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Sendung am 29.12.10  (Wdh. 02.01. und 03.01.11)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Frederic Student (vocals/keyboard) und Well AsCop (guitar) von PHONOGEN


PHONOGEN "Uptime T'Lower Heals"....."Effected"....."The Wrong And Only"....."Name & Face"....."Let God Know" (Part II)  /  MAGNUM "Spin Like A Wheel"....."Black Skies"  /  THE VERY END "Immigrant Song"....."The Leper"  /  THE MIGHTY STEF "John The Baptist" (Part I)....."Hollywood"  /  MYSTIGMA "Quicksand"  /  SLASH feat. FERGIE "Beautiful Dangerous"  /  GRAND MAGUS "Hammer Of The North"  /  QUEENSRYCHE "Silent Lucidity"  /  METHODS OF MAYHEM "Drunk Uncle Pete"


Sendung am 22.12.10  (Wdh. 26.12. und 27.12.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


"BESINNLICHES" - die besten Balladen bei H'ART On Air aus dem Jahr 2010


MAYFIELD "This Wasted Life"  /  BANGALORE CHOIR "Still Have A Song To Sing"  /  AXEL RUDI PELL "Glory Night"  /  OMEGA "Break The Chain"  /  COHEED AND CAMBRIA "Pearl Of The Stars"  /  MAN DOKI SOULMATES "Thank You"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "Wonderful Life"  /  GRAND MAGUS "Lord Of Lies"  /  PAST M.D. "Far Away"  /  GHOST OF A CHANCE "Sleeping With The Lights On"  /  PAVLOV'S DOG "Angel's Twilight Jump"  /  QUEENSRYCHE "Silent Luciditiy"  /  ACCEPT "Kill The Pain"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "Nepenthe (I Live Tomorrow)"  /  THE MIGHTY STEF "Kings Of New York"  /  STRATOVARIUS "Neon Light Child"  /  DOWNSTAIRES LEFT "And You Smile"  /  METHOD OF MAYHEM "Blame"  /  HUNGRYHEART "Let Somebody Love Me"  /  GEORGE LEITENBERGER "Nachtbus"  /  SHOW OF HANDS "Secret World"


Sendung am 15.12.10  (Wdh. 19.12. und 20.12.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:     Rudolf Wangler, Konzertgitarrist, CH-Basel


RUDOLF WANGLER "Vidala Dolorosa"....."Popular Andaluz"....."Anonyme 1580"....."Allegro Grazioso und minuetto"....."El indio y la quena"....."Danza de la paloma enamorada"....."Romance antiguo"  /  BEHIND CLOSED DOORS "No Exit"....."Behind Closed Doors"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "Pagan Heart"  /  LaminiusX "Macht"....."Erreur De L'histoire"  /  CASH FOR CLUNKERS "Rockapocalypse"....."In The Meantime"  /  EMPIRES OF EDEN "Reborn In Fire"  /  UNDEROATH "Paper Lung"  /  THE MIST OF AVALON "Soul Eater"  /  YNGWIE MALMSTEEN "Caged Animal"  /  JULIA A. NOACK "Undue Merging"


Sendung am 08.12.10  (Wdh. 12.12. und 13.12.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Detlef DP Poschmann und Jörg Josh Reuter von PAST M.D.


TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA "After The Fall"....."The Dream Of Candlelight"  /  YNGWIE MALMSTEEN "Look At You Now"....."Enemy Within"  /  DOWN BY THE KÖTTELBECKE "Ganz normale Leute"....."Der Mann der zuviel wusste"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "All Hope Is Gone"  /  F.B.O.D. "Waiting For"  /  DER W "Furor"....."Sterne"  /  EARTH FLIGHT "Deadheads - A Love Song?"  /  TIMES OF GRACE "Strength In Numbers"  /  SHOW OF HANDS "Arrogance Ignorance An Greed"  /  PAST M.D. "The Journey"....."Far Away"....."Hazardous Freight"  /  TUNES OF DOWN "With The Moon Comes The End"


Sendung am 01.12.10  (Wdh. 05.12. und 06.12.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Stefan Winterle, Stencil-Artist, Weil am Rhein


GHOST OF A CHANCE "Hideout"....."Ghosttown"  /  SPIELVERDERBER "Mehr als nur Musik"....."Mittelfinger"  /  BIH'TNIK "Lefuet"  /  SMURF "Mein Weg"  /  NORMAHL "Darum bleib ich Punk"....."Nach all den Jahren"....."Nimm mich mit"....."Durst"  /  MARYA ROXX "Time To Run"  /  MARTIN KESICI "My Heart Beats Pain"  /  GINGER RED "Fool Of Love"....."Walk On"  /  TUNES OF DAWN "Upon My Grave"  /  CRADLE OF FILTH "The Persecution Song"


Sendung am 24.11.10  (Wdh. 28.11. und 29.11.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    David, Sänger von DESTINATION ANYWHERE


STRATOVARIUS "Darkest Hour"  /  KONTRUST "Zero"  /  MAN DOKI SOULMATES "Thank You"....."Daydream"....."Last Day Of Summer"  /  BUCKCHERRY "Dead"  /  PAPA ROACH "Burn"  /  DISTURBED "Crucified"  /  PAST M.D. "The Journey"....."The Devil In Me"  /  THE QUIREBOYS "There She Goes Again"  /  MYSTIGMA "Never Seen Before"....."Irony Of Fate"  /  DESTINATION ANYWHERE "How You Feel"....."Let Us Lie"....."I Can Wait"  /  ALTER BRIDGE "Ghost Of Days Gone By"....."Wonderful Life"  /  PHILIP SAYCE "Scars"


Sendung am 17.11.10  (Wdh. 21.11. und 22.11.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Dagmar Henneberger, Kunstmalerin, Inzlingen


AXEL RUDI PELL "Glory Night"....."The End Of Our Time"  /  ENGRAINED "Say Yes Mean No"....."Sweet Vampire Girl"  /  DAVID "ROCK" FEINSTEIN "Give Me Mercy"....."Run For Your Life"  /  MICHAEL BORMANN "Don't You Tell Me"....."Mr. Rock 'N' Roll"  /  POISON SUN "Princess"  /  DAN REED "Coming Up For Air"  /  HEAVEN & HELL "I"....."Bible Black"  /  BIG KAHOONA "Another Place To Stay"  /  THE QUIREBOYS "C'mon"....."Misled"  /  FAIR WARNING "Sill I Beleve"


Sendung am 10.11.10  (Wdh. 14.11. und 15.11.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Sven Hessel von HELLA DONNA


TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA "The Dark"....."I'll Keep Your Secrets"  /  QUEENSRYCHE "Best I Can" (live)....."Empire" (live)....."Silent Lucidity"....."One And Only"  /  ANSOTICCA "Tears Of A Clown"....."Endless Sacrifice"  /  DRAGANA "I Don't Love You"....."Chritsmas Card"  /  S.A. ADAMS "Love Dies"...."2 Steps"  /  RAUSCHHARDT "War"....."Song For You"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "The Black Light Bacchanalia (The Age That Is To Come"  /  PAVLOV'S DOG "Angel's Twilight Jump"  /  HELLA DONNA "Only You"....."Liberty"....."Good Things"


Sendung am 03.11.10  (Wdh. 07.11. und 08.11.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:  Yannick, Jürgen, Prathip und Sandro von FERUM INCANTARE


THE STORM "Wall Of Shame"  /  FERUM INCANTARE "Bring That Tunder"....."Glory, Chicks & Cars"....."Inside"....."Break Me Down"....."Reason"  /  THE SORROW "Grief Machine"....."Farewells"  /  OMEGA "Rhapsody"....."Overture"....."Silent Garden".....Tomorrow"  /  BLOWSIGHT "Things Will Never Change"....."Miracle"  /  COLD SNAP "Bongo Bong"....."Flutter Of Mother Earth"  /  ROOGA "Broken"....."Hey Now"  /  DEEP PURPLE "Lady Luck"....."Dealer"


Sendung am 27.10.10  (Wdh. 31.10. und 01.11.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Marzena (vocals), Siggi (Guitar) und Marc (drums) von NION


