS "Blue Light Blues" --- "Bull's Eye"  /  PETER PAN SPEEDROCK "Get You High" --- "Bad Thing"  /  HELLGUN "On My Knees"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "I Will Come For You" --- "Twilight Of The Gods"  /  THE RAMBLING WHEELS "Cassius (Versus The World)"  /  OCEAN CHIEF "Färden" --- "Urtiden"  /  FIREFORCE "To The Battle" --- "Attracted To Sin And Lust"  /  CROWN OF GLORY "One Fine Day" --- "King For A Day"


Sendung am 11.06.14  (Wdh. 15.06.14 und 16.06.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:                        Uwe Heucher, Vocals - Guitar - Keyboards von LOWFIELD



PARDAUZ "Internet" --- "Viele Schöne Dinge"  /  AT EAZE "Punch" --- "Silence Is Golden"  /  CARVER "Teardrop"  /  ERRORHEAD " Thieves & Poets (The Social Network Song)" --- " Where Did Our Love Go"  /  LOWFIELD "Some Day" --- "Candlelight" --- "You"  /  THE KORDZ "The Garden"  /  HELLGUN "I Feel Good" --- "Never Give Up"  /  THE SORROW "Heart Of A Lion"  /  GREY MONDAY "Stress" --- "Dirty Thoughts"  /  LAVATCH "Realm Of Shades"  /  BATTLEAXE "Give It More"  /  BREED 77 "Zombie"  /  MARKUS HOOK ROLL BAND "Quick Reaction" --- "Silver Shoes & Strawberry Wine"


Sendung am 04.06.14  (Wdh. 08.06.14 und 09.06.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:   Natacha - Vocals  /  Dana - Drums  /  Micha - Guitar   von SHEZOO



SHEZOO "Change" --- "The Winner" --- "Live And Let Live" --- "Realize" --- "Hero" --- "Black Years"  /  CHOHEED AND CAMBRIA "Pearl Of The Stars"  /  TRIGGERFINGER "Perfect Match" --- "Splender In The Gass"  /  ANNISOKAY "Firewalk"  /  INFINITY'S CALL "Bitter Taste Of Destiny"  /  3TRI STATE CORNER "Kapia Stigmi"  /  LAVATCH "Tootsteps" --- "In  Skills We Trust"  /  FROZEN SKIN "Shadow Of Society"  /  EQULIBRIUM "Karawane"  /  SONIC STATION "Broken Man" --- "Hide and Seek"


Sendung am 28.05.14  (Wdh. 01.06.14 und 02.06.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:   Beate Hill-Kalusche, freie Kuratorin vom Universitäts Herzzentrum Bad Krozingen



WALTER TROUT "The World is Goin' Crazy (And So Am I)" --- "Take A Little Time"

LIV "Livs Song" --- "My Ambition"
THE RAMBLING WHEELS "Giving All The Gold"  

NO SINNER "Love Is A Madness"  /  ACCEPT "Kill The Pain"
INFITY'S CALL "Can't Get Over You" --- "Where Does Love Go"  PRONG "Remove, Separate Self"
TEMTRIS "Shallow Grave" --- "Slave To The System"  /  ARTHEMIS "Scars On Scars"
ANNISOKAY "Sky" --- "Wasted & Useful"  /  GRANADA 74 "Kontrollverlust"
URIAH HEEP "Is Anybody Gonna Help Me?"


Sendung am 21.05.14  (Wdh. 25.05.14 und 26.05.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:   Angela Lenz von KUNSTORTE, Baden Württemberg



PERFECT VIEW "Slave To The Empire"  /  G.O.D. GARDEN OF DELIGHT "Sharp Dressed Man" --- "Stop The Cavalry"  /  PSYCHOPUNCH "Emilie"  /  VARGAS BLUES BAND "Love Hurts"  /  THE RAMBLING WHEELS "Marylou"  -  "How It Blows Your Mind"  /  RIK PIEM'S PRIME "Hungry At Heat"  /  THE ARKANES "Skeletons"  /  MEKONG DELTA "The Silver In Gods Eye"  /  HALESTORM "In Your Room"  /  TRI STATE CORNER "Bigger Than You" --- "One Day"  /  RONNIE JAMES DIO "The Mob Rules" ADRENALINE MOB  /  ARTHEMIS "Home" --- "Electric-Fire"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "Runnaway"  /  HEAVEN & HELL "Bible Black"  /  HOLY MOSES "Sadred Sorrows"  /  PRONG "Ruining Lives" --- "Absence Of Light"  /  ANATHEMA "The Lost Song Part 3"