DOWNSTAIRS LEFT "And You Smile"....."Typewritten Life"  /  APOPTYGMA BERZERK "In This Together"  /  INHUMAN "Bad Bad Baby"....."Photograph"  /  VIRGIN STEELE "Pagan Heart"....."In A Dream Of Fire"  /  HATRED "Black Sun Prophecy"....."Speak Of The Devil"  /  BETH HART "Bad Love Is Good Enough"....."Sister Heroin"  /  POWERWORLD "Evil In Me".....Might Of Secrets"  /  NION "Transformation"....."Conversation"....."Fairytales"  /  WALTER TROUT "Hudson Had Help"


Sendung am 20.10.10  (Wdh. 24. und 25.10.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Harald Deschler (Musikredakteur aus Freiburg) & Chris und Chriss von der Thrash Metal Band ANCHONY (ebenfalls Freiburg)


MEGADETH "Symphony Of Destruction"  /  THE CROWN "The Tempter And The Bible Black"  /  TESTAMENT ""Down For Life"  /  ANCHONY "The Asylum"....."Slave"....."Cruel Fate"....."As Long As I Am Here To Judge"  /  FORBIDDEN "Omega Wave"  /  VOLBEAT "Heaven Nor Hell"  /  MISFITS "Descending Angel"  /  MUSTASCH "The Audience Is Listening"  /  THE OTHER "Der Tod Steht Dir Gut"....."Beware Of Ghouls"  /  TIGER ARMY "Forever Fades Away"  /  ZODIAC MINDWARP "Stark Von Oben"  /  THE METROPOLIS SESSIONS "Smoke On The Water"  /  7 WEEKS "Submarine"  /  BETH HART "Love Is The Hardest  /  INHUMAN "Silence Is Over"  /  MURDERDOLLS "Hello, Goodbye, Die"


Sendung am 13.10.10  (Wdh. 17. und 18.10.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Am Telefon:    Andreas Rossi Rossatti von ACOUSTICAL SOUTH


SNOWY WHITE BLUES PROJEKT "Blue To The Bone"....."Land Of Plenty"  /  MARY FAY "No More"....."As We Fall Asleep"  /  STEVE LUKATHER "Brody's"....."Flash The Pan"  /  PAVLOV'S DOG "Angeline"  /  THE STORM "Honesty"  /  APOPTYGMA BERZERK "Asleep Or Awacke?"  /  WHITE WIDDOW "Cross To Bare"  /  ACCEPT "The Abyss"  /  INHUMAN "Not A Warning"  /  GEORGE LEITENBERGER "Nachtbus"  /  ACOUSTICAL SOUTH "Escabe To Victory"....."Again"....."Hate Will Last Forever"  /  EUROPE "Last Look At Eden"  /  BUCKCHERRY "Never Say Never"  /  THE MERCURY ARC "Heaven Gone Wrong"


Sendung am 06.10.10  (Wdh. 10. und 11.10.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Im Studio:    Angela Lenz von der EUROPEAN ART COMPANY, Badenweiler


PHARAO "Road To Nowhere"....."Seven Seas"  /  RONNIE WOOD "Fancy Pants"  /  MAYFIELD "Stoned"....."This Wasted Life"  /  DeLaSar "Somewhere"  /  BETH HART "Life is Calling"  /  DESTINATION ANYWHERE "I Can Wait"  /  JUTTA WEINHOLD "Nothing Has Changed"  /  THE MERCURY ARC "Purest Grey"....."Arm The Hopeles"  /  METHODS FO MAYHEM "2Ways"  /  SUBWAY "Control An Power"....."Talk"  /  MARY FAY "Before We Lose It All"  /  URIAH HEEP "Corridors Of Madness"


Sendung am 29.09.10  (Wdh. 03. und 04.10.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview:     mit Christoph und Oliver von OUTSMARTED


RONNIE WOOD "Thing About You"....."Sweetness My Weakness"....."I Gotta See"  /  PISTOL DAWN "Conversation Piece"....."Gone Away"  /  HIGH NOON "Skatin' On Thin Ice"....."Just Like A Woman"  /  STIER "Diesesmal"....."Tanzen"  /  MAYFIELD "Talent Show"  /  DISTURBED "Crucified"....."I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"  /  ALPHA ACADEMY "Walls"  /  METHODS OF MAYHEM "Drunk Uncle Pete"....."Fight Song"....."All I Wanna Do"  /  OUTSMARTED "No Stranger To Danger"....."Mothballs"....."The Fall Of Blackjack Mulligan"


Sendung am 22.09.10  (Wdh. 26. und 27.09.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview:     mit Christel Riedel von den RHEINGARNIX(EN), Rheinfelden


ALPHA ACADEMY "Make Me Feel"....."Wake Up"  /  ACCEPT "Teutonic Terror"....."Kill The Pain"  /  ANGRA "Lease Of Life"....."Monster In Her Eyes"  /  ENOCHIAN THEORY "At Great Odds With..."....."Movement"  /  SHOW OF HANDS "Lowlands"  /  CYNDI LAUPER FEAT: ALLEN TOUSSAINT "Shattered Dreams"  /  GARDEN OF EDEN "Boomerang"  /  AIRBOURNE "Bottom Of The Well"  /  WE CAME AS ROMANS "Intensions"  /  JUTTA WEINHOLD "Sex, No Drugs But Rock 'n' Roll"....."Point Of Return"  /  KONTRUST "Dancer In The Sun"  /  GRAND MAGUS "At Midnight They'll Get Wise"  /  THE DREAMS "This Is Not A Lovesong"


Sendung am 15.09.10  (Wdh. 19. und 20.09.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Studiogast:     Roswitha Niedanowski, Skulpturistin, Buggingen


HEROES & ZEROS "Simian Vices"....."Fattening Frogs For Snakes"  /  SHOW OF HANDS "Lowlands"....."Arrogance Ignorance And Greed"....."The Keys Of Canterbury"  /  NUMBER H "One Day"....."Break The Chains"  /  CYNDI LAUPER "Just Your Fool"  /  BANGALORE CHOIR "Dig Deep"  /  PANTERA "Cemetery Gates"  /  DISTURBED "The Infection"  /  ACOUSTICAL SOUTH "Escape To Victory"   /  MURDERDOLLS "Nowhere"  /  IRON MAIDEN "Coming Home" 


Sendung am 08.09.10  (Wdh. 12. und 13.09.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Studiogast:     Harald Deschler, Musikredakteur, Freiburg


THE OTHER "Back To The Cemetery"  /  TIGER ARMY "Pain"  /  MÖTLEY CRÜE "Saints Of Los Angeles"  /  MURDERDOLLS "Blood Stained Valentine"  /  GRAVE ROBBER "Fear No Evil"  /  MUSTASCH "Down In Black"  /  DESTINATION ANYWHERE "How You Feel"  /  DIE KASSIERER  "Mir ist alles piepe"  /  ALPHA ACADEMY "Make Me Feel"  /  THE CRIMSON GHOSTS "Ghastly Ever After"  /  DEATH ANGEL "Opponents At Sides"  /  MORGANA LEFAY "Creatures Of The Hierachy"  /  OMEN "Don't Fear The Night"  /  PISSDOLLS "Metal Mustache"  /  SHOW OF HANDS "The Man I Was"  /  IRON MAIDEN "When The Wild Wind Blows"


Sendung am 01.09.10  (Wdh. 05. und 06.09.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Telefon-Interview:     mit Angela Lenz von der EUROPEAN ART COMPANY, Badenweiler


JAMIECLARKE'S PERFECT "The Sun And The Moon"  /  TBC "Lake Of Sorrow"  /  SLICK'S KITCHEN "Cam In My Kitchen"  /  THE DREAM "Black Sheep"  /  DANI WILDE "Some Kinda Crazy"  /  GARDEN OF EDEN "You Set Me Free"  /  DISTURBED "Remnants"....."Asylum"  /  CRAIG GERBER "Leave The Light On"  /  IRXN "Anders Leb'n"....."Ewigkeit blüaht"  /  OUTSMARTED "No Stranger To Danger"  /  BANGALORE CHOIR "Living Your Dreams Everyday"....."Still Have A Song To Sing"  /  KOTTAK "Drunk Unkle Pete"  /  KORN "Let The Guilt Go"  /  36CRAZYFISTS "Caving In Spirals"  /  MARTIN C. & THE 20th CENTURY PEOPLE "The Chauvinist's Blues"  /  MARY FAY "No More"


Sendung am 25.08.10  (Wdh. 29.08. und 30.08.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Studiogast:                Martin Klabund, Projektleiter von Radio Kanal Ratte

Telefon-Interview:     mit Jiri Novotny, von der Galerie NOVOTNY, Lörrach


SONDASCHULE "Hängematte"  /  JAMIE CLARKES'S PERFECT "Beatboys"....."Pray"  /  SKY'S SHADOW "Hatred"....."Devil's Draw"  /  KENS DOJO "Come Alive"  /  DANI WILDE "Shine"....."Red Blooded Woman"  /  36CRAZYFISTS "Mercy And Grace"  /  CRAIG GERBER "Time Has Come"  /  PAPA ROACH "Lifeline"  /  ROYAL REPUBLIC "Tommy-Gun"  /  METHODS OF MAYHEM "Time Bomb"  /  MARTIN C. & THE 20th CENTURY PEOPLE "Moving On"  /  SKINDRED "Standing For Something"  /  VOLBEAT "Fallen"  /  BUCKCHERRY "Oh My Lord"


Sendung am 18.08.10  (Wdh. 22.08. und 23.08.10)     Moderation:     Martin Klabund



POTHEAD "Rude"  /  KARMA COWBOYS "Shine On Tomorrow"  /  THONDERSTONE "Dirt Metal"  /  CRAZY CHRIS KRAMER "Ich bat um einen Kuss zum Abschied"  /  JOHANNES WALLMARK AND THE WILDFLOWERS "Just Like A Man"  /  NEFFIN "Ich wecke diese Stadt auf"  /  THE GUMBABIES "Non-Emotica"  /  MADINA LAKE "Trough The Pain"  /  CHRISES "Joan"  /  SOULFLY "Off With Their Heads"  /  GOLDEN APES "Windlands"  /  KRYPTERIA "Ignition"  /  COHEED AND CAMBRIA "Here We Are Juggernaut"  /  ADRENALINE 101 "Seek The Lane"  /  CANCER BATS "Darkness Lives"  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK "Last Time I Saw Dave"  /  AIRBOURNE "Blond, Bad And Beautiful"  /  GRAND MAGUS "Hammer Of The North"  /  M.A.D "Crown An Ring"  /  THARSYS "Price Of Empathy


Sendung am 11.08.10  (Wdh. 15.08. und 16.08.10)     Moderation:     Martin Klabund und Daniela P.


THE RAVENERS "All This Talk"  /  STOCKHOLM STONER "Spare Me Some Change"  /  DAVE EVANS "We Don't Dance To Your Song"  /  THE LOVE GRAVE "Thriller"  /  JULIETTE LEWIS "Hard Lovon' Woman"  /  SONDASCHULE "Hängematte"  /  KONTRUST "Bamba"  /  THE DREAMS "Black Sheep"  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA "About Beasts & Lovers"  /  BREED77 "Zombie"  /  THE LAST WARNING "Dark Rock Song"  /  DREAM THEATER "Wither"  /  KIRAN HALPIN "The Deal We Made With God"  /  VANDERLINDE "Killing The Man"  /  STRATOVARIUS "Destiny"  /  ATREYOU "Congregation Of The Damned"  /  PHILIP SAYCE "Daydream Tonight"  /  THE PARLOR MOB "Tide Of Tears"


Sendung am 04.08.10  (Wdh. 08.08. und 09.08.10)     Moderation:     Martin Klabund und Daniela P.


MOONBAND "The Internist"....."Days To Live"  /  KOTTAK "Rock & Roll Forever"  /  ROB ZOMBI "Sick Bubble Gum"  /  BRAINLESS WANKERS "Wann Be Trash"  /  THE FOG JOGGERS "Waterfalls"....."Friend Of A Friend"  /  VAGRANTS "Why Me"  /  EUROPE "Last Look At Eden"  /  QUEENSRYCHE "If I Were King"  /  BRET HUNT "Make At Home"  /  TAIS "Hartz IV"  /  P.A.I.N MANAGEMENT "Weak"  /  BLOWSIGHT "If You Were Me"....."Thought Of Bride"  /  THE MIGHTY STEF "Saint Cagtherine"  /  TAKING DAWN "The Chain"  /  WICKED SENSATION "Give It Up"....."Love to Play"  /  AIRBOURNE "No Way But The Hard Way"

Sendung am 28.07.10  (Wdh. 31.07. und 01.08.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Telefon-Interview:   mit JANE BOGAERT über das Albumg "5th Dimension"

Telefon-Interview:   mit Zoltan Bertá und Ricky Grasser von CRACK O DAWN über das Album "Gods Of Insane"


WALER TROUT "Hudson Had Help"....."Danger Zone"....."May Be A Fool"  /  RANSOM "Better Days"  /  MINUETUM "Hero Divine"  /  CRAYFISH "Soap Society"  /  BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE "Your Betrayal"  /  JANE BOGAERT "Fifth Dimension"....."Still There For Me"....."Matters"  /  PSYCHO CHOKE "Freedom In A Bottle Of Scotch"  /  DISTURBED "Another Way To Die"  /  PAPA ROACH "Kick In The Teeth"  /  CORNERSTONE "Leave"  /  CRACK O DAWN "To Die for"....."Gods Of Insane"....."Integrity"  /  THE DULL "Impish Girl (ma bohéme)


Sendung am 21.07.10    ( Wdh. 24. und 26.07.10 )     Moderation     Klaus Kipfmüller


Telefon-Interview:   mit Peter Bauman (Vocals/Guitar) von PENTAPHONE


SPIELVERDERBER "Mehr als nur Musik"  /  WINTERLAND "Slave New World"  /  CRYSTAL TEARS "Nightmare Serenade"....."Crystal Tears"  /  FICTIONPLANE "Push Me Around"  /  PENTAPHONE "Sad 'n' Useless"....."Wondering"....."Say Goodbye"  /  SKINDRED "Electric Avenue"  /  MURDERDOLLS "My Dark Place Alone"  /  EMPIRES OF EDEN "Prognatus Ut Obscurum"....."Reborn In Fire"  /  GRAND MAGUS " Hammer Of The North"  /  OUTSMARTED "No Stranger To Danger"  /  WOLFMOTHER "Far Away"  /  CRAYFISH "Sticky Sweet Sins"....."Today's Topics"  /  RANSOM "Learn To Be Alone"  /  CONTRACRASH "Never Found"


Sendung am 14.07.10    ( Wdh. 17. und 19.07.10 )     Moderation     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studiogäste:     SMURF und MOE, die MC'S von SPIELVERDERBER


SPIELVERDERBER "Kein Spass"....."Mehr als nur Musik"....."Mittelfinger"....."Zum Teufel"....."Unsere Kinder"....."Lonely".....-feat. BLACK TIGER, APACHE "Avec Toi"  /  GRAND MAGUS "I, The Jury"....."The Lord Of Lies"  /  THE DREAMS "Black Sheep"....."This Is Not A Lovesong"  /  MAYFIELD "This Wasted Life"  /  BLACK CANDY STORE "Someday"  /  BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE "Your Betrayal"  /  PSYCHO CHOKE "Fire In The Hole"  /  THE LAST TYCOONS "Seven Days (Of The Road)  /  STONE SOUR "Say You'll Haunt Me"  /  STEVE HARLEY "True Love Will Find You In The End"


Sendung am 07.07.10    ( Wdh. 10.07.10 )     Moderation     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


(Wiederholung der Sendung vom 16. Juni 2010)

Studiogast:     Michael Forouz-Mehr, bildender Künstler, Lörrach


HUNGRYHEART "Let's Keep On Tryin"....."Let Somebody Love You"  /  B.B. AND THE BLUES SHACKS "Fools Getting Stronger"  /  PHILIP SAYCE "Scars"  /  MOONBAND "The Internist"  /  HEAVEN & HELL "Double The Pain"  /  ASTRUM ET ABYSSUM "Glockenschrei"  /  MADINA LAKE "Not For This World"  /  CRISES "Joan"  /  DENIGHT "The Flame"  /  SISTER SIN "24/7"  /  CANCER BATS "Darkness Lives"  /  DIE BANDBREITE "Weltmeister"