Sendung am 14.05.14  (Wdh. 18.05.14 und 19.05.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:  

Julia Staszat - Kathi Trüby - Varina Rueb - Olivia Kunzelmann von 5 Columns of HIP HOP



VARGAS BLUES BAND "Don't Step Over Me" --- "Rolling Trance"  /  URIAH HEEP "One Minute"  /  Pié The D.A.i feat. SABI MC "Connection"  /  OTTO NORMAL "Das siebte Jahr"  /  KOPEK "Love Is Dead"  /  THE ARKANES " Command*Turn*Revolt" --- "W.A.R."  /  HARMONIC GENERATOR "Dead On The Ground"  /  RONNIE JAMES DIO "The Temple Of The King" SCORPIONS --- "I" ONI LOGAN; JIMMY BRAIN; ROWAN ROBERTSON; BRIAN TICHY  /  MEKONG DELTA "Inside The Outside Of The Outside" --- "Janus"  /  TRIPTYKON "Breathing"  /  GOTTHARD "The Train"  /  HOLY MOSES "Undead Dogs" --- "Into The Dark"  /  BLACK STONE CHERRY "Sometimes" --- "Hollywood In Kentucky"


Sendung am 07.05.14  (Wdh. 11.05.14 und 12.05.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Michael Goldschmidt, Guitars von GOLDSMITH



GOLDSMITH "Shut Up & Rock" --- "Get It Done" --- "Train Of Life" --- "The Story Of You" --- "Before MY Love Is Gone" -live performed- --- "Stripped Down To The Core"  /  BERNARD ALLISON GROUP "Tired Of Tryin"  /  MICK POINTER BAND "Chelsea Monday" --- "He Knows, You Konw"  /  JULES "Instant englightenment" --- "Everybody's Lil Song"  /  NIGHT "Stand Your Ground"  /  KYPCK (Kursk) "As Philosophy Ruins Unprejudiced, Selfless Bureaucrats"  /  HARMONIC GENERATOR "Rollin' Free" --- "Nobody Dies"  /  LIVINGSTON "Human"  /  LIQUID GREY "Black And Blue" --- "Hunger"


Sendung am 30.04.14  (Wdh. 04.05.14 und 05.05.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon-1:   Claudius Beck, Kulturamtleiter, Rheinfelden/Bd.

Am Telefon-2:   Karin Volz, Showroom Eichamtstrasse, Rheinfelden/Bd.



PONTUS SNIBB "More Blues And Blue Songs"  /  MIKE OLDFIELD "Minutes"  /  LINDA AARON "Stellaring"  /  HILLIBILLY DELUXE "More Bang For The Buck"  /  ALL HALLOWS EVE "Innocent" feat. MARION KÜCHENMEISTER --- "Until The Dawns" feat. ASHLEY DAYOUR  /  FERUM INCANTARE "Bring That Thunder"  /  AVENDGED SEVENFOLD "Hail To The King"  /  SHEZOO "Live"  /  DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER "Wir reiten"  /  NIGHT "Gundpowder Treasond" --- "Out Of The Ashes"  /  BILLY TALENT "Don't Count On The Wicked"  /  KYPCK (Kursk) "The Children Of Birkenau" --- "Name On The Wall"  /  ACCEPT "Shadow Soldiers"  /  LOWFIELD "Someday" --- "You"  /  DRIVING MRS SATAN "I Want Out"


Sendung am 23.04.14  (Wdh. 27.04.14 und 28.04.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



RICK RISI "Ride Again"  /  STIER "Wonderworld"  /  MUNDTOT "Einsamkeit und Zweifel"  /  NEAL BLACK "Jesus & Johnny Walker"  /  DRIVING MRS SATAN "Hells Bells" --- "Never Say Die"  /  VIKTOR & THE BLOOD "Sabotage Ya"  /  PONTUS SNIBB "Same Same" --- "I'm Walking"  /  QUEENSRŸCHE  "If I Were King"  /  THOUGHTS FACTORY "Desperation" --- "The Mire"  /  WASTED SHELLS "Thrown Down"  /  SHEZOO "Black Tears" --- "Hero"  /  VERSUS THE WORLD "Angry February"  /  BEWIZED "Pray Last Sin" --- "Break Of Dawn"  /  CRISIX "Those Voices Shall Remain"  /  THE TREATMENT "Get The Party On"  /  FINN NELÈ "Travel" --- "The Other One"   