Sendung am 30.06.10    ( Wdh. 03. und 05.07.10 )     Moderation     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Wber

Telefon-Interview:        Michael Klein von WICKED SENSATION


MOONCRY "Grief And Hope"  /  TILLMANN "Der Plan"  /  HUNGRYHEART "One Ticket To Paradise"  /  36CRAZYFISTS "Reviver"  /  B.B. AND THE BLUES SHACKS "High Glass Lonely"  /  WICKED SENSATION "Give It Up"....."Am I Right"....."The Love I Used To Know"  /  THE LAST TYCOONS "Speed".....The Dry Law"  /  SISTER SIN "Outrage"  /  THARSYS "The Price Of Empathy"  /  POTHEAD "Smile In The Mind"  /  BIH'TNIK "Mailbox-Song"  /  KONTRUS "On The Run"  /  STONE RIVER "Come On"  /  THE HOOTERS "Silver Lining"  /  DIE BANDBREITE "Weltmeister"


Sendung am 23.06.10    ( Wdh. 26. und 28.06.10 )     Moderation     Klaus Kipfmüller

Telefon-Interview:        Berthold Miller von MOONCRY


SAINTS OF RUIN "The Darkening"  /  DAVE EVANS "Rock 'N' Roll Or Bust"  /  JULIETTE LEWIS "Hard Loniv' Woman"  /  MOONCRY "Seconds In Time".....Rivers Of Heart"....."Suffer My Pain"  /  DeLaSar "I Belong To You"  /  THE DREAMS "Revolt"  /  GUN BARREL "Roll Of The Dice"....."Brother To Brother"  /  KENAI "The Fall Before The Finish"  /  JOHANNES WALLMARK AND THE WILDFLOWERS "Just Like A Man"  /  JANE BOGAERT "Give It Up"  /  WICKED SENSATION "Love To Play"  /  THE PARLOR MOB "Tide Of Tears"  /  ASTRUM ET ABYSSUM "Drachenherz"  /  CRACK O DAWN "Testify"  /  KENNY WHITE "Out Of My Element"  /  DIE BANDBREITE "Weltmeister"


Sendung am 16.06.10    ( Wdh. 19.06.10 )     Moderation     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studiogast:     Michael Forouz-Mehr, bildender Künstler, Lörrach


HUNGRYHEART "Let's Keep On Tryin"....."Let Somebody Love You"  /  B.B. AND THE BLUES SHACKS "Fools Getting Stronger"  /  PHILIP SAYCE "Scars"  /  MOONBAND "The Internist"  /  HEAVEN & HELL "Double The Pain"  /  ASTRUM ET ABYSSUM "Glockenschrei"  /  MADINA LAKE "Not For This World"  /  CRISES "Joan"  /  DENIGHT "The Flame"  /  SISTER SIN "24/7"  /  CANCER BATS "Darkness Lives"  /  DIE BANDBREITE "Weltmeister"


Sendung am 09.06.10    ( Wdh. 12.06.10 )    Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview:               Marco Mora von ASH INHERITANCE


STRATOVARIUS “Why Are We Here"....“Infinity”  /  CRYSTAL TEARS Heros“....."Nightmare Serenade"   /  WICKED SENSATION “Give It Up”  /  LIZA “Echt”  /  ASH INHERITANCE “Devastating Fire”.....“Masters Of Lie....“Killing With Style”  /  H.E.A.T “Cast Away”  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK “Pie In The Sky“  /  WISPERS IN THE SHADOW “If Uriel Falls”  /  CRACK O DAWN “Integrity”.....“Third Eye"  /  BREED77 “Zombie”  /  UBERKID “Supernova”  /  SOULFLY  “Lethal Injection”…..”Great Depression"


Sendung am 02.06.10    ( Wdh. 05.06.10 )     Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller


Studiogast:     Annetta Grisard, bildende Künstlerin, CH-Basel


STRATOVARIUS “Destiny (live)”.....“Bach: Air Suite (live)”.....“Winter Skies (live)”.....“Falling Star”.....“Emancipation Suite Part I: Dusk”.....“King Of Nothing (live)”  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK “Last Time I Saw Dave “  /  SHADOWSIDE “Wings Of Freedom”  /  H.E.A.T “Stay 2010”  /  THE STORM “Are Your Shoes Too Tight?”…..”Wall Of Shame”  /  SOULFLY “Kingdom”  /  WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION “ Love Or Just Loveless”  /  PENTAPHONE  “Sad`N`Useless“.....“Away“  /  BREED77 “The Battle Of Hatin”  /  UBERKID  “The Continental Breakfast Club”


Sendung am 26.05.10    (Wdh. 29.05.10)    Moderation:      Klaus Kipfmüller  und Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview:       Alex Sauer von HIS STATUE FALLS

                                    Sebastian Stiegeler von BLACKFORESTEVENTS          


THE BACON BROTHER feat. KEVIN & MICHAEL BACON  “New Year’s Day“  /  ELVIS JACKSON “Street 45”.....“Dry Your Tears”  /  THE LOVECRAVE “Your Fire”  /  JANE BOGAERT “Matters”  /  SOULFLY “Great Depression”.....“Off With Their Heads”  /  FREISCHWINGER “Sommer”  /  HIS STATUE FALLS “Let’s Get Crackin”.....“Capital H Capital O”.....“Give It Up! Give It Up!”.....“You Need Hit To Spell Shit”  /  H.E.A.T “Shelter”.....“Black Night”  /  SHADOWSIDE “In The Night”  /  BREED77 “Insects”  /  THUNDERSTONE “Counting Hours”  /  DIE BANDBREITE “Weltmeister”  /  CRAZY CHRIS KRAMER “Fröschkönig Blues”  /  J.B.O. “Ein bisschen Frieden”


Sendung am  19.05.10    ( Wdh. 22.05.10)     Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller  und Jörn Weber


Studiogast:    Jochen Frank Schmidt, Musical-Komponist


SONDASCHULE “Hängematte“  /  J.F. SCHMIDT “Lust am Leben / Torte”.....“Herzklopfen / Nicht ins Konzept”.....“Lichterloh / Paul die Laterne”.....“Bikini Skandal / Nie das Glück gesehen”  /  JANE BOGAERT “Fifth Dimension"  /  DENIGHT “Psycho Ways”  /  BLOWSIGHT “Over The Surface”  /  BREED77 “In The Temple Of Ram: Rise Of The Bugs”.....“Who I Am”  /  KOTTAK “Rock & Roll  Forever“.....“Sunset BLVD“.....“Super Bricks“  /  MUTINY WITHIN “Undone”  /  THUNDERSTONE “Ghosts Of Youth”  /  CRAZY CHRIS KRAMER “Die Frau von meinem Vermieter ist krank”


Sendung am  12.05.10    ( Wdh. 15.05.10)     Moderation:      Klaus Kipfmüller


Tel.-Interview:          Markus Pfeffer von WINTERLAND  /  Edith Ganther, Galeristin, Zell-Pfaffenberg


SONDASCHULE “Lied für mich”…..“Hängematte"  /  THUNDERSTONE “Dirt Metal”  /  SAINTS OF RUIN “Bloodletting”  /  THE LOVECRAVE  “Warriors”  /  BREED77 “Forever”  /  WINTERLAND “Warte bis es dunkel ist“.....“Abendstern“.....“Strände der Einsamkeit“  /  MUTINY WITHIN “Forsaken”....."Oblivion"  /  BLOWSIGHT “Thought Of Bride”  /  SAINTS OF RUIN “End Of Days”  /  AIRBOURNE “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful”  /  P.A.I.N MANAGEMENT  “Weak”  /  KORN “Oildale”  /  REACTIVE Black  “Proud”  /  DeLaSar “Sitting On A Star”  /  CRAZY CHRIS KRAMER “Ich bat um einen Kuß zum Abschied”


Sendung am  05.05..10   ( Wdh. 08.05.10)     Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studio-Gast:             Britta Schmidhauser, Glaskünstlerin, Bad Bellingen

Tel.-Interview:          Marc Wüstenhagen von THUNDER AND LIGHTNING


MY GLORIUS  “YOU SHOULD BE DANCING”  /  TAIS “Viel zu tun” .....“Hartz IV”.....“Fata Morgana”  /  WINTERLAND   “Den Sternen so nah”  /  P.A.I.N. MANAGEMENT “ I Disagree”  /  GOLDEN APES “Windlands”  /  WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION “Cold In Spring”  /  THE LOVECRAVE “Thriller”  /  GRAND Magus   “I, The Jury”  /  THE RAVENERS “Ooh Ya Ooh Ya Ooh”  /  THUNDER AND LIGHTNING “Horizon”.....“The Afterlife Pt. – Back To Life”.....“Sixty Towels”  /  REACTIVE Black   “Taste Of Paradies"


Sendung am  28.04.10   ( Wdh. 01.05.10)     Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Tel.-Interview:   Michael Forouz-Mehr, bildender Künstler, Lörrach

                          über seine Ausstellung in der Galerie ARS NOVA in Lörrach


SALAS & FOWLER – NICKLEBAG "Grow"....."Dope Fiend"  / WINTERLAND "Warte bis es dunkel ist"  /  KARMA COWBOYS “Bad TV”  /  CHARLEMAGNE “I Don’t Wanna Lie”.....“She’ Only Young”.....“So Far Away”  /  CANCER BATS "Scared To Death"....."Darkness Lives"....."Raised Right"  /  SLIPKNOT “Snuff”  /  ROBERT CARL BLANK “Mr. Vertigo”  /  FREEDOM CALL “Kingdom Of Madness”  /  KOTTAK “Rock & Roll Forever”.....“Where You Wanna Go”  /  KLEEMANN "Darf ich dabei sein?”  /  STEVIE SALAS “Body Slamm”  /  THUNDER AND LIGHTNING “Nowhere To Hide”  /  “Taken To Rest”


Sendung am  21.04.10  (Wdh. 24.04.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studio-Gast:             Claudius Beck, Kulturamtsleiter der Stadt Rheinfelden/Bd.

Tel.-Interview:          Patricia Hillinger  und Michael Wachelhofer von  CORNERSTONE aus Österreich


RATT "Eat Me Up Alive"....."Look Out Below"  /  JOE BONAMASSA "I Know A Place"....." When The Fire Hits The Sea "....."Wandering Earth"  /  SALAS & FOWLER – NICKLEBAG "Love Song"  /  BERNARD FOWLER "You Know What I Mean"  /  MELISSA AUF dER MAUR "Meet Me On The Dark Side"  /  COHEED AND CAMBRIA "The Broken"  /  CORNERSTONE “Ready To Go”.....“Crises”.....“Fade Away”  /  RATT "Look Out Below"  /  KENAI "The Fall Before The Finish" 


Sendung am  14.04.10  (Wdh.17.04.10)     Moderation:      Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studio-Gast:    Petra Böttcher, Photographin


KARMA COWBOYS “Crazy Woman”  /  CORNERSTONE “Something To Say”.....“Leave”  /  COHEED AND CAMBRIA "Far"....."Made Out Of Nothing (All That I AM)"....."Pearl Of Stars"  /  MELISSA AUF dER MAUR "Isis Speaks"....."Lead Hors"  /  KIRAN HALPIN “Found Australia”.....“So Long John”  /  DE STAAT “Sleep Tight”  /  LOST SOULS IN DESERT “Day Off”  /  PARACHUTES “I Won’t A Part Of This”  /  FREEDOM CALL “Thunder God”  /  MARIO PERCUDANI "New Day" 


Sendung am  07.04.10    (Wdh. 10.04.10)       Moderation:      Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber



PHILIP SAYCE “Scars”.....“Bitter Monday”.....“Anymore”.....“Little Miss America”  /  KARMA COWBOYS “Shine On Tomorrow”  /  BLACK CANDY STORE: “Recall”  /  DE STAAT “Habibi”  /  SCHÖFTLAND “Dass Ich Schlief”  /  THE UNFADING BEAUTY “Rise And Fall”  /  SLAG IN CULLET “Rubber Heart”  /  FREEDOM CALL “Zauber der Nacht”  /  STIGMATIZED “Impulse”  /  KIRAN HALPIN “Road Train Driver”  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “About Beasts & Lovers”  /  SLIPKNOT “Purity“  /  HEAVEN & HELL “Follow The Tears”  /  7RAY “Blood”  /  MUTINY WITHIN “Awake” 


Sendung am  31.03.10 ( Wdh. 03.04.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview:     mit Andreas Feldmann (Gitarrist) von THE UNFADING BEAUTY


GORDON REEVES “Let Me Go”  /   DE STAAT “Sleep Tight”.....“We’re Gonna Die”  /  BLACK CANDY STORE  “Someday”.....“Wounded”  /   SCHÖFTLAND “Blaulicht”  /  THUNDER AND LIGHTNING “Horizon”.....“Lost And Gone”  /  MARIO PERCUDANI  “In My Old Shoes”  /  THE UNFADING BEAUTY “Dance! Scream! Burst!”.....“In Sorrow”.....“All Hope”  /  MELISSA AUF DER MAUR “Out Of Our Minds”  /  BLACK CANDY STORE: “Wounded”  /  THE MIGHTY STEF “Hound Dogs Of Love”.....“Sunshine Serenade”  /   CANCER BATS “Sabotage”  /  JOHANNES WALLMARK & THE WILDFLOWERS “Hard Land”  /  ATREYU “You Were The King, Now You’re Unconscious”


Sendung am  24.03.10 ( Wdh. 27.03.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studiogäste:               Hens (Gitarrist) und Cyclon (Sänger) von ADRENALINE 101


JOHANNES WALLMARK & THE WILDFLOWERS “Living On The Same Street”....."Just Like A Man"

ADRENALINE 101 “Seek The Lane”.....“Brand New Day”.....“In The Mix”.....“When I’m Gone”.....“Your Touch”.....LIVE im Studio “I Should Be The One".....“Flash Nights”.....“Fistful Of Hate”   /  THE DOITS “Little Heartbreaker”.....“Girl Of My Wildest Dreams”  /  LOST SOULS IN DESERT “Beautiful”.....“Sacrifice Me”  /  PETER FOX “Stadtaffe”  /  COHEED AND CAMPRIA “Here We Are Juggernaut”  /  KARMA COWBOYS “Slammed Shut”


Sendung am  17.03.10 ( Wdh. 20.03.10)      Moderation:    Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview mit:       Martin Klabund, Schopfheim  /  Roswitha Niedanowski, Buggingen   /  Andreas Bühler, Lörrach  /  Chistel Andrea Steier, Bernau


SLAG IN CULLET “Rubber Heart”  /  TAKING DAWN “The Chain”  /  ADRENALINE 101 “Seek The Lane”  /  CRISES “Joan”  /  BIH’TNIK “Mailbox Song”  /  THE BULBS “Regen”…..”Zukunftsutopien”  /  KARMA COWBOYS “Bad TV”  /  ROB ZOMBI “Sick Bubble Gum”  /  MARIO PERCUDANI “You Can Run”  /  POTHEAD “Smile In The Mind”  /  SIGHTS & SOUNDS “Neighbours”  /  BLACK CANDY STORE “Back To The Wall”  /  THE PARLOR MOB “Everything You’re Breathing For”  /  SMURF “Diesen Moment”  /  DAVE EVANS “Out In The Could”  /  COHEED AND CAMPRIA “Here We Are Juggernaut”


Sendung am ( Wdh. 13.03.10)     Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller


Studio-Gäste:     Andy und  David von SLAG IN CULLET


THE MIGHTY STEF “Hound Dogs Of Love”.....“Sunshine Serenade”

SLAG IN CULLET “Blame”.....“My Fire”.....“Rubber Heart”.....“Sick Circus Of Love”.....“Saved My Soul”.....“Cotton Rose”.....“Fade Away”  /  THE.UNFADING.BEAUTY „Get Up And Move“  /  DAVE EVANS “Sold My Soul To Rock ‘N’ Roll”  /  WILD CHAMPANGE “I Want You”  /  KNASCHTBRÜDER “Adelhuuse”  /  AIRBOURNE “No Way But The Hard Way”  /  TAKING DAWN “Close Your Eyes”  /  THE MILLER ANDERSON BAND “City Blues”  /  DON MCLEAN “Vincent