Sendung am 16.04.14  (Wdh. 20.04.14 und 21.04.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



CHICKPEACE "Tacky Town"  /  NEAL BLACK "Hangman's Tree" --- "Before Daylight"  /  GOLDSMITH "Shut Up & Rock" --- "Get It Done!"  /  STREAM OF PASSION "For You" --- "A War Of Our Own"  /  IAN ANDERSON "Doggerland"  /  STIER "Geisterschiff" --- "Geisterschiff" (Metalversion)  /  THE AMITY AFFLICTION "Open Letter"  /  V-HAJD "Face The Facts" --- "War Of The World"  /  EMINEM "Headlights" FT. NATE RUESS  /  LA CONFIANZA "Melodie" --- "Bewegung"  /  MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY "We Are The Walking Dead"  /  WASTED SHELLS "The Fall" --- "Machine"  /  THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA "Kansas"  /  CRISIX "Army Of Darkness" --- "Waldi Gang"  /  SE DELAN "Tonight"  /  BERNHARD SCHNUR "Whole Lotta Shaking"


Sendung am 09.04.14  (Wdh. 13.04.14 und 14.04.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller     -     Wiederholung vom 26.03.14


Am Telefon-1:        Alma Göring, bildende Künstlerin, Friedrichshafen

Am Telefon-2:        Britt Schmidhauser, Glasdesignerin, Bad Bellingen

Am Telefon-3:        Volker Scheurer, Bildhauer, Weil am Rhein



THE ROBERT CRAY BAND "You Move Me"  /  LAURIN BUSER "Material" --- "Nachtaktiv"  /  MAGNUM "Unwritten Sacrifice" --- "Midnight Angel"  /  KAISER CHIEFS "Misery Company"  /  MOTÖRHEAD "End Of Time"  /  MOS GENERATOR "Enter The Fire" --- "Neon Nightmere"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Remember Everything"  /  LAYMENT "The Seafarer"  /  PSYCHOPUNCH "Last Night" --- "Managing Evel"  /  SUBLIRITUM "Dirt And Stone"  /  KINGDOM COME " Rough Ride Rallye"  /  NOCTURNAL BREED "Cursed Beyound Recgnition"  /  DISHARMONY "Forgotten In Oblivion"  /  D'accorD "Here Lies Greed" --- "Mr. Moonlight"


Sendung am 02.04.14  (Wdh. 06.04.14 und 07.04.14)                  Moderation:   Harald Deschler



VALLEY OF THE SUN “Maya“ / PENDEJO “Hermelinda“ / PET THE PREACHER “Kamikaze Night” / PEOPLE IN PLANES “Last Man Standing” / CROWBAR “Symmetry In White” / SACRED REICH “Independent” / PRONG “Turnover” / SLAYER “Mandatory Suicide” / 15 REASONS “Damage Done” / DEMENTED ARE GO “Retard Whore” / CHUCK RAGAN “Non-Typical” / DOMINIK HAUSER “Long Hard Times To Come” / CHROME DIVISION “The Absinthe Voyage” / DEICIDE “They Are The Children Of The Underworld” / KLAUS KIPFMÜLLER “Bildbetrachter” / JAMIE N COMMONS “Lead Me Home” / JOE BONAMASSA “Driving Towards The Daylight” / TIM VANTOL “If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!” / CLUTCH “The Regulator” / PROCESSION “Destroyers Of The Faith” / TESTAMENT “Careful What You Wish For” / TYPE O NEGATIVE “Christian Woman” / KARI KIMMEL “Black



Sendung am 19.03.14  (Wdh. 23.03.14 und 24.03.14)     Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Harald Deschler


Am Telefon:        Alex, Lead-Guitar von DAYS OF LOSS



SEVEN THORNS "Queen Of Swords" --- "Mama Mia"  /  DOG EAT DOG “Who´s The King?”  /  BIRTH OF JOY "Longtime Boogie"  /  THE GENERATORS “The Day Love Died”  /  BLACK CITY "Here Comes The Rain"  /  DAYS OF LOSS "Through Empty Eyes" --- "This Frail Existence"  -  "Wearing The Ashcrown"  /  TRIVIUM "Of All These Yesterdays"  /  DISHARMONY "Shades Of Insanity"  /  TRIPTYKON “Breathing”  /  FORGERY "Effigy" --- "Black Mourning"  /  PANDEJO “Hermelinda”  /  DEF CON ONE “Soul Possessed”  /  LAYMENT "Beautuy Beast" --- "Of Gods & Goats"  /  CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT “Earth Is Shaking”  /  MAGNUM "Don't Fall Alseep"