Sendung am ( Wdh. 06.03.10)      Moderation:     Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Tel.-Interview mit:      Björn Laufer von THE BANDGEEK MAFIA

                                   Erwin Lang über das Aktuelle im HÄBSE–Theater CH-Basel


TIMESWORD “Highway to Paradise”  /  JULIETTE LEWIS “Hard Lovin’ Women”  /  DAVE EVANS “Rock ‘N’ Roll Or Bust”…..“Carnal Knowledge”  /  WILD CHAMPANGE “Wanted”…..“Fire And Water”  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “About Beasts & Lovers“…..“Your Kingdom? My Home!“…..“Revealing The Unseen“  /  DeLaSar “Somewhere”…..“Sitting On A Star”  /  WICKED TEMPTATION “Money”  /  SLAG IN CULLET “Rubber Heart”  /  THE DULL “Impish Girl”…..“Olympia“  /  TAKING DAWN “Take Me Away”   /   KNASCHTBRÜDER "Schluckeli"


Sendung am 24.02.10 ( Wdh. 27.02.10)     Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Tel.-Interview:  Mit den ELEKTROBOYS:  Leo Dülfer, Paulo de Janeiro und Ralf Dülfer


SWIM “A Good Girl”  /  THE MIGHTIY STEF “Downtown“  /  SLAG IN CULLET “Blame”  /  FM “I Ain’t The One”  /  BRAINLESS WANKERS “Wanna Be Trash”  /  ELEKTROBOYS “An Gott eine SMS. Gib mir Revolution. Denn alle reden viel und jeder will was tun”.....“Es gibt doch wirklich keinen Grund den Humor zu wechseln”.....“Ich will mir noch was nach Hause ziehen".....“Ehre”.....“Ich habe hundert bestellt”  /  NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS “Henry Lee”  /  MEDINA LAKE “Through The Pain”  /  PAUCKER “Sophie”  /  HARM “Little Pariah”  /  ATREYU “You Were King, Now You’re Unconscious”  /  DAVE EVANS “Band Molls”  /  HANDS OF TIME “Medicine Girl”  /  THE MIGHTIY STEF “Kings Of New York“


Sendung am 17.02.10 ( Wdh. 20.02.10)     Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Tel.-Interview:     Carmen, Sängerin von SWIM


KONTRUST “Bomba”  /  ELEKTROBOYS “Es gibt doch wirklich keinen Grund den Humor zu wechseln”  /  TIMESWORD “World Confusion”....."The New World"  /  EDGE OF FOREVER   “What I’ve Never Seen”....."Edge Of Life"  /  SLIPKNOT “Purity”.....Snuff"  /  SWIM “Eternal Chaos”.....“Good Girl.....“Kiss The Dust"  /  WICKED TAMPTAION “Hellraiser”  /  DOMMIN “Closure”…..”My Heart, Your Hands”  /  SHYLOCK  “Much”  /  DIATRIBE   “Indigo”  /  URIAH HEEP “Lady In Black"


Sendung am 10.02.10 ( Wdh. 13.02.10)     Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studiogast: Simon Stiegeler, Bildhauer, Grafenhausen

Verlosung einer Arbeit von Simon Stiegeler




GYPSY DICKS  “Nothing To Loose”.....“We Are Free”.....“Christmas Forever”  /  DISILLUSION “Don’t Go Any Further”  /  FAIR TO MIDLAND “Dance Of The Manatee”  /  SCHANDMAUL “Dein Anblick”  /  MANES “Nodammbrakes”  /  SHYLOCK   “Dawn”  /  WICKED TEMPTATION “Magic”  /  DIATRIBE   “Amplificaton”  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA   “No Disguise”.....“Breakdown”  /  ZICCO GONZALES “Liebeschaos”  /  ROB ZOMBIE   “Werewolf, Baby!”  /  MILLER ANDERSEN BAND “Fallin´ Back Into The Blue”


Sendung am 03.02.10 ( Wdh. 06.02.10)       Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Tel.-Interview:            Wolfgang Krell, Galerist und Künstler, Oetlingen

Verlosung:                  Ein „Countune-Bild“ inkl. Versand



URIAH HEEP “Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2009” bereits veröffentlicht  /  PARACHUTES   “The Working Horse” bereits veröffentlicht  /  SIGHTS & SOUNDS “Monolith”  bereits veröffentlicht  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “No Disguise” VÖ: 19.02.10


ROB ZOMBIE  “Jesus Frankenstein”....."Mars Needs Woman"  /  PARACHUTES   “I Won’t Miss A Part Of This”....."Failing A Cure"  /  WICKED TEMPTATION “Money”  /  URIAH HEEP “Stealin”  /  SIGHTS & SOUNDS “The Clutter”.....“The Furthest Truth”.....“Pedal Against The Wind”  /  BRETT HUNT   “Make It Home”  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “Your Kingdom? My Home!”.....“Ease The Pain”.....“A Great Reminder”  /  THE MIGHTY STEF   “Saint Catherine”  /  THARSYS   “Coldblood”


Sendung am 27.01.10 ( Wdh. 30.01.10)         Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studiogast: Gerd Jansen, bildender Künstler, Grenzach-Wyhlen



DOMMIN  "Love is Gone" VÖ: 29.01.10 /  THE RAVENERS  “Ravenous ”VÖ: 29.01.10  /  LUXUSLÄRM “So laut ich kann” VÖ: 29.01.10  /  THARSYS “Under Her Dead Hands” VÖ: 29.01.10  /  ZICCO GONZALES “Schnee von Gestern”  VÖ: 29.01.10  /  URIAH HEEP “Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2009” VÖ: 29.01.10  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “No Disguise” VÖ: 19.02.10


DOMMIN “My Heart, Your Hands”..."Love Is Gone"...Dark Holiday"  /  URIAH HEEP “Gypsy”   /  SONJA SANTOS “Addicted To Love"...“Favour Of Love”  /  THE RAVENERS “King Of Queens”  /  LUXUSLÄRM “Leb‘ Deine Träume”  /  ZICCO GONZALES “Hallo Hallöchen“  /  THE BANDGEEK MAFIA “About Beasts & Lovers”  /  THARSYS “The Price Of Empathie”


Sendung am 20.01.10 ( Wdh. 23.01.10)      Moderation:      Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Ziehung der Eintrittskarten für die Fondation Beyeler in CH-Riehen


Tel.-Interview:          KRETZSCHE, Bassist von NARZISS



THE RAVENERS “All This Talk”  /  DEXTER JONES‘ CIRCUS ORCHESTRA   “The Monsters By Your Side”  /  ASTEROID  “Garden”.....“Lady”  /  MY GLORIUS “Under The Water”.....“Horse”  /  ACOUSTICAL SOUTH “More”  /  ZICCO GONZALES “Liebeschaos”  /  NARZISS “Maskerade”.....“Ita Est”  / LUXUSLÄRM   “Regen” /  NICKELBACK “If Today Was Your Last Day”  /  ADRENALINE 101 “Seek The Lane”.....“When I’m Gone”  /  DAVE EVANS “Shoot On Sight”  /  DEXTER JONES‘ CIRCUS ORCHESTRA   “Left To Life Abide”  /  THE RAVENERS “Boy You Wanna”


Sendung am 13.01.10 (wdh. 16.01.10)  Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller und Jörn Weber


Studiogäste:   Bernd Kurbach von der Raumstation Sternen, Auggen

                       Paddel, von DIE DIE DIE ENTEN SUCHEN


BIH’TNIK  “Schwarzmalen”  /  THE CRAMPS  “Let’s Get Fucked Up“  /  MORIARTY “You Are My Cotton Flower“ MULTICOLORED SHADES “The Last Kiss Of The…..”   /  DIE DIE DIE ENTEN SUCHEN “Pferde Stehlen” … “Scream Thank‘s Pete“   /  ANGIES “Where”   /  JOY AIVISION “Dissorder”   /  DINOSAUR JR. “There Is No Here”  /  THE BULBS “Regen“  /   KONTRUST “Känämänänna” ... “Bomba”   /  FIRE IN THE ATTIC “Clock Works”   /  SLAG IN CULLET “Saved My Soul”   /  EXTRABREIT/HILDEGARD KNEF “Für mich soll’s rote Rosen regnen”  /  STRATOVARIUS “Higher We Go”  /   MY GLORIOUS “You Should Be Dancing”


Sendung am 06.01.10 ( Wdh. 09.01.10)  Moderation: Klaus Kipfmüller - Studioassistenz: Jörn Weber



NARZISS “Echo“ (20.02.10)  /   SLAG IN CULLET “Time To Explode“ VÖ:12.03.2010


THE BULBS “Now“  /  CONTRACRASH “Open Our Eyes“  /  CONTRACRASH “’Cause Of You"...“Trust“ 101 SOUTH “From What You Know Now”  /  ELEKTROBOYS   “Ich wollt schon immer aus Hamburg wegziehen. Mach ich aber nicht“  /  SLAG IN CULLET “Sick Circus Of Love“  /  QUEENSRŸCHE “If I Were King”  /  JEFF CAUDILL   “Stop Writing Songs”  /  NARZISS “Der Achte Tag Der Woche”…“Ita Est”  /  VANDERLINDE “Lonely”  /  ALIAS CAYLON “Surprise”  /  MELISSA-BEL   “Distance”  /  EUROPE “Catch That Plane”  /  DIE ROTEN ROSEN “Wir”






Sendung am 30.12.09 ( Wdh. 02.01.10)   Moderation: Klaus Kipfmüller - Studioassistenz: Jörn Weber


Studiogäste:         Anja; Kerstin; Christian; Stefan und Matteo von: THE BULBS



 THE BULBS “Wie man lebt“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

 LUXUSLÄRM “Sag wie es ist“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

 SLAG IN CULLET “Time To Explode“ VÖ:12.03.2010

                                STATE OF ROCK “A Point Of Destiny” VÖ:29.01.2010



THE BULBS “Alles Klar“.....“Heul Foch“.....“Wie Man Lebt“.....“Regen“.....“Haben Wir Oder Haben Wir Nicht“  /  THE BULBS “Aufgegeben“.....“Zukunftsutopien“  /  MELISSA-BEL “You Don’t Fool Me“  /  STATE OF ROCK “Without My Love”  /  SLAG IN CULLET “Rubber Heart“   /  LUXUSLÄRM “Sag wie es ist“  /  HARM “Philistine“  /  TAKIDA “Hole In The Ground“  /  KRYPTERIA “Ignition“  /  SYMPHONY CULT “Confess“  /  ROB ZOMBIE “Sick Bubblegum“  /  KNASCHTBRÜDER “Spiinebuube“



Sendung am 23 .12.09 ( Wdh. 26.12.09)    Moderation: Klaus Kipfmüller - Studioassistenz: Jörn Weber


Besinnliches bei H’ART On Air



JEFF BUCKLEY “Hallelujah“  /  BAI BANG   “Only The Best Die Young“   /  SMURF   “Diesen Moment”  /  ZÜRIWEST   “I Schänke Dir Mis Herz  /  JEFF CAUDILL “Destination”  /  JULIETTE LEWIS   “Hard Lovin‘ Woman“  /  GUNS N’ ROSES “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”  /  POTHEAD “Smile In The Wind”  /  THE ROXX “The Epiphany (Revolt)”  /  NICK CAVE “Hallelujah”  /  FAIR WARNING “Hey Girl”  /  AEROSMITH “What It Takes”  /  THE ROXX “Father”  /  NINA HAGEN “Ave Maria“



Sendung am 06.12.09 ( Wdh. 19.12.09)    Moderation: Klaus Kipfmüller - Studioassistenz: Jörn Weber


Telefon-Interview:    Bernd Kurzbach, Raumstation Sternen, Auggen                                



HARM    “The Nine“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

MELISSA BEL “Brave“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

ANGLES ON BABYLON   “Kingdom Of Evil” VÖ: 29.01.2010



TAKIDA   “Hole In The Ground”  /  MELISSA BEL “Better Things To Do“.....“I Hate To Say It“  /  DAVE EVANS   “Aint Gonna Do You To Me Anymore“  /  DORO   “Celebrate”   /  HARM   “Hand Me Down Virtue“   /  ANGLES ON BABYLON   “Tear Out My Heart”  /  DIE ROTEN ROSEN   “Leise rieselt der Schnee“.....“White Christmas“  /  BRETT HUNT   “How She Looked”  /  CREKKO   “Goodbye”  /  STONE RIVER “Dust N Stones”.....“Inside This Walls”  /  BURNING POINT   “Was It Me”  /  ANGLES ON BABYLON   “Conspiracy Theory”  /  MASTERSTROKE   “Another Step Back”.....“Purity Fades”  /  CRISES   “When You Were Mine”  /  HARM   “Sentimental Enterprise“  /  MELISSA BEL “Brave“



Sendung am 09.12.09 ( Wdh. 12.12.09)     Moderation: Klaus Kipfmüller  /  Studioassistenz: Jörn Weber



Dr. Matthias Schrenk, Vorsitzender Bereich Kunst im Haus Salmeggverein, Rheinfelden



DAVE EVANS   “Judgement Day“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

STONE RIVER “The Valley Of The Butterflies“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

TAKIDA   “Bury The Lies” (bereits veröffentlicht)



THE BLACK SHEEP   “Line Of Fire”  /  TAKIDA   “Evil Eye”.....“Handlake Village”.....“Curly Sue”  / DAVE EVANS   “We Don’t Dance To Your Song“.....“Band Molls“.....“House Of The Rising Sun“  /  BRETT HUNT   “How She Looked”  /  NINJA DOLLS   “Who’s Pretending”  /  STONE RIVER “Come On”.....“Inside These Walls“  /  THE ROXX   “I Found God”  /  AMORAL   “Random Words”.....“Release”  /  THUNDER   “What A Beautiful Day (Live)”  /  THE MIGHTY STEF   “Where The Nightmares Begin”



Sendung am 02.12.09 ( Wdh. 5.12.09)     Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller


Telefon-Interviews:    Peter, Drummer von TERRORGOD

                              Teilnehmerinnen der REGIONALE10

                              Christel Andrea Steier, Bernau   /   Karin Suter, Basel



TERRORGOD   “Coming Home“ (bereits veröffentlicht)

FIRE IN THE ATTIC “ FIRE IN THE ATTIC “ (bereits veröffentlicht)



BLACK SONIC  “The Game“  /  URIAH HEEP “Corridors Of Madness”  /  TERRORGOD  “Miss Treated“.....“Raven“  /  PETER FOX   “Haus am See”  /  BIH’TNIK   “Mailbox-Song”  /  BABYLON BOMBS   “Anywhere The Wind Blows”  /  FIRE IN THE ATTIC “Are We There Yet?”.....“Shapeshifting Mountain”  /  STOCKHOLM STONER   “Spare Me Some Change”  /  THE PARLOR MOB “Tide Of Tears”  /  A SOUND MIND   “So Thankful”  /  CREKKO   “Control”  /  KONTRUST   “Sin”  /  PUMP   “Kiss Of Voodoo”  /  THE LAST WARNING   “Discredit”



Sendung am 25.11.09 ( Wdh. 28.11.09)     Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller


Telefon-Interviews:    Kiki Brodmerkel, Schmuckdesignerin 

                              Evelyn Duerschlag, Galeristin

                              MAETHI, Sänger von BLACK SONIC



THE DEVILROCK FOUR   “First In Line“ (bereits veröffentlicht

BLACK SONIC   “7 Deadly Sins”

DOMMIN   “Love Is Gone” VÖ:29.01.2010



DELAIN   “Stay Forever”  /  BABYLON BOMBS   “Liberation”  /  SOUL DOCTOR   “Take It While It’s Hot”

DOMMIN “My Heart, Your Hands”  /  SHAKE CITY   “Get It While It’s Hot  /  VANDERLINDE

“820721(95%)“  /  CRISES   “Indifference“  /  BLACK SONIC    “Back".....“Don’t Call My Name“.....“7 Deadly Sins “  /  MOTORBAND   “Heartbroken”  /  PUMP   “Never”  /  MEDINA LAKE   “Trough The Pain”  /  JAKE PORN   “So What”  /  THE DEVILROCK FOUR   “Dress You Dow“.....“Should Have Known“  /  DARE   “Follow The River”  /  THE VAGRANTS   “Why Me”  /  EUROPE   “New Love In Town”