Sendung am 12.03.14  (Wdh. 16.03.14 und 17.03.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



ROBBEN FORD "Green Grass, Rainwater" --- "Poor Kelly Blues"  /  LEVIATHAN "Intrinsic Contentment"  /  THE BLACK SHEEP "Politics" --- "Hypocrisy"  /  KLOGR "Room To Doubt"  /  BREED 77 "Motionless"  /  VANDENBERG'S MOONKINGS "Out Of Reach" --- "Breathing"  /  RPWL "Wanted" --- "A New Dawn"  am 17.04.14 im Z7 in CH Pratteln  /  SUPERSUCKERS "Get The Hell"  /  DEAD BY APRIL "Replace You"  /  BIRTH OF JOY "Crow" --- "Mad Men"  am 24.04.14 in Freiburg im The Great Rant Teng Teng  /  METSATÖLL "See On Se Maa" --- "Metslase Veri"  /  NICKELBACK "Lullaby"  /  MORE THAN A THOUSAND " Lost At Home"  /  DOWNLOAD "It's Rising" --- "With You In My Life"  /  DAYS OF LOSS "Catharsis"  /  MIKE OLDFIELD "Sailing" --- "Chariots"  /  LOREENA MC KENNITT "The Mummers' dance"


Sendung am 05.03.14  (Wdh. 09.03.14 und 10.03.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon-1:        Nicole Aellig-Kurz, Kunstverein Haus Salmegg, Reinfelden
Am Telefon-2:        Yngve Wieland von YNGVE & THE INNOCENT



HUNDRED SEVENTY SPLIT "Pork Pie Hat"  /  SCOTT STAPP "Break Out"  /  STIER "Jeden Tag hinaus"  /  MATT SCHOFIELD "Tell Me Some Lies"  /  LEVIATHAN "A Testament For Non-Believers"  --- "If The Devil Doesn't Exist..."  /  VICTOR & THE BLOOD "The Weight Of Love"  /  YNGVE & THE INNOCENT "Draw A Line"  /  ALKBOTTLE "6 Bier"  /  FREEDOM CALL "Colors Of Freedom"  /  KLOGR "Hell Of Income" --- "Failing Crowns"  /  THROWDOWN "Fight Or Die"  /  DYNAZTY "Incarnation" --- "A Divine Comedy"  /  MORE THAN A THOUSAND "I Am The Anchor" --- "Never Let Go"  /  DEAD BY APRIL "My Tomorrow" --- "Beautiful Nightmare"  /  LOREENA MC KENNITT "The Mystic's Dream" --- "The Bonny Swans"


Sendung am 26.02.14  (Wdh. 01.03.14 und 02.03.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:        Hannes, CleanVocals und Accordion / Sebastian, Keyborads von FINSTERFORST



FINSTERFORST "Nichts als Asche" --- "Fremd" --- "Am Scheideweg" --- "Ein Lichtschein"  /  HUNDRED SEVENTY SPLIT "The Devil To Pay" (Reprise) --- "The Devil To Pay"  /  CREMATORY "Inside Your Eyes"  /  BATTLEAXE "Shock And Awe"  /  THROWDOWN "Deffend With Violence" --- "Intolerance"  /  HIRAX "Deceiver"  /  SUPERSUCKERS "High Tonight" --- "Pushin' Thru"  /  WISHBONE ASH "Deep Blues" --- "Mary Jane"


Sendung am 19.02.14  (Wdh. 23.02.14 und 24.02.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Angela Lenz von der EUROPEAN ART GALLERY, Badenweiler



VANITY BLVD "Hot Teaser" --- "Mis Dangerous"  /  PAINT ME PICASSO "Shoot Yourself" --- "The Mirror"  /  THE BREW "Shuffle" --- "Skip"  /  THE TREATMENT "She's Too Much" --- "Don't Look Down"  /  FREEDOM CALL "Come On Home" --- "Dance Of The Devil"  /  DAYS OF LOSS "Corpsmourn"  /  BATTLEAXE "A Prelude To Battle - The Legions Untile" --- "Hail To The King"  /  CREMATORY "Until The End" --- "Antiserum"  /  INSIDEAD "Together As One"  /  HIRAX "Thunder Roar, The Conquest, La Boca De la Bestia, The Mouth Of The Beast" --- "Immortal Legacy"  /  DÄNG "Danaides"  /  ALKBOTTLE "Rockstar In Austria" --- "Lauter wie die Sau"  /  THE INTERSPHERE "Panic Waves"