Sendung am 18.11.09 (3-stündige Sondersendung Wdh. 21.11.09


Moderation:              Harald Deschler und Klaus Kipfmüller  /  Gastmoderation:      Brigitte Matti 


Telefon-Interviews: Christel Riedel, RHEINGARNIXEN 

                                Frank Urschler, BITTERNESS


                                C.A. Steier

                                Tommy Heart, SOUL DOCTOR



SERVED CHILLED “Light My Fire“  /  TITO & TARANTULA “Angry Cockroaches”  /  VOLBEAT “Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood”  /  SMURF “Mittelfinger“  /  SHENANIGANZ „Bavaria“  /  JONNY CASH “Walk The Line”  /  JET “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”  /  GRAVE ROBBER “Fear No Evil”  /  THERAPY? “Isolation”  /  WEDNESDAY 13 “Skeletons”  /  GURD “Your Drug Of Choice“  /  BITTERNESS “Genociety”  /  SEPTIC CHRIST “Stand Up Straight”  /  SPLITTER “Der letzte Tag“  /  BIH’TNIK “Lefuet”  /  THE DULL “Panther”  /  TITO & TARANTULA “Back To The House”  /  TURBONEGRO “Get It On”  /  SOUL DOCTOR “Can’t Stand Losing”  /  KONTRUST “Känämänännä“.....“Bomba“  /  H’ART “Bildbetrachter”  /  GODSMACK “Voodoo”




Sendung am 11.11.09 (Wdh. 14.11.09)   Moderation:  Klaus Kipfmüller  / Gastmoderation:  Brigitte Matti 


Telefon-Interview:   mit Andre, Sänger von NEFFIN



REAPER   “Gardens Of Seth” (Bereits veröffentlicht)

THE ROXX   “Ironic Truth” V.Ö. 13.11.2009



URIAH HEEP   “Corridors Of Madness”  /  BABYLON BOMBS   “It’s Alright”.....“Goodbye Good Luck”  /  BRUNOROCK   “In Search Of Faith“.....“War Maniacs“  /  REAPER   “Super Mystique”  /  VANDERLINDE   “Lonely”.....“Killing The Man”  /  CRISES   “Joan”  /  DREAM  THEATER   “Wither”  /  CRISES   “The Chase”  /  NEFFIN   “Auf meiner Rückbank“.....“Ich wecke diese Stadt auf“  /  THE ROXX   “No Scruple No Shame”.....“Father”  /  URIAH HEEP   “Lady in Black”



Sendung am 04.11.09       Moderation:    Klaus Kipfmüller



Studiogäste:             Werner Meyer Vertreter der Konkreten Kunst               


Telefon-Interview:    Marcel Knuth, Sänger und Bassist der Punkband PARKHAUS                      


Produktvorstellung:   A SOUND MIND   “Harmonia” V.Ö. 20.11.2009

                                  THE LAST WARNING   “Elegance Of Bloodiness”  (Bereits veröffentlicht)

                                  PARKHAUS   “Hallbumm”  (Bereits veröffentlicht)

                                  BARONS BALL   “Push” V.Ö. 06.11.2009



TRIBAL   “Take Me Away”  /  A SOUND MIND   “Empathy”  /  ANDY LEGGETT / BECHET   “Pussy Willow Blues”  /  ANDY LEGGETT / BECHET   “The Onions”  /  TEMPUS FUGIT ORCHESTRA   “Heartbreak Hotel”  /  NIGEL KENNEDIY / VIVALDI   “Frühling” (aus Vierjahreszeiten)  /  A SOUND MIND   “Venus & Mars”  /  BRETT HUNT   “Wide Blue Sky”  /  BARONS BALL   “Do You Wanna Run”.....“Give Me A Sign”   NINJA DOLLS   “Miss Young And Naive”  /   THE LAST WARNING   “Buried Alive”   /  PARKHAUS   “Wenndann”   PARKHAUS   “Zeit zu gehen - Extended”  /  CREKKO   “Never Again”  /  THE LAST WARNING   “Dark Rock Song”



Sendung am 28.10.09        Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



Studiogäste:            Greg Bailey und Mark Rossi   von der schweizer Band TRIBAL                      


Telefon-Interview:   Elisabeth Veith über "Art in Progress" in Basel                            



TRIBAL   “Corner Of A Circle” (Bereits veröffentlicht)

ATREYU   “Congregation Of The Damned” V.Ö. 23.10.09



JULIETTE LEWIS   “Hard Lovin´ Woman”  /  TRIBAL   “Take Me Away”.....“Higher”.....“Holy”.....“Corner Of A Circle”  /  TRIBAL   “Reign Of Silence”.....“Fly Across The Universe”.....“No Regrets”  /  MADINA LAKE   “Through The Pain”  /  ACOUSTICAL SOUTH   “Lost”  /  ATREYU   “You Were The King, Now You’re  Unconscious”  /  DARE   “Shelter In The Storm”  /  PUMP   “Kiss of Voodoo”  /  GRAND DESIGN   “No Time for Love“    THE DULL   “Panther”



Sendung am 21.10.09      Moderation:    Klaus Kipfmüller


Studiogast:              Petra Böttcher   Lochkamerafotografin                  


Telefon-Interview:   Johanna Klauser von THE BLACK SHEEP                                     



JULIETTE LEWIS   “Terra Incognita” (Bereits veröffentlicht)

THE BLACK SHEEP   “Not Part Of The Deal” (Bereits veröffentlicht)

BRETT HUNT   “Corrugated Road” V.Ö. 06.11.09



DMP   “Timebomb”  /  JULIETTE LEWIS   “Uh Huh”.....“Fantasy Bar”.....“Hard Lovin´ Woman”

NEFFIN   ”Ich wecke diese Stadt auf”  /  ATREYU   “Storm To Pass”  /  BRETT HUNT   “Make It Home”

BRETT HUNT   “Mona Lisa”  /  THE VAGRANTS   “Why Me“  -  CONTRACRASH   “Never Found”

THE BLACK SHEEP   “Unwritten Apology”.....“Bring Us Back”.....“Game Over”  -  TRIBAL   “Corner Of A Circle”



Sendung am 14.10.09             Moderation:   Klaus Kipfmüller



Studiogast:               TOBI * MARTIN * MATZE   von der Punkband D M P             


Telefon-Interview:    WALTER SCHNEIDER  von CONTRACRASH                                           



DMP   “Timebomb” (Bereits veröffentlicht)

CONTRACRASH   “Goddamn Planet”   (Bereits veröffentlicht)

DARE   “Arc Of The Dawn” V.Ö. 26.10.2009



DIE PRETTY   “Can You Hear Me”  /   DMP   “Timebomb”.....“Slack And Lazy”.....“Devil’s Circle” (live-unplugged).....“Music”.....”Rosa”.....“Bright As The Sun”.....“Wie die Sonne” (live-unplugged)   /  DARE   “Dublin”  /  SOUL DOCTOR   “Time Of Yesterday”   /  CONTRACRASH   “Never Found”.....“Open Our Eyes”.....“Gone”    WARMEN   “Black Cat”     



Sendung am 07.10.09        Moderation:    Klaus Kipfmüller



Studiogast:       Helmut Förnbacher,    Regisseur, Schauspieler, Drehbuchautor, Theaterdirektor  der Förnbacher Theater Company


Telefon-Interview:   Agata    über KONTRUST  und der neuen CD  “Time To Tango”   



KONTRUST   “Time To Tango” (Bereits veröffentlicht)

MADINA LAKE   “Attics To Eden”   (Bereits veröffentlicht)

101 SOUTH   “No U-Turn“   V.Ö. 20.11.2009

SOUL DOCTOR   “Way Back To The Bone” V.Ö. 20.11.2009



PUMP   “All Could Bleed”  /  MADINA LAKE  “Through The Pain”.....“Not For This World”  /  101 SOUTH   “When You’re In Love“.....“All In The Game“  /  THE MIGHTY STEF   “The Mero”  /  LUDWIG HIRSCH  “Sternderl Schaun”  /  M.A.D.   “Crown and Ring”   KONTRUST   “Mainstream Bypass”.....“Zero”.....“Känämänännä” .....“Bomba”....."Sin"  /  SOUL DOCTOR   “First Man On The Moon”