Sendung am 12.02.14  (Wdh. 16.02.14 und 17.02.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Harald Deschler, Musikredakteur, Freiburg



INSIDEAD "Eleysis" VÖ: 02.10.13  /  DAYS OF LOSS "Our Frail Exestence" VÖ: 01.02.14  /  KLISCHÉE "Touche" VÖ: 14.02.14  /  BARBARAIN "Faith Extinguisher" VÖ: 14.02.14


KLISCHÉE "Tiquette" --- "Tique Tac"  /  LACSON "Hold Me"      /  GODSMACK "Realign"  /  THE RED PAINTINGS "Streets Fell Into My Window"  /  KENDRA MORIS "Spitting Teeth"  /  MEGADETH "Forget To Remember"  /  THE SORROW "Farewells"  /  SCARECROW N.W.A. "Self Enslavement"  /  METHODS OF MAYHEM "Drunk Uncle Pete"  /  RICKY DEAN HOWARD "Tears Will Fall"  /  THE KORDZ "The Garden"  /  INSIDEAD "The Cave Myth" --- "Alexander"  /  DREAM THEATER "Beneath The Surface"  /  BARBARAIN "Faith Extinguisher" --- "Total Metal"  /  NICKELBACK "Photograph"  /  DAYS OF LOSS "Catharsis" --- "Wearing The Ashcrown"  /  BDL "Stell Breathing"  /  DAVID PHEONIX "Can You Feel How Much I Love You"


Sendung am 05.02.14  (Wdh. 09.02.14 und 10.02.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:        Henning Kurz, Leiter der VHS - Grenzach-Wyhlen über TIZ



VIKINGORE "Wolves In The Battlefront" VÖ: Mrz.13  /  SCARECROW N.W.A. "Transgression" VÖ: Sept.13  /  ELOY "Reincarnation On Stage" VÖ: 17.01.014  /  BDL "Retribution" VÖ: 31.01.14  /  LACSON "1234567Days" VÖ: 21.02.14  /  MACBETH "Neo-Gothic Propaganda" VÖ: 21.02.14


MANOLO PANIC "Seasoned Noise"  /  BDL "Nowhere Else To Go" --- "Storm Is Coming"  /  ANGRA "Rebirth"  /  KOPEK "Love Is Dead"  /  LACSON "Cold Ocean" --- "Hurt"  /  SOVVERSIVO "Everlasting Pain"  /  MACBETH "Slow Motion Tragedies" --- "Empire's Fall"  /  PRO PAIN "Emerge"  /  ADRENALINE MOB "Angel Sky"  /  BETZEFER "The Devil Wend Down To The Holy Land"  /  SCARECROW N.W.A. "Backstab Romance" --- "Scarecrow's Song" Bonus Track  /  MONO INC "Wave No Flag"  /  VIKINGORE "Justice's Fall"  /  THE OTHER "Skeleton In The Closet"  /  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Always"  /  ELOY "Time To Run" --- "Age On Insanity"


Sendung am 22.01.14  (Wdh. 26.01.14 und 27.01.14)  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:      Volker Scheurer, bildender Künstler, Weil am Rhein



REBELLIUS SPIRIT  "Cry For Me"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Tower Of Lies"  /  SKINDRED “We Live”  /  ANGRA "Lisbon" --- "Reaching Horizons"  /  SOVVERSIVO "In The White Line" --- "Burn To Ashes"  /  KORN "Mass Hysteria"  /  GURD "Burn Yourself"  /  THE AMITY AFFLICTION "Open Letter"  /  LYNYRD SKYNYRD "Ready To Fly"  /  DÄNG "Titans" --- "Danaides"  /  LED ZEPPELIN "Stairway To Heaven"  /  LAY DOWN ROTTEN "Deathpell Catharsis"  /  BLACKFINGER "Yellowwood" --- "As Long As I'm With You"  /  THE DULL "Diametal"  /  JONATHAN DAVIS AND THE SFA "System


Sendung am 22.01.14  (Wdh. 26.01.14 und 27.01.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:              Harald Deschler, Musikredakteur, Freiburg

Am Telefon-1:        Daniel, Rhythm Guitar von BITTER PIECE
Am Telefon-2:        Frank, Vocals & Guitars von BITTERNESS



SKINDRED „Kill The Power“ --- “Proceed With Caution”  /  BLACK SPIDERS “Balls”  /  THE EXPLOITED “Beat The Bastards”  /  CHROME DIVISION “Endless Nights”  /  BITTER PIECE “Taken” --- “End Of Days” --- “The Curtain Is Closed”  /  BEASTMILK “Death Reflects Us”  /  SEPULTURA “Refuse  /  Resist”  /  SUICIDAL ANGELS “Marching Over Blood”  /  BITTERNESS “Killing Mind”  /  A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH “Shallow Grave”  /  KAYSER “I´ll Deny You”  /  DAVE HAUSE “Becoming Secular”  /  GRAND MAGUS “On Hooves Of Gold”  /  SAVAGE MESSIAH “The Fateful Dark


Sendung am 15.01.14  (Wdh. 19.01.14 und 20.01.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:     Stefan Winterle, Stencil-Artist - Kurator der Colab-Gallery, Weil am Rhein



KENDRA MORRIS "Spitting Teeth" --- "Here"  /  SMURF "Soll es so weitergehen"  /  PIPPO POLLINA "Mare mare mare" --- "Risveglio" feat. Werner Schmidbauer  /  SPACE BOYZ "Here We Come" feat. MOS & STATIC  /  SLIPKNOT “Snuff”  /  PAVIC "Is War The Answer?" --- "Your Own Misery"  /  GOJIRA “L’enfant Sauvage”  /  STAIND “Something To Remind You“  /  HELL:ON "Here My Call" --- "The Game"  /  GODSMACK "Voodoo"  /  BLOODSPOT "Enter The Gray"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Touching Heaven" --- "Hey Hey My My"


Sendung am 08.01.14  (Wdh. 12.01.14 und 13.01.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:     Chris, Vocals und Guitars von AFRICAN CORPSE



REVOLUTION ROAD "Take Your Love Town" --- "Pretending Hearts"  /  EAGULLS "Opaque"  /  PRETTY WILD "Troubled Water" --- "Blow The Night Away"  /  MOONCRY "Reflections Of Lies"  /  AFRICAN CORPSE "Corpsewar" --- "I Hate You" --- "Schizophrenia"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Cold"  /  CULLOODEN "Embrace Your Destiny" --- "Take Hold Of Your Fear"  /  ALGHAZANTH "To The Pearl On Hihg"  /  VERDICT "Killing Fantasies" --- "First To Fight"  /  THE ANIMEN "Alice In My Life" --- "The Road Taken"  /  MANOLO PANIC "Tiny Robots"  /  BETZEFER "Milk"  /  FATAL FUSION "Tears I've Cried" 


Sendung am 01.01.14  (Wdh. 05.01.14 und 06.01.14)                  Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller


=========== Mit Rock 'N' Roll in's neue Jahr ============

Die besten Rocktracks aus dem Jahre 2013 bei H'ART On Air!



ORDEN OGAN “The Things We Belive In”  /  PSYCHOPUNCH “Emilie”  /  KINGDOM COME “Rough Ride Rally“  /  RUSSKAJA “Violina Mia”  /  BREED 77 “Low”  /  AIRBOURNE “You Got The Skills (To Pay The Bills)“  /  BLACK BULL “Ritual“  /  SADAKO “Save Home For Zomies“  /  FILTER “Surprise“  /  ROXIN‘ PALACE “Roxin‘ Palace“  /  ADRENALINE 101 “Maylies”  /  SHAPE MY CLARITY “Shimmer“  /  SALTATIO MORTIS “Früher war alles besser”  /  AVENGED SEVENFOLD “Shepherd Of Fire”  /  DRITTE WAHL - SCHLAPPEN “Tobias”  /  HILLBILLY DELUXE "The Coward"  /  KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES "Drive"  /  BARONS BALL "Born To Rock"  /  TRIVIUM "Through Blood And Dirt And Bone"  /  NICKELBACK "Burn It To The Ground"  /  PRO-PAIN "Southbound"  /  BETZEFER "The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land"  /  PILOMOTOR "I Was Afraid"  /  EAT THE GUN "Bad Memories"  /  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH"WEIGHT BENEATH MY SIN"  /  JADED HEART “Saints Denied